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Personal Profile

Q. What is Personal Profile?

A. Personal Profile is a comprehensive introduction of a person; name, contact [mobile#, postal address, email address], education, skills, hobbies, interests, etc.


Q. What are other names of a Personal Profile?

A. C.V. [curriculum vitae], Career History, Self Introduction, etc.


Q. Why Personal Profile is created?

A. For introduction, job consideration, membership, etc.


Q. When is Personal Profile needed?

A. 1.When we (someone) want to get admission in a school, college, university or educational institution.

     2. When we (someone) want to make friends on some social website- 

          Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    3. When we apply for a job.

    4. When we apply for a membership of a club or N.G.O., etc.


Q. Where is Personal Profile send?

A. Schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, companies, clubs,   

     offices or headquarters of organizations.   

Q. How is Personal Profile send?

A.    By post, by hand, online by email or by filling a particular form available on a website of a company, institution, organization, etc.


Q. Who will look Personal Profile?

A.    Someone how doesn’t know us.

Someone who likes to know more about us.

In most cases; someone who is a head of a school, college, university department, company, institution or organization or an interview committee.

Q. What will he or they look for?

A.    1. Our personality.

2. Our education

3. Our interests

4. Our abilities, goals and capacity in a particular field.


Q. How is Personal Profile created?


     What we show [write about ourselves or myself] in Personal Profile?


If you are applying for a seat in a school, college, university or an educational institution;

Show your personality [character]

Show your education

Show your skills in sports and in games

Show your hobbies and interests

Show your charity or volunteer works

If you are applying for some job;

Show that you’re a person fit for job

Show how you will do your job.

Show your skills for that particular job; you are applying for.

Show how you will carry out your duties

Show what you can do better than others 

Show how you deal in routine or in emergency.

Show how you approach a problem or dilemma

Show your ethics and respect for living beings


Q. How long should be a Personal Profile?


     How many words should be used in a personal profile?

A.    Five hundred [500] words; within limit of three thousand characters

B.     Maximum two pages


Important; if you are applying for a specific job [post] and no specific application form is provided; you should attach a ‘’covering letter’’ with your personal profile.

In a ‘’covering letter’’ applicant can magnify her/his special skills other than advertiser mentioned.

Created by Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI.  ACCESS to Education [2013 July, 18.]

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