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Brothels at Islamabad- Prostitutes bailed out- Police in jail

By Earthman, International Professor

When Cat house was raided by police at Islamabad, for some day's media and blog sites remained busy to follow up the case, by passing time no one bothered to ask what happened next. Long time has passed neither case was brought to courts nor fate of culprits took place in the media. Readers who are not aware of initial case may click the following link for information.

Brothel at Islamabad "“ Browse before presidency may remove all links

In fact that was transition period and at least two members of National Assembly on PPP's ticket were also caught red handed with some relatives and supporters. Why police did not take risk to put hand and who is behind influencing police is a harsh reality. In some cases police raids and media reports on a few incidences but brothel owners are so powerful that usually it ends with the fate of "reconciliation", "forget forgiveness", "NRO" or "mutual understanding" type terms. In each raid some political figures or notables are caught red handed, in most cases police provides quick relief to culprits with the PCO of "Muk Mukka"(give and take) at site. Don't blame police alone, it is our moderate culture, today a pygmy sitting at President Hose is a product of "mutual understanding" between Americans and Generals. Government has authority to pardon $ 1.5 billion looted money to Zardari, it can purify the black money of 150 million to white, when everyone is corrupt then what law and courts can do. Have you heard any brothel owner is ever convicted? Under the name board of Beauty parlors and massage centers peoples are openly merchandizing human bodies, mostly women are victim but majority of so called women rights activists are behind sex trade.

Government, police and security agencies are their protectors and share holders of such curse. When students of Hafsa School raided a brothel at Islamabad, hundreds of patrons of prostitution business rushed for protest. All famous figures that were leading protests are now in current Government such as Nayyar Bokhari, Raja Ashraf Pervez and other liberal fascists and NGO's etc. As an example please read following report:

 Five policemen sent to jail on 14-day remand, 24-05-2008
RAWALPINDI: Civil judge sent five policemen of the City Police Station, including the Station House Officer (SHO), to Adiala Jail on 14-day judicial remand for illegally raiding a suspected brothel.
All the five policemen, including Station House Officer (SHO), Kashif Riaz, Assistant Sub-Inspector Muhammad Nawaz and three constables Abid, Ubaidullah and Abid, were booked and arrested by the Airport Police Station on the orders of City Police Officer (CPO) Iqbal Rao.\05\24\story_24-5-2008_pg11_3

Some other raids and arrest reported on this account are as under with reference, in each case it is believed that reconciliation or NRO methodology would have used because none of case is produced before courts.

Honor of prