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Pakistan Spun England in the Sun! by Q.Aziz
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عمران ان لٹیروں کو اب بھاگنے نہ دینا ۔ ق۔عزیز
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Wake up Pakistan! By: Q. Aziz
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آخر اور کب تک یہ عیاشیوں کا بندر بانٹ۔ ق۔ عزیز
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Wake up Pakistan!

I am a raw person like any other ordinary people and never ever call myself a professional writer nor a journalist but I am a human being like anyone in this world and love the country where I was born which is natural. At times I feel sad, and disturbed like anyone, whenever I read or watch 99% of Pakistanis in a situation where ordinary people are suffering so badly, innocent killings, target killings, all the suffering, families suicidal due to starving in Pakistan, even when the incidents of GHQ, Mehran Navel, killings of two youngsters by the US culprit Raymond Davis and then his escape from Pakistan with the help of Pakistan authorities, killings of journalist, and young man’s killing by the Rangers and these all did not stopped its going on every day in all over Pakistan and what we all are doing just reading or watching and feel sorry, show our anger for a day or two or even for a week and listen to the Government officials that they will bring all the culprits into justice. We feel satisfied when our Government announces that they will give so much money to the families who lost their loved ones in those acts. We are very firm and never miss any chance to discuss these incidences while sitting with friends or in big gathering. Why do we blame Pakistani talk shows where we are all somehow doing the same things? Why do we blame our corrupt Government, our politicians where we all know that they are all looters? Why do we all attend and listen to all these culprits when we know that they are not least sincere to people of Pakistan?

We all know that they made Pakistan a Nation of Baggers. These corrupt politicians have failed us because they don’t have any care, love, or true sincere feelings for the people of Pakistan and the country. They sit in our assemblies, make our laws and decide our future for their own sake to fill their pockets with 99% people’s tax money, and they are competing with in themselves for just one cause which is  who can be more richer than other, who can have more properties, and wealth inside and outside Pakistan and for this they don’t bother about the innocent killings, all the suffering, families suicidal due to starving in Pakistan,  They don’t ever mind if the world leaders use terrible languages against Pakistan and their people. Why do they care or bother when they are very much sure that the 99% of Pakistanis will not going to take any actions, they know that Pakistanis in Pakistan and around the world can only read, watch or show their anger for day or two and then forget what happened.

Like all those 99% of Pakistanis, I was also watching one talk show yesterday night where anchor bring a topic about Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s Raiwind farm house and I was shocked to know that only one place these people have 570 police man to guard the farmhouse and we are always going to attend these corrupt politicians when they address in any rally, while we also can see with our own eyes that these and others so called political leaders comes to these rallies with huge guards to protect them and we just listen, clap, and shout for them. Why do we go and listen to these entire corrupt politician’s craps that just care and build their empires inside and outside Pakistan, who are least bother about any Pakistanis.

We perhaps don’t need Wiki Leaks disclosures to tell us that Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is a crook. Or, that opposition leader Nawaz Sharif has no spine, not to mention grey matter under his and his brother now-restored hair, thanks to thousands of pounds spent on hair transplant surgery in London. There is a brighter side to living in exile after all why do they care about the suffering of the people of Pakistan. It is also no secret that the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah has a low opinion of Zardari and aware that he is hated in Pakistan, Zardari has requested, according to Wiki Leaks, the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, for asylum for his family if he is ousted from power or killed. He and his late wife have a huge mansion in Dubai and properties in Britain, France and the US. When not in power, the Bhutto-Zardari combine spend their life outside Pakistan and it’s not only them but majority of these so called leaders. They never venture outside without their bodyguards. Most of the time they hide in fortified residences that resemble military bunkers in a war zone while claiming to represent the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s tragedy lies in the corruption and incompetence of its ruling elites. They have great flair for stealing money: from the national treasury as well as the people and even they get some bakhsheesh from Uncle Sam. They pay no taxes yet insist they have a birthright to rule the country. The National Assembly is little more than a body of “who’s who” in the criminal syndicate. Laws are enacted to protect the interests of feudal lords. When these are not served, the same laws are broken to ensure the elites’ interests are protected.

