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A senior naval official said the Russian Navy this week, five are planned for the end of June for at least four times Bulava missile tests.

"Two Bulava launch will be in the 'Dmitry Donskoy' (Dmitry Donskoi) on a nuclear submarine, the next two launches will be in the 'Yuri Dolgoruky' (Yuri Dolgoruky) No. on a nuclear submarine. The source said, "In the 'Yury Dolgoruky' number on the second test will be a salvo.

"Yuri Dolgoruky" (Yuri Dolgoruky) was the first one Russian "North Wind"-class strategic nuclear submarines, specifically designed to equip the Bulava missiles, sea trial currently under way. The source said that if the trial is successful, submarines and missiles can be delivered at the end of 2010 the Russian Navy.

"Bulava" (SS-NX-30) is a three-liquid and solid propellant submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). Carrying 10-warhead (MIRV), a range of more than 8,000 km (5000 miles). After a series of test failures, the "Bulava" by the future development of a number of members of Congress and defense industry officials questioned. Bulava test at the 12, only five times, "Dmitry Donskoy" nuclear submarine was officially reported on the launch a success.

Some analysts pointed out that in fact much larger number of launch failures, the Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer (Felgenhauer) that the 12 Bulava test, only one was completely successful. But the military insisted that no other "Bulava" a substitute for, the missile tests will continue until it is ready to put into the use of the Russian Navy

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