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Pakistan: Whithering Heights




Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.



Nation-building is not the role and task of the Generals, Bhuttos, Zardaris, Altaf Hussain or Sharif as they are dead entries in history books and artifacts in museum. To visualize rational remedies and workable change of the currently disastrous political events and ethnic bloodbaths and set a NEW DIRECTION to facilitate social, economic, moral and political RECONSTRUCTION of the oppressed nation, you NEED educated people, intelligent and visionary thinkers and leaders and experts in problem-solving and change management to avert the self-suicidal agendas being followed by the PPP-MQM and the Generals - Karachi is just a glimpse out of the sadistic and incompetent mindset of the few, wait and see what will be the next?  





The anarchy of military rule and political corruption have turned the body of the nation into a cancerous disease that consumes all the thinking and positive energies leading to intellectual, social and political abyss. Disillusioned and disconnected with its roots, Pakistan continues to move forward - not towards change, normalcy and progress but to tragic events fermenting planned deaths of the citizenry, destruction of the social, economic and political infrastructures, incapacitated and broken lifelines and ultimately to become a battle ground for mindless ethnic and regional divides and national collapse. If these trends resulting from the inhuman and barbaric policies and practices of the ruling elite remain in the pipeline, the nation could end-up losing its freedom and integrity.  You wonder, what is the problem that is insolvable?  Ignorance, lust of power and cruelty to the interests of the people just to specify few.


Educated and morally conscientious and intellectually resourceful Pakistanis have shied away from politics because it is controlled by the Generals and terribly corrupt, full of gangsterism and anarchy of the few. What an irony that the cream of THINKING Pakistanis enriched with new and creative ideas and able to contribute for the nation-building either live in foreign countries or found in graveyards buried along with their ambitions, passions and ideals for a glorious Pakistan. For over forty years, a combined conspiracy articulated by the Army Generals- and their by-products so called politicians - PPP- splinter groups of the Muslim League-MQM and so on have stolen the time and precious opportunities from the nation to bring change and enabling Pakistan to return to a logical connection to its foundation for a parliamentary democracy. When opportunities for a political change came up, they sabotaged the demands of change and conspired to impose the tyranny of martial laws and individualistic absolutism. No matter, who comes into power or brought in from the backdoor intrigues, the Generals remain in power and maneuver the game to influence public life in all major domains of human affairs. In a way, 180 millions of Pakistani nation are prisoners of their own sadistic ruling elite. The people exercise no rights, no participation, no role in the making of country’s present or future. There are distinctively two different worlds and varied conflicting time zones between the lives of common people and the elite class dominating the governance. Recently, out of desperation, Saeed Qureshi, a reputable journalist and former diplomat asked “Someone there to rescue Pakistan?” Upright Opinion: 7/25/2011. Ostensibly, when known thugs, criminals and “kanjar” (prostitution agents) turned politicians rule the nation, nobody feels safe and nobody foresees the hope for the future.  Some forty years earlier a jolt struck the nation under the military rule and former East Pakistan was taken away by aggression under a planned scheme of thing instigated by India and in concert with the then General Yahya  Khan and his military colleagues and ZA Bhutto-PPP,  enabling them to rule the remaining West Pakistan. The Generals and ZA Bhutto were supposed to be held accountable for their conspiracy and crimes against the nation, instead, they were rewarded and Bhutto assumed power out of the surrender ashes - an insult to common sense and intelligence.  One would have imagined, the nation would learn to come out vigilant and strong to avoid future mishaps, not so until this day. In particular, the Generals were never scrutinized or punished for their crimes as they were under obligation to defend the nation from foreign aggression - they failed miserably and continue to do so.


