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ACCESS English Lessons                

           The Noun

                                Nouns are five kinds (types).

The kinds of NOUNS.

1.      Common Noun

2.      Proper Noun

3.      Collective Noun

4.      Material Noun

5.      Abstract Noun

1.               Common Noun. A common noun is a Name Given in common to every person, place or thing of the same class or kind. Examples; river, city, island, country, man, woman, chair, room, building.

2.               Proper Noun. A Proper Noun is the Name of some Particular Person, Place or Thing. Examples; Adam, Eve, Ibrahim, Chan, Lau, Wong, Benson, Hilton, Conrad, Swire, Hong Kong Tramways, MTR, Star Ferry.

3.               Collective Noun. It denotes a group of persons or things, spoken of as one whole. Examples; Assembly, Administration, Army, Board, Cabinet, Council, Committee, Flock, Jury, party, Team.

4.               Material Noun. It is the name of a matter or substance of which anything is made (things we can see and touch). Examples; Clay, Milk, Plastic, Rubber, Steel.

5.               Abstract Noun. It is the name of some quality, state or action considered a part from the object to which it belongs.

Quality:  honesty, truth, bravery, kindness, wisdom.

State: childhood, oldies, death, sickness, slavery.

Action: smile, anger, hate, love, consideration.

Created by Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI Manager ACCESS to Education H.K., Pakistan

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