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Northern Afghanistan & Tribal Areas of Pakistan will see more drone attacks in next year.


Written by: Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI.    Oct, 31, 2009.


It will be surprising news for some Muslims and especially for Pakistanis that Germany is collaborating with Jewish State of Israel in War Against Terrorism; which actually means to destroy Muslim Ummah.

Germany have had reached a deal with Israel to buy Israeli-made unmanned  planes Heron drones; which will be deployed in northern Afghanistan in 2010.

Israel is present in Pakistan & Afghanistan in shape of Indian diplomats, contractors & private armies and US marines, CIA, Xe (and many many mores) & Heron drones; basically designed, created and built by State of Israel or Jewish firms in USA.

Israeli drones have previously been supplied to coalition forces to gather intelligence data in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Israel previously supplied drones to India and now Israel is selling Heron drones to Germany.

Israel Aerospace Industries says “it will supply unmanned planes to Germany that will see action in Afghanistan early next year”, it is understood that these drones will attack in Tribal Areas of Pakistan as well as Baluchistan.

“The Heron drones will be deployed by the German air force in northern Afghanistan in early 2010 for reconnaissance missions” an unknown German officer disclosed Wednesday.

Israel is not disclosing “how many drones were sold or for how much but said it was a multimillion dollar deal.

Remember; Heron is Israel's largest surveillance drone, with a 54-feet wingspan (smaller head to tail) and an ability to fly for as long as 30 hours at a time without refueling; at a speed of 140 mph (225.3 kph) and a height of 30,000 feet (9,144 meters).

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