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Pakistan in October 2012: A nation hallucinated with the bait of Malala Yousufzai’s shooting


Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.     


October 18, 2012


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Pakistanis are being flooded with “news”, “information”, articles, commentaries, blogs, and various forms of propaganda about the shooting of a 15 years old young woman from Swat, Malala Yousufzai (previously she was said to be 14 years old, but some more recent information indicates that she is 15).  It has been alleged that she was shot on the orders of Tehrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP).  So, why write another article, knowing that it would probably be wasted in the flood of propaganda, disinformation, lies, half-truths, and all types of subjective and emotional diarrhea, in which the rationality and intelligence of people, especially of the Pakistanis, are being drowned, turning them into partners and tools of the powers that are doing all that for their sinister plots and objectives, described below?  The answer is that the author is committed to doing what is necessary, regardless of the results or consequences.


The obsession with the Malala affair seems to be restricted to Pakistan, because there is where it is needed.  In the US, most people do not even know about it, in spite of some coverage by the media.  To be sure, some top leaders and so-called celebrities have made some ignorant, hypocritical, and omissive statements against the shooting and against the Taliban, but there has not been that constant obsessive-neurotic preoccupation with it here that is going on in Pakistan.  It is understandable that the Pakistani government and media leaders want to maximize the national insanity for their own objectives, as well as those of their foreign patrons. But, why are so many Pakistanis participating in this insanity and going berserk?   


Basic facts and their analysis


Recently, this author wrote a brief paper on this subject

 , as various known facts and their interconnections, as well as the opening of the flood-gates of massive, omissive, demagogic, and constant propaganda-from which, some of the most important facts and their interconnections were excluded and omitted-by the Western and Pakistani governments and mass media, on this tiny little ripple in an ocean of mass murders, atrocities, and destruction-initiated and mostly caused by the state terrorism of US, NATO, and Pakistani military and secret service forces, indicated that something very sinister was being hatched.  This tiny little ripple is now being extracted from that vast ocean of blood and gore, and injected with all types of blinding fog, which is then being blown by the huge blowers of the massive modern propaganda machines, so that the people would identify and confuse the huge clouds of fog with the tiny little ripple, which would divert their eyes and attention away from the vast ocean. 


As unrelenting efforts by the powerful international and national forces are underway to use this tinny little ripple for the creation of another river of blood and gore, atrocities, and destruction in North Waziristan, it is necessary to elaborate further on the contents of the previous article.


The following basic facts and their connections were contained in the previous article:


1.  Malala was methodically elevated to grotesque levels of prominence and publicity by the Western and Pakistani governments, mass media, and some NGOs.


2.  This 15 years old ignorant, naïve, ambitious, and vulnerable young woman and her family were lured into becoming the tools of psychologico-cultural and political propaganda warfare of the US and NATO imperialism and its puppet Pakistani government and military.  They were well-rewarded for their services.


3.  She was allowed access to high level American and Pakistani officials and their mass media.


4.  She was parroting and writing whatever was being fed to her by her mentors.


5.  The Western and Pakistani mass media have slavishly and uncritically collaborated with all the omissions, distortions, and misrepresentations of the facts and their interconnections in this whole affair.


Purposes and objectives of the Malala Affair


Malala and her shooting have been used as magical hallucinogenic bait by the above powers for the following purposes and objectives: 


1.  To bait both the TTP and Pakistani people for the purpose of diversion of energies from opposition to drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan, war of aggression and occupation of Afghanistan, subservience and slavery of Pakistani government and military to US and Western imperialism, and the recent anti-Islamic film.


2.  To divert public attention from the colossal problems of corruption, mismanagement, and incompetence of the government; poverty; unemployment; civil war and sectarian violence; and other socio-economico-political problems.


3.  For propping up the unpopular puppet government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and postponement of the upcoming elections, in which, in all likelihood, it will lose.


4.  For manipulation and creation of public opinion in favor of the military operation and invasion of North Waziristan, which will result in the bolstering of the military and political positions of US and NATO forces and their puppet Afghan government, and weakening of the anti-invasion Islamic forces of Afghan Taliban and their allies.


5.  Before the shooting, objectively, she has acted as a small tool and spy for the US, NATO, and Pakistani governments and forces, and against the anti-imperialist forces of Afghan Taliban, TTP, and their allies.  However, after the shooting, her objectively tiny little importance and role are now being grotesquely and methodically exploded, amplified, and magnified to immense proportions, to the benefit of US, NATO, and Pakistani governments and militaries, and to the detriment of Taliban and their allies, both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  If Taliban ordered it, it was a huge tactical blunder, as they swallowed the bait.  Taliban in Pakistan consist of diverse relatively decentralized and independent groups.  If it was ordered by the group under Moulana Fazlullah in Swat, then why is North Waziristan being considered for invasion and military operation? 


6.  Pakistan is full of incomparably bigger and more important traitors and spies of the West.  The really big and important tools and spies of the US and Western imperialism are concentrated in the Pakistani government, military, ISI, and other institutions, reaching some of the top levels of officialdom, including the current president.  Malala is a very insignificant little particle in that massive infiltration of all the politico-economic, military, intelligence, educational, and cultural institutions of Pakistan by the Western powers, especially the US.  Shooting or killing her will achieve nothing for the Taliban.  To the contrary, her shooting has already caused great political damages to them, which may multiply into various other forms too.  Let us face it.  Under the existing conditions of widespread poverty, unemployment, hypocrisy, corruption, and culture of greed and money-and-things-worship in Pakistan, most families and their children would have jumped on the opportunity and bribery that were offered to Malala and her family, and would have done the same as they did.  The real monsters are those who used this 15 years old young woman as a bait for their nefarious purposes and in the service of their US and NATO masters.


7.  The really big and important Pakistani tools and spies of the Western powers identify with Malala, both consciously and unconsciously.  They fear for their own similar fate at the hands of Pakistani patriots and anti-imperialists.  In this respect, no one knows them and calls them what they really are, better than the TTP and its allies.  In fact, one of their most important demands is that Pakistani government should abandon and renounce its slavery to the US and the West.  No one else has stated that so clearly and strongly.  Their other major objective is to help their brethren in Afghanistan in expelling the US and NATO invaders and restore that country’s sovereignty.  How can any truly freedom- and justice-loving person oppose these two great objectives and goals?  Afghan Taliban and TTP are simple people and speak simple language, instead of hideously and deliberately complex modern jargon, designed to confuse, deceive, lie, and mislead.  Frequently, the real truth is very simple, but gets covered up and disappears under such jargon.  Treacherous and corrupt Pakistani political and other leaders fear nothing more than such simple truths and honesty, and the people who not only speak these, but act upon them.  They call them backward and barbaric, because they insist upon their authentic identity, are fiercely opposed to the slavery and prostitution to the West, and its blind imitations.  These are some of their positive human qualities.  These are being mentioned here as they are relevant to the matter that is being discussed here.  However, this by no means implies the denial of their negative aspects that need changes, which can only be brought about by themselves.  Those Pakistanis, who have sold their souls to the West, have nothing to teach them, and a lot to learn from them.  Only the uncorrupted and un-prostituted educated people can contribute to the necessary changes through mutual political, economic, and religious education, learning, and change.


    The US, NATO, and Pakistani governments hatched the incredibly asinine plot of Malala baiting to divert attention from the vast ocean of blood and destruction that they created, to the tiny little ripple of Malala shooting, and try to demonize, attack, and destroy the TTP with that maneuver.  Nowhere in history such an asinine plot has been hatched for such huge deceptions and goals.  And it seems to be succeeding in Pakistan!  This could only happen in Pakistan.  That so many Pakistanis are falling for it shows the decadence and rottenness of their intelligence, rationality, and soul.  However, it is very likely that most of them are the so-called “educated” stooges of the West.  All the media, newspapers, and blogs are flooded with their hypocritical emotional diarrheas, many of them clamoring for the invasion of North Waziristan.  It is possible that part of these may also be orchestrated by the official and paid agents of the West, pretending to be ordinary Pakistanis. 