In early May, a bizarre staged drama unleashed by the US Navy seals to kill Osama Bin Laden in a resort town of Abbotabad- nobody knows for sure if Bin Laden was there or not,  but the Pakistani Generals collaborated and facilitated the US attack as they were paid to do so. Publicly, they denied knowledge of it but the CIA Chief thanked General Pasha-ISI Chief for cooperation. At the PPP thugs dominated national assembly, the same General claimed to have had shouting matches with the CIA Chief earlier. Have you ever heard of slaves shouting at their masters?  Pakistani politics is a hub of liars and deceptions. There is no remorse and no public accountability. For the on-going bogus War on Terrorism, George W, Bush relied on General Musharaf and claims to have invested $10 Billion to transform Pakistan into killing fields and a failed state. The Washington Post sketched out the cartoon of Musharaf as dog - an obedient animal to Bush. America’s friendship is often dubious and egocentric while its animosity is always definable. Rick Rozoff (“U.S. Plans to Seize Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal” OpEdNews: 10/15/2010) clarifies the US primary goal in waging the War on Terrorism is really to dismantle the capacity and seize the Pakistani nuclear weapons. It is well known that General Musharaf gave the Pakistani nuclear blueprints to the Bush administration. Consequentially, Pakistan is vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps and conspiracies and fault lines. Why it is that General Musharaf, Zardari, Geelani and almost all of his cabinet ministers with criminal cases have not been prosecuted? Is the so called Pakistani democracy tailored made to fit the ruling thugs to claim immunity from law and justice? There is ample evidence to show that Italian PM Bersucolini, Former Israeli PM Ahud,  former Egyptian pharaoh Hosni Mubarak, one Indian PM, British Tony Blair and several British MP’s, former Tunisian dictator Zaiundin Ali all had attendance in courts and prison cells except the Tunisian in absentia. What is so unqiue and unusual not to meet the demands of law and justice for the Pakistani cruel monsters?



In an objective analysis, Pakistan was outcome of a democratic movement for freedom from the Hindu dominated India and British colonial subjugation. Colonial history remains in tact and impact of both Hindu culture, influence and British traditions dominates Pakistan. The Generals, PPP of Bhutto-Zardari, MQM or the current Muslim Leagues groups have nothing common with the origin of Pakistan. They have no relationship to the existence of the Muslim nation. It is convenient for them to break it because they have no value nor feeling for the good of people of Pakistan. They are glued by deception to the body politics of Pakistan to exploit, misuse power, instigate ethnic divides and brutal killings and dismantle the unity and existence of the nation. They could best be described as leaches sucking the blood veins of  Muslim Pakistan. They would not go away unless forcibly removed from the body of the nation. Under the auspices of the insane Generals and in combination of the PPP and so called Sharifs and Muslim League, these individuals have sucked out the time, thought process, energies and human efforts and opportunities for change and development to the extent that now Pakistan appears more and more a skeleton floating without any positive thinking, goals and substance for sustainable future.



By now, do you get the true picture of the agony of Pakistan as felt and observed by a common citizen?  Do you understand the painful injuries and tormenting wounds on the body of the nation inflicted by these monsters who call themselves rulers, leaders, Generals, Zardaris, Geelani, Altaf Hussain, Sharif and Malik and what not? There is no difference, they are all one and the same thing - garbage anywhere is garbage and sooner or later it stinks as it does not change its originality. Their governance is heavily linked to continuous conflict-making and conflict-keeping - from one problem to another inferno, from one hell to another living hell - the nation endures, not the ruling elite. The masses are innocent victims of the few insane figures who lack basic sense of human instinct, values and Islamic principles.


Few years earlier, the author’s article (“Pakistan at Crossroads”) outlined some of the imperatives involved in the planned schemes of deaths and destruction of the people of Pakistan. The US-India cult is using the Iraqi blueprint to cripple the Pakistani nation within so that sooner or later its skeleton will collapse on its own. You will recall that in 1971 Pakistan was dismembered so that the Generals and ZA Bhutto could rule for sometimes to come. Once again, conspiracies are planned by the PPP - MQM and the Generals how to further disintegrate the physical structure enabling them to have comfortable life and leisure to enjoy the good times.  None of these people are leaders, none of them have any rational sense of accountable governance, and none of them have any educational or intellectual or professional capacity to hold offices of supreme national responsibility in Pakistan. Looking at their standing, they are even misfit to be hired as doorman because that would involve some responsibility and they enjoy none. Despite odds and missing credibility criterion, they do rule and will continue to do so for sometime to come.  Dean Nelson of the UK Telegraph (October 07, 2009), had made a pinching observation and asked: “Has Pakistan lost its honour?” Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan also wondered if the ruling elite has any “gharat” (honor) in its policy and practices. Strangely, nobody from the ruling elite ever attempted to answer the question about honor.



