"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Ready for launch

Islam, Muslims &

the World



Committed to building a purer, healthier and more peaceful world; and

highlighting the contributions of Islam and Muslims to this Cause


Owner & Chief Editor

Dr. Javed Jamil


International class presentation,

Glossy paper, rich contents

(See the attachment for Cover)





Contents of the First Issue


* From Chief Editor's Pen

* Islamic Terminology "“ 1: Allāh, The Supreme Being, 99 Names of God

* A Brief History and Significance of Ka'bah, Ka'aba" Life is a spirit of Tawa'af

* Ayatullah Ali  Khamenei: the Leader who rules hearts and minds

* What a man! APJ Abdul Kalam: Total Muslim and Total Indian

* Assessing the World: Muslims antagonists of Peace? Different Causes of Deaths in last 25 years

* Bridging the Gap: Between East and West

* Serving the Nation in Style: India Islamic Cultural Centre

* In Response to Obamascent: Changing Mood of American Muslims

* India and Muslim World Need Each Other

* Why should Muslims invest in Equity Markets?

* Shoaib Akhtar: Immensely Talented, Equally Undisciplined

* Indian Election Scene 2009: Interview with Rasheed Masood

* Indonesia in brief

* From World Press: Michael Jackson converts to Islam

*Children's corner: An Artistic Genius in Making

* Selection from Urdu Poetry

* Opinions and Messages







The magazine will be refreshingly different in its content from what we find in the general run-of magazines and newspapers.  It will not be restricted to issues of concern to Muslims; it will rather focus on the role "“ present and prospective "“ of Muslims in the present day.  It will seek to highlight how Islam can be invoked to resolve the problems being faced by the world by focusing on the role of Islam and Muslims in the current world "“ their achievements, their positive and potential contributions and the analysis of the world developments in the context of Islamic principles.  It will present Islam and Muslims as the Solution and not the problem.  The world today will be viewed from the Islamic point of view rather than viewing Islam and Muslims from the point of view of current world ideologies.  The magazine will try to restore confidence in our community and will assure them that they are playing and can play a much more important and constructive role than they are credited with.  It will not deal with controversial issues related to sects within Islam; it will avoid communal issues and will try to bring all religions together against the evils and forces of evil destroying the collective equanimity of mankind.


Islam, Muslims & the World is designed to be an international magazine dealing with international issues.  It will present Islam as a System for the World and Muslims as a Dynamic Community that can provide a proper and resurgent leadership to mankind.


Islam, Muslims & the World will pass the test of global standards and acceptability.  It will primarily target Muslims but will be of considerable interest to non-Muslims who are interested in finding a viable alternative to the systems that have failed.

About Dr Javed Jamil

Dr Javed Jamil is an internationally known thinker, writer and analyst. He has authored more than a dozen books, including "The Essence of the Divine Verses", "Islam means Peace", "The Killer Sex", "Islamic Model for Control of Sex" and "Rediscovering the Universe". His another monumental work, "Scientific and Social theories derived from Qur'an" is about to be published soon. He has also hundreds of articles to his credit. He has developed Applied Islamics as a full-fledged branch and plans to establish a big International Centre for Applied Islamics.

Profile at http://worldmuslimc ongress.blogspot .com/2008/ 04/dr-javed- jamil-profile. html



Rates of Subscription and Advertisements


Full Cover Back Page (Coloured)      Rs                          100, 000

Full Inside pages of the cover(coloured)                        75000

Full Internal ages                                                      30,000

Half pages                                                               16,000

Quarter pages                                                          8,000

Sponsored profiles (Half page with one photograph)        20000

Messages (congratulations, one photo, designation and address)                                                                    3000

Life Membership                                                        5000

Life Membership for foreign residents                            US$ 500

Annual Subscription                                                   INR 250

Annual Subscription   for foreign residents                     IUS$ 60


Matrimonial (25 words)                                               1000

Single Copy                                                             Rs25/-

In foreign countries                                                   US$ 6


Address: 10, Bhagwati Colony, Behat Road, Saharanpur, 247001, (UP), INDIA Phones: 91-132-2680440, 6980356

Noida Office: B-76, II Floor, Sector 64 NOIDA, Phone: 9312908522, 9810610115;

Email: javedjamil@rediffma, doctorforu123@ rediffmail. com

Bangalore office: F8/1, Vijay Kiran Apartment, 32 Victoria Road, Bangalore-

Phone: 9845059343


Details for Payment through TT




SWIFT CODE               IOBAINBB001





                                        11 PENN PLAZA  4TH FLOOR

                                        NEW YORK NY 10001


                                        ACCOUNT NO. 2000191061710

                                        ABA ROUTING NO. 026005092


                                        SWIFT CODE PNBP US 3NNYC


BRANCH                             CHAKRATA ROAD SAHARANPUR

BRANCH CODE            1063


BENEFICIARY              IMW Monthly


C/A/C NO                   1497


For Transfer Within India

BANK                                      INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK                                       

BRANCH                             CHAKRATA ROAD SAHARANPUR

BRANCH CODE            1063


BENEFICIARY              IMW Monthly


C/A/C NO                   1497

Money can also be sent through Moneygram in the name of "IMW Monthly", 10 Bhagwati Colony, Saharanpur.

Drafts/cheques/ MOs to be sent in the name of IMW Monthly (Payable at Saharanpur)

For a single copy, send Rs 30 by Money Order.

Address: IMW Monthly, House of Peace, 10, Bhagwati Colony, Behat Road, Saharanpur, 247001, (UP), INDIA Phones: 91-132-2680440, 6980356

Email: javedjamil@rediffma, info@theislamworld. com, doctorforu123@


Required for IMW

1. Sales representatives for subscription campaign

2. Agents for distribution

Writers who can write on world issues, profiles and institutions are also welcome to contact.

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