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Hillary; a wise lady. 

Written by: Dr. Asmat Hayat ALVI.

If a person is harping on a same string people use to say he or she is a mad; but I do not see any reason to call Hillary R. Clinton, instead of it she is very wise lady. When her husband a playboy from his school age caught in White House with Monica Lewinsky, as a wise politician she watched, ignored  and keep quite on a promise; promise made by American Jewish Community.

Bill Clinton waived billions of dollars of taxes during his second term and used  public money to benefit multi Billionaires most of them were Jews.

Hillary is an ambitious girl from her teens; decided to rule on America; lucky she is, ruling on world because of her king-makers American Jews.

Hillary is first in First ladies who became senator in American History from New York largest Jews population in America even the largest Urban Jews Population in the world; they keep their promise.

If Hillary is asking again and again from Pakistani leaders, military generals and civil servants �Where are the al Qaeda leaders operating in your country? She is simply doing her best duty given by her king-makers and every wise person pleases her or his masters.

So, we conclude that Hillary Clinton is a wise lady in eyes of  her Masters; American Jews, master of the rest of the world including Pakistan.

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