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Didn't Interior Minister negate Nishan e Imtiaz?

Asif Ali Zardari, President just on 23rd March 2012, exactly 8 days ago only has conferred Nishan e Imtiaz which is the highest award he could bestow upon (Dr) A. Rehman Malik, our Interior Minister for his outstanding meritorious services rendered by him in the history of Pakistan and I have neither any capacity nor authority even to raise my eye brows what to talk of objecting to such an award.


However, I have just one simple question as to how did this award synchronize with killings in Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular? As a matter of fact, for many long years and not just months or weeks nefarious activities like bomb blast, suicidal attack, gunning down etc have become almost fashion of the day which one notices and hardly anyone could control whether the country was governed by a self styled ruler or popularly elected government. I will not dig as to how many have been killed in Pakistan since Zardari took over as our President or for that matter since when Malik is Interior Minister. Certainly I need not go through old newspapers from 24th till today as well to quote as to how many have been killed since then and where simply because this exercised can be done by anyone who doubts me but what worries me the most is that one way or the other most of the people have died in Karachi alone. Today, Saturday 31st March 2012, I believe that the life in Karachi will be completely paralyzed as strike call has been given by transporters so no buses will run in the city whereas since tradesmen have also joined hands so no markets will be opened and of course all schools are closed too in any case. I do not wish at all so please do not paint my words otherwise but I am afraid that perhaps a few more will be killed today or tomorrow if not day after tomorrow followed by breaking news; heart breaking photos; official condolence messages and false promises etc.


To the best of my knowledge and belief and I am sure that you are with me and not against me that after getting Nishan e Imtiaz Interior Minister Malik should have been more efficient and diligent to prove worthy of the highest civil award of Pakistan whereby our lives and properties had been given more safety and security than what were available till 23rd March 2012 but regretfully it has proved to be other way round. How come killers have proved to be more active and efficient and not our highly decorated Interior Minister Malik? Are we saying that the killers should have been decorated instead? Shouldn’t we be very judicious in our minds and approach as and when anyone is honored by anyone what to talk of President of Pakistan?


Didn’t Interior Minister negate Nishan e Imtiaz?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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