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Press Release


Historian Nasim Yousaf (Grandson of Allama Mashriqi)

Speaks to the People of the Indian Sub-continent


Ladies and Gentlemen:


As a grandson of Allama Mashriqi, I have been asked many times to record my views on the history of the Indian sub-continent. I am using this opportunity to briefly address the people of the sub-continent and to take a few minutes to express my thoughts on this topic. I hope you will listen carefully to what I am going say. It is entirely up to you to seek lessons from the mistakes of the past.


Remember, history is unforgiving to nations that mutilate their past. I urge you to wake-up and realize why India was divided. Pakistan and India’s history is written under the influence of the All-India Muslim League and the Indian National Congress respectively; it is nothing but a pack of utter lies. The All-India Muslim League’s slogans of Hindu domination and Islam in danger in a united India were not based in reality. The Two-Nation Theory was publicized to spread communalism and to seek political agendas. Many people might be surprised to hear that the Muslim League’s victory in the 1946 elections was on the crutches of the powerful Government bureaucracy.


Those of you who have not read history should know that partition brought miseries that are rarely seen in history. Millions of innocent Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were brutally slaughtered. My heart bleeds when I think of the suffering of helpless individuals and the females who, at the time of the partition of India, were ruthlessly raped. They became victims of the confrontational and selfish politics of the All-India Muslim League and Indian National Congress. It is unfortunate that a holocaust of this magnitude continues to be dismissed for political reasons.


As you must know, division has not resolved the political differences between Pakistan and India; in fact it has aggravated the situation and has established two hostile neighbors now armed with deadly nuclear weapons. Partition has created more and serious issues than the ones that existed prior to 1947. It has left behind a legacy of hostility that probably will never end, unless people on both sides change their attitudes and seek unity. Furthermore, writers, speakers and the media must stop justifying partition on the ground that Muslims and Hindus cannot get along. The Muslim-Hindu conflicts that existed during the pre-partition era were blown out of proportion for political reasons and using them as justification for partition does nothing other than generate greater hostility.


We must learn from the lessons taught by Allama Mashriqi, a true visionary; he clearly saw what would happen if India was divided. He provided solutions including “The Constitution of Free India” to resolve issues. He also sent a telegram to the last Viceroy of India “foreshadowing murder and ruin of at least ten million Indians…"  The respected Mashriqi knew why India was being divided into three pieces. Therefore, in 1947, he made a final effort to stop the break-up of India and called 300,000 Khaksars to assemble in Delhi on June 30, 1947. This was not acceptable to leaders whose political ambition was attached to the division of the country. Therefore, the partition plan was accepted prior to the assembly of the Khaksars. Most people are unaware of the fact that this struggle almost cost the respected Mashriqi his life, as he was stabbed and arrested in Delhi on June 9th, 1947. This was the day that the Muslim League accepted the partition plan. Fortunately, Allama Mashriqi survived the attack. Such important facts, including his strenuous fight against foreign rule, have been concealed on purpose.


Keep in mind, the British would not even have spoken to Indian leaders or thought of transferring power, had there not been a credible threat to their rule from Allama Mashriqi and his well-disciplined Private Army of millions of Khaksars. Mashriqi’s fight against the foreign rule has deliberately been kept out of public knowledge in Pakistan and India. In both countries, the Khaksar Tehrik’s materials from 1930-1947 were confiscated immediately after independence; no one knows whether these documents were burnt or are rotting somewhere! These actions were taken for a definite purpose and are the reason that the people of the Indian sub-continent have the false impression that freedom was mainly achieved by the Muslim League and Congress.


Allama Mashriqi is an unsung hero - he played a major role in bringing freedom to the Indian sub-continent; he served his nation with the utmost devotion and in return sought no monetary gains or public office. A major purpose of my works, as a grandson of Allama Mashriqi, is to enlighten people about the buried facts of Pakistan and India’s freedom. I would be failing in my duty to the people if I kept those realities to myself!


At the end of my message, I would like to thank all those who have appreciated my works on import and export, Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan, and Allama Mashriqi. I also particularly wish to thank those who have encouraged me to continue uncovering the hidden facts regarding the freedom movement and the division of India. Ultimately, my mission is to correct the distorted history of Pakistan and India, help people understand what true leadership should be about, and to unite individuals of all races against any forces that divide them.


Thank you very much for listening to me.  All the best.


His speech is available on Youtube:

"Distorted History" speech by Allama Mashriqi's Grandson, Nasim Yousaf (Scholar & Historian)


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