"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Where-and how-we lost it?

 When Pakistan found its name amongst the comity of nations on the world map, its inhabitants possessed a fervent zeal and ardor and aspired to become a role model for the Muslim World. The stories I have heard and read explained to me the sacrifice offered by those who migrated and left all their belongings in order to lead an independent life and those who welcomed the immigrants and shared their sorrows and joys. Reading about these events-and about the history of Pakistan-I realized that an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and mutual trust prevailed back then. A passenger could travel at night without the fear of being robbed; children could play in the streets without their parents breeding the fear of their off springs being kidnapped; women could go to work without dealing with harassment, people would try to resolve matters by discussion rather than resorting to barbarism, impatience, rudeness, and physical brawl; and the public could enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep at night.


This harmony prevailed because the basic principles of humanity-honesty, kindness, truthfulness, steadfastness, moral piety and a sense of communal duty amongst others-had a strong fundamental base in our society. At this time, every individual had a passion to serve this country.


Nevertheless, with the passage of time these qualities were lost. Somewhere, in between we forgot the message of Jinnah, the dream of Iqbal and the sacrifices of our ancestors who wished to see us prospering and flying. Nowadays, the newspapers and the media are rampant with news of theft, murder, harassment, fraud and dishonesty. Infect, if we look at our very own selves, most of us will come to realize that dishonesty has become an inherent feature of our personalities: speaking lies and breaking commitments for material benefits give us “inner satisfaction.” Consequently, the environment in which mutual trust existed has vanished. Impatience has found such a deep place in our hearts that we can’t stand in a queue for ten minutes and a small petty issue triggers our temper to such an extent that some of us don’t even hesitate from taking the sacred life of another human. Even those who refrain from such a heinous act spare no opportunity to take benefit of the situation of others.


We have degraded ourselves to such an extent that our characteristics our far below those required by the principles of humanity, let alone the guiding principles of our religion for we actively find faults in others but fail to peep in out own collars. Nobody cares about humanity: the sense of helping the community and fellow human beings has evaporated and exploiting others for the sake of individual benefits has become order of the day. In our daily lives, no rules exist-or are obeyed-and might is right has become the law. Consequently, jungle law is prevails and a gloomy atmosphere of fear and mistrust looms above us.


The point that I want to make is that if we are to build “Iqbal ka Pakistan” we need to realize that the social and ethical diseases that exist in our society have to be cured for without it, the change is improbable and the progress is impossible. The virtues of humanity must be acquired and acted upon if we are to excel. No leader can put us on the path of success and development until we change ourselves for God helps those who help themselves.



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