They are all stage actors and puppets performing different roles and are paid for their art and actions. General Pervez Musharaf after exploiting the nation and misuse of power for ten years lives happily in a London mansion worth $1.4 million. The succeeding cadre of Generals is the by-products of his seeds of treachery and dishonesty to the Pakistani nation. Wolfwoltz, the then World Bank President asked Musharaf to oust the thinking and religiously conscientious officials from the civil and military services and promote secular and pro-American individuals to position of prominence. Musharaf obeyed the command and facilitated the necessary surgery on the composition and promotion of the high ranking officials. Now, they run Pakistan, not the people of Pakistan.



Karachi is in inferno with flames of ethnic hatred and daily killings perpetuated by the MQM-PPP affiliations to manipulate political control of the 25 millions or more people. They have a plan to separate the largest populated city and convert into a separate state as envisaged by MQM in collaboration with India and others. The activists are gangsters and organized and have four points like the Sheikh Mujib’s six points for Bangladesh enhanced by Yahya and Bhutto.  Like the Mukhtibahani, the organized groups stab common people, burn their bodies and have created havoc social and political environment in Karachi - a tormenting hell in all respects. The real instigators pretend to be indifferent  to the bloodbaths in progress and behave like spectators. The madness and perpetuated cruelty MUST be stopped. Pakistani nation is oppressed and squeezed to the limits. The bogus War on Terrorism has ruptured its body and drained out all of the positive thinking and energies to a chaotic political end game instigated and maneuvered by the US, India and Britain - all aimed at destruction of Muslim Pakistan. The Generals, Zardari- Sharifs-MQM are all the puppets performing at the stage for their ultimate interests and share of the power out of the ruptured body of Pakistan. They are doing it and the business is well in progress for further disintegration of the nation. To change the direction and the imperatives of human and political priorities, you will NEED new thoughts, new visions and NEW LEADERS to replace insanity of the few already well in progress. The nation NEEDS new public institutions and political leaders with vision, integrity and accountability and capable of dealing with social, moral, economic and political reconstruction. Pakistan needs and deserves CHANGE to transform the darkened present into a promising and sustainable future.



 One solution out of the sadistic tyranny is to dismantle the combined structure of the affiliation of the Generals-PPP-MQM and help to form a non-partisan government of national unity - this action has to be initiated by the people movement, otherwise, there is nothing else to challenge the prevalent cruelty and insanity. The people of Pakistan must have their future as a cohesive nation of Islamic thinking and values respecting the differences and articulating a unity in diversity to deal with the future. This aim and task cannot be carried out by the Generals, Zardaris-MQM or Sharifs, they are irrelevant, and they are the real problem, not the solution. The solution must be sought outside the corridors of current corrupt and stinking governance. It could be the outcome of the educated, intelligent and visionary Pakistanis of new and young generation, not spoiled by the influence and piled-up garbage of the corrupt politics. To remind the readers of the cancerous sickness fast consuming the body of the nation, the author made the following observation in “Pakistan’s Strategic Delusion” 5/2010:



Pakistan faces multiple problems.  But there are no real world public institutions or leadership to THINK of the viable alternatives, conflict management and conflict resolution. After more than forty years of the military rule and continued political corruption of the few ruling elite who have endangered the very foundation and integrity of our homeland. For its survival, Pakistan must be re-connected to its ideological foundation of Islam as a system of life. Otherwise, its people have no other credible identity. Viewing the bigger picture, we see an emerging collaborative understanding at work between the current corrupt and criminal political elite (PPP and MQM), the US and India to encourage and instigate internal political disruptions and bloodbaths and to dismantle the physical body of the nation over certain period of time……………….

American drone attacks alone are reported to have killed more than three thousand civilians in the Pakhtoonistan province and adjacent tribal belts of Waziristan…….For over half of a century, Pakistanis have inherited a junk history determined by the collaborative governance of the Generals and their by–products Bhuttos-Zardaris and Sharifs. Are the incompetent Generals and Zardari’s a HOPE for the future of Pakistan?  Not so, Pakistan NEEDS a planned change and reformation of the corrupt political governance and new public institutions and political system to make the future come true. The educated and intelligent new generation of Pakistanis is the only HOPE that the masses can look upon for the future-making, away from the dead-ended and corrupt politics of the few self-styled ignorant rulers claiming to profess democracy but undermining the existence and freedom of the Pakistani nation. History shall judge the people and leaders by their actions, not by their claims.”


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