Corruption scams running into billions of rupees in such government enterprises as the Pakistan Steel Mill, Pakistan State Oil, the national airline PIA where every official’s son, nephew or cousin is employed making it the most lucrative cash cow for Pakistani parasites. Despite flying virtually full flights to various destinations — North America, Europe and the Middle East, PIA has run up hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. With so many parasites on its payroll, the debt was bound to occur. The PIA management has asked the government to write off its debt because they just want to keep enjoying their dance parties. There are so many other which include rental power plants, National Highway Authority (NHA), Karachi Electricity Supply Company (PESC), Pakistan Electric and Power Company (PEPCO), Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC), Capital Development Authority (CDA), Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Pakistan National Identity Card Data Centre, Employees Old Age Benefit Institutions (EOBI) and you just think of any corporation in Pakistan and you will find corruption scams.

Lawlessness is in every part of Pakistan whether it’s in the tribal areas where there is intense fighting and the plight of people made worse by US drone attacks, or any city or villages, people no longer feel safe. Kidnappings for ransom have become routine. Ministers, members of parliament, bureaucrats and police officials are all involved in such crimes. They act as go-betweens to secure a person’s release for a hefty fee. It is difficult to tell criminals and kidnappers from members of parliament and government officials. Under such circumstances, it is useless to register a complaint with the police since they themselves are involved in these crimes.

I couldn’t sleep last night since I learnt that now suicidal attackers are kidnapping little children from the age of one to eight years and using them for the suicidal attacks. At one incident where they use a five year old innocent girl and wrapped her with explosives and left her in a busy place but luckily some people noticed her crying and then explosive removal squad came and removed the explosives from her body. I was literally shivering when I heard this and was thinking all the time how can be a person so cruel, how come they do this to so innocent children, why they don’t think for a minute if someone do this to their own child or their loved ones how they will feel and why they don’t think of those parents whose child you kidnapped how they will going to survive. Don’t forget one day, yes one day we all have to die then what answers you will going to give to Allah for these kinds of barbaric crimes.

Apart from the lawlessness, and corruption, the country is totally mismanaged. Pollution has resulted in massive increase in respiratory diseases. Forests have been wiped out while water is contaminated. The once fertile lands are being turned into wasteland. Roads are clogged and traffic jams are a common occurrence. The elites meanwhile live in their heavily protected bunkers, but for how long? The lava of resentment is bubbling underneath and is bound to break the surface sooner or later. What is missing in Pakistan is a charismatic sincere leader with his team of patriotic people who from the bottom of their hearts love and care and keen to do good things for Pakistan and its people, that would channel people’s energies in the right direction. Some people are pinning hopes on Imran Khan, the former cricket star. He says the right things and has earned people’s trust through the charitable work he is doing but sorry to say he does not have a team of people who can help Pakistani people to get rid of these culprit leaders. He needs a strong movement to bring about change. The feudal are too deeply entrenched to relinquish power so easily.

Why do we all watch or even attend those senseless TV shows like “Koun Baneyga Meera ka patti” and why do we all waste our so much time on watching those kind of talk shows or chatting hours and hours on chat sites or social websites where our own people are killed on a daily basis.

I wish to see into Pakistani politics people of competence, integrity and honor who take pride to help bring Nation of Pakistan’s respect to the world such as Makhdoum Javed Hashmi, Saad Rafiq, Hyder Rizvi, Marvi memon and all those who care and love the nation of Pakistan should come together with Imran Khan in one umbrella under a Pakistani flag. They don’t hesitate to take any steps to get rid of all the sufferings which our people are going through due to poverty, illiteracy, hunger, kidnapping, and innocent killings. We all have to act now because we the Nation of Pakistan have to do it otherwise these corrupt politicians will never stop their Musical Chair game to take and wait for their turn to loot Pakistan! Wake up, Please for the sake of almighty Allah!

Wake up Pakistan!

By: Q. Aziz

 Reply:   God sake wake up Pakistan!
Replied by(nasirshah) Replied on (3/Jul/2011)

Very well written which shows how patriotic Pakistani you are. Please do keep writing your inner feelings because your article is like stones which you are throwing towards 98% Pakistanis to wake up and if you continue writing then I am very much sure that very soon it will touches the hearts of all those Pakistanis. May Allah help you and gives you courage for this true cause.Ameen! Nasir Shah
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