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Turk army chief mind your own business "“ don't plead case of a tyrant

Anybody who supports Musharraf is enemy of peoples of Pakistan:

It is astonishing that all those nations to whom we give respect, in return we receive hate, and starts talking about destruction of Pakistan. Under the shameless Military rule over Turkey and on the name of secularism their army is bashing Islam since long. It is same type of fascistic approach with the help of guns to deprive majority from human rights and free speech. Statement of Turk army chief is pushing us to rethink our decades old thoughts about Turkey, as it had special status in the heart and minds of peoples of Pakistan. It is believed that all such sacredness of Turks was illusion. Greediness to join EU and NATO money has deprived Turk general respecting sentiments of peoples of Pakistan in regard to peoples of Turkey. Since long entire globe is watching involvement of Turk army in political affairs of Turkey. Its military supremacy is the worst example which attracts Military dictators of other countries. It is a stigma on the face of democracy where army is regularly interfering in politics.

It is shameful that today army chief of Turkey is talking in neo-cons tone, Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is not your business, and neither will it ever fall in the hands of any body. It is same kind of propaganda which Musharraf is doing since last years. Peoples who are fighting against tyrannies of Pakistan army are not terrorists; neither Turk General Yasar knows meanings of Taliban in the perspective of ethnic groups living in Pakistan. It is disturbing that a general of Turk army did not know history of the area, neither he knows about outcomes of recent elections in Pakistan, he also don't know that peoples of Pakistan have rejected and eliminated all such faithful poodles of Musharraf from the political scene of the country, who were around him since last eight years. Moreover Turk general has no right to talk about internal matters of Pakistan. We never talked about internal matters of Turkey. We can ask some question:

Why Turk army is involved in bashing Islam? To whom they want to please.

If a women or girl wears Hijab, why Turk generals start shaking?

While only 10% Turkey is in Europe, why generals want to drag rest of 90% out of Asia?

Why Turk army is accompanying crusaders and fighting against Muslims, we don't know meanings of Turk secularism, whether it allows peoples any kind of faith or not. It is specially blended secularism which none of European country follows.

Whether Turkey has solved Kurd problem? Why it is siding with nations who are continuously taunting Turks on the name of Armenian genocide? And so on.

If his statement is in perspective of begging for EU membership or any other financial benefits then don't use peoples of Pakistan as scapegoat, Musharraf is a tyrant and criminal, and involved in state terrorism, genocide and killings of peoples. He is not Pakistani or Muslim from any angle but only implanted agent of neo-imperialists, who is serving their purpose as a mercenary. Peoples of Pakistan who are now taking revenge of killings of their love ones by state forces are not outsiders, those are living in this area since centuries. There is no doubt Turk generals is among those peoples who are lick spitting imperialists, since decades, those have lost sense and don't realize what they are talking about, their approach of mental slavery has forced Turkey among poorest nations, and deprived of dignity once it had.

As a Pakistani we strongly condemn statement of Turk army chief, today he is voicing with crusaders, tomorrow don't expect support from peoples of Pakistan. Keep your thoughts with you, and do not try to support a tyrant who is controlling resources of Pakistan, killing peoples and a beggar who need money every time from west.

Please read statement of Turk general and decide on what grounds he issued such statement which is entirely against struggle of peoples against a tyrant dictator.  

Turkish military chief says Musharraf necessary for Pakistan's stability


ANKARA: Turkey's military chief on Monday stressed that

if President Musharraf lost his grip on Pakistan, the country could fall into the hands of a resurgent Taliban. Speaking at an international conference organised by the military in Ankara,

General Yasar Buyukanit said that political turmoil and violence caused by extremists could pave the way for the Taliban to seize control of the country and its nuclear weapons.

He said Pakistan's leaders should be given strong support to guard against such an outcome. "I hope Pakistan reaches stability in a short time," he added. President Musharraf is facing pressure from militants who have increased attacks since the general election. Taliban fighters have also expanded their reach beyond the border with Afghanistan, raising international concerns about the security of the country's nuclear arsenal.

Buyukanit said an institution such as the Taliban "could control Pakistan if the current administration becomes ineffective" and this could result in a terrorist organisation gaining control of nuclear arms for the first time. Pakistani officials have offered assurances to the international community that the weapons are secure. In January, the operational chief in charge of the arsenal, Khalid Kidwai, told reporters that Pakistan has 10,000 soldiers to keep the weapons safe and has received up to $10 million in US assistance to enhance security. Musharraf, who spent part of his childhood in Turkey, has close ties with the predominantly Muslim but secular country. (AP)


International Professor


Above letter is being circulated to Turk media, political leaders and prominent individuals.


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