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Pakistan Spun England in the Sun! by Q.Aziz
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عمران ان لٹیروں کو اب بھاگنے نہ دینا ۔ ق۔عزیز
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Wake up Pakistan! By: Q. Aziz
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آخر اور کب تک یہ عیاشیوں کا بندر بانٹ۔ ق۔ عزیز
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Pakistan Spun England in the Sun!

Pakistan spin twins demolished England and a convincing victory in the cricket test series on Saturday in Abu Dhabi.
Left arm spinner Abdur Rehman led Pakistan to a crushing 72-run victory over English cricket team, taking a career-best six wickets for 25 as the world's top-ranked Test side was embarrassingly skittled out for just 72 runs.
Victory on the fourth day of the second Test earned Pakistan an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series. The last match will be played next week at Dubai, where England was trounced by 10 wickets in the first Test.
This is England’s first series defeat after being unbeaten in their previous nine since their loss to the West Indies in early 2009 — a sequence which saw them rise to world number one in the Test rankings in August last year.
England never looked in any real pursuit of the 145-run victory target after Pakistan was bowled out for 214, with Monty Panesar taking 6-62 in his comeback match after an absence of nearly three years.

England's batsman were clueless against Pakistan's spin twins Rehman and Ajmal and only English captain Andrew Strauss (32) and Matt Prior (18) managed to reach double figures.

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