8.  For softening the widespread anti-American sentiments of Pakistanis. 


Pakistani mass media   


Like in all the capitalist countries, the mass media in Pakistan are profit-driven capitalist businesses, dependent upon advertisements of other businesses and government and other organizations.  They rarely, if ever, take any positions on the issues and problems that are contrary to their own interests or those of their capitalist class. They choose between different political parties and politicians on the basis of their analysis of potential benefits for themselves and their class.  Truth, justice, and depth are routinely excluded and mutilated in their coverage and “analyses” of the events, issues, and problems, even though, occasionally, pieces of these may break through the barriers. 


Even by the Pakistani standards, the mass media have broken all their previous historical records of one-sided, slavish, biased, and subjective coverage of this whole Malala affair, carrying it to the level of insanity and obsession.  They are overflowing with one-sided and omissive subjective diarrheas, which are promoting and in the service of the official line.  Their ridiculous Pakistani-Western chimerical moderators and editors seem to be censoring almost all the in-depth, comprehensive, and knowledgeable articles and comments, and allowing only those that conform to their chimerical tastes and positions.  Even though, The News of the Jang Group is supposed to be better than many others in this regard, on the Malala affair, it is doing the same or worse than the other media.  It has some very shallow chimerical writers and bloggers-with meager base of knowledge and information on various issues, who consider themselves authorities on these-who are writing shallow, wishy-washy, distortionist, and biased articles on this and other issues.  Such moderators are also mostly allowing venomous and derogatory articles against the Pakhtoon resistance fighters, by the sheeple who have all the courage in the world to do that from the safety of their computers.  One wonders what they would say if they were face to face with them.  Almost all such mind-numbing, deafening, and shocking noise and writings are being produced by the conceited Pakistani “educated” and “highly educated” sheeple, who are either totally ignorant of the nature or history of Western imperialism or are its stooges and in its service.  They are so ignorant that they do not even know that they are ignorant!  This author had described the mass psychology of such sheeple in an earlier article .


The mass folly and absurdity of these “educated” and “highly educated” sheeple, in case of the Malala affair, confirms the accuracy of the conclusions of that paper, written in 2009, especially of the paradox described in the following passages.  What is the nature of education that is producing such sheeple?  In the upside-down world of Pakistan, the relatively less educated and uneducated people are taking relatively better, more principled, and more accurate positions than the relatively more and highly educated, on some of the most important national and international problems and their interconnections. 


Recently, Hamid Mir, host of the Capital Talk TV show, wrote an article in which he claimed that a Taliban spokesman, Ahsanullah Ahsan, had emailed him a seven-page letter, which, among other things, contained threats to his life. (Hamid Mir-Dhamki ka jawab)


Why would Hamid Mir jump to publish this story before verifying that the email actually originated from Ahsanullah Ahsan?  It is highly unlikely that Ahsanullah Ahsan would engage in such a useless activity, so soon after the Malala affair.  It is the responsibility of the media anchors and reporters to verify the authenticity of such emails before publicizing them, especially in the current highly inflamed and insane situation in Pakistan.  It is very likely that this email and other such communications are originating in some sources that want to pour more fuel on the inflamed situation.  To be sure, Hamid Mir’s ratings and reputation will shoot up because of this publicity.  But, if it is not true, then it only adds to the current insanity.    


Following are some of the relevant passages from my above-mentioned article, in this regard:


“A major part of the problem in the development of such mass psychology is the educational, especially the so-called “higher education” system in Pakistan, which is mass producing “highly educated experts” of various types, overwhelming majority of whom are highly brainwashed by Western, and especially American, textbooks, written by advocates and apologists of capitalism and imperialism.  This is true of all the so-called social “sciences” being taught in the country by brainwashed professors and other teachers, who are also, in effect, brainwashing their students, with “knowledge” and “information” that almost exclusively serve the interests of capitalism and foreign imperialism.  The situation in natural sciences is even worse.  In these, the “highly educated experts”, just like their counterparts in the US and Europe, are almost totally devoid of any knowledge or information in the social, politico-economic, and philosophical areas.  These latter are the ones whom the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset had called the “Learned Ignoramuses”, who know a lot about a tiny little area of natural reality but are ignorant of all the rest of natural as well as social reality.  Such Learned Ignoramuses are being mass-produced in Pakistan and are also being exported to the imperialist centers and other relatively rich countries, causing enormous damages to the national economy by such a large brain drain, on the training of which important national financial and other resources are spent.  The educational “elites” in Pakistan are, by and large, either ignorant of the problems of imperialism and capitalism or are active parts of them.  This explains the paradox of why relatively less educated and uneducated people there instinctively understand Western and US imperialism much better and take incomparably more principled and strong positions on this matter- based upon their understanding of good and evil, just and unjust, true and false, and freedom and slavery-than the so-called “highly educated elites”.   We are witnessing a powerful manifestation of this paradox in the Tribal Areas, where, in spite of low literacy and educational level, there is incomparably more understanding of Western and US imperialism-and its disastrous effects on the economy, politics, and culture of the country-than in rest of the country, where literacy and educational levels are much higher, and especially than that of the “highly educated elites”.  As stated earlier, this is mostly the result of healthier instincts, intuition, and values in the Tribal Areas than rest of the country, in which human nature, instincts, intuition, and values have been greatly polluted and corrupted under the influence of many forces, including those originating in Western and US imperialism, especially in the form of cultural and educational imperialism.  This situation is somewhat similar to that in the voting differences between Whites and Blacks in the US.  Blacks, in spite of their lower educational levels than the Whites, routinely vote more intelligently and ethically in the local and national elections.


Related to the above topic is the totally false, deceptive, anti-factual, anti-logical, and anti-historical notion of “Extremist” and “Moderate” Islam, propagated by the think tanks of US imperialism, through their local agents, like Musharraf, Zardari, and the late Benazir, . Who can deny the apodictic truth, without making a complete idiot of himself, that the US imperialism is the most extremist and aggressive imperialism on this planet, and has been for a long time, and that the current focus of its extremist high-tech aggression is the economically and strategically important parts of the Muslim world?  Is submission to such an extremist and militarist imperialism, and becoming a tool in its plots for domination of Muslim peoples and their resources, “Moderation” or prostitution and betrayal of the worst kind?  On the other hand, is resistance to such an extremist and militarist imperialism “Extremism” or fulfilling the most important and sacred duty of protection and promotion of national liberation, freedom, dignity, resources, and culture from the imperialist onslaughts?   And to begin with, who had created these forces during the proxy war against the revolutionary government of Afghanistan and its Soviet allies-at that time being characterized as the epitome of “freedom fighters” and now being labeled as “extremists”?”


End of passages from the above article.   


Eroding integrity of the country


The Pakistani government, military, and a lot of the “educated” ignoramuses are playing a very dangerous game with the fate and integrity of the country.  Damages that they have caused in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and tribal areas may already be irreversible.  The intermediate and long-term consequences of their treacherous, prostituting, and asinine domestic and foreign policies will be dire and huge indeed, for the already faltering and failing state of Pakistan.  With further aggravation of the situation, the tribal areas and the whole province may opt to secede in the future and either join Afghanistan or Balochistan to form a new country, like the Bangladesh.  If and when that process starts, no one will be able to stop it.  Pakhtoons never forget the wrongs and injustices done to them and their tenacity and resilience is unmatchable.  Once they embark on a course of action collectively and resolutely, no one can stop them.  It is up to the common Pakistanis to take collective action to reign in and change the political and military leadership and save the integrity of the country and restore its honor, instead of joining them in further prostituting, eroding, and disintegrating it.   

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