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Realising the Terrorist Threat


By: Syed Aal-e-Imran

Realising the Terrorist Threat

Professor Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, who has also started using the prefix "Sheikh ul Islam" over the last few years, has been a prolific writer with 1000 books to his credit according to his website at the age of 59. This amounts to 17 books a year and roughly 1.5 books for every month of his life. Hence the stress on "˜600' in the recently released fatwa against terrorism is entirely understandable.

The homework has been done and already, is sporting a pre-order page for the 88-page introduction to this work.

A spokesman of the counter-extremist think-tank, Quillam, said, "Fatwas by Wahhabi-influenced clerics and Islamist ideologues initiated modern terrorism against civilians."

Yet again, this is completely understandable: Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, whose "˜Chains of Authority' are not matched by any other Muslim, has a hat-trick of chains linking him to Imam al-Hind ash-Shah Ahmad Rida Khan (also known has Aala Hazrat  and Ahmad Raza Barelvi), a personality revered by one of the mystical sects of the subcontinent.

Indeed, Ahmad Raza Khan set a precedent to counter Wahhabism that can only be matched by Dr. Qadri, who like his hero, declared "Muslim terrorists" disbelievers.

And as a true successor to Ahmad Raza Khan and his critically acclaimed anti-Wahhabi fatwas that won universal applause from the British, Dr. Qadri chose to launch the fatwa internationally in England.

Ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are awaited.

The work is indeed a monumental one and has received positive reviews from many authorities on Islam.

Salman Ahmed

Salman Ahmad, the Rock `n Roll Mujahid superstar and himself an expert on Islamic Jurisprudence to which he himself testifies has noted that "the young men in the West"¦ could be influenced the most by Quadri's arguments".


Hisham Kabbani, another expert on Islam, said, "We are happy and honoured to be working with Dr Qadri and Minhaj-ul-Quran to support the UK Muslims in countering the radical Islamist rhetoric in the world."

Other such authorities include News Channels such as CNN, CNN again, Washington Times, BBC, more BBC, CNN yet again etc. Other such references can be found at the noble Doctor's own website.

Several questions remain though; it would interesting to see the evolution that follows in the approach that the Noble Doctor has mastered over the years. How will he, for example, deal with the extremist "˜Fatwa of Death' against Salman Rushdie issued by the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran whom he reveres.
 Reply:   Do some research before writing
Replied by(rafiq) Replied on (17/Mar/2010)

Do yourself a favour by doing some research before writing instead of revealing your ignorance. You have written so many dubious and false information that I don't even know where to start in reply to your ignorance. Firstly, he did not adopt the title "Shaykh-ul-Islam" himself. It was first awarded by as-Sayyid Rasul Shah Khaki of Chakwal before his death in 1994. Leading Arab scholars of the hub of classical knowledge, Syria gave this title to him in 2004. The list of scholars who have given this title to him is huge. He also did not declare Wahhabis to be kafirs (unless you are now claiming that Wahhabis are terrorists!). There is too much nonsence in this "article" (you can't even call it an article). Do yourself a favour and find a part time job to stop ordinary people being misled by your ignorance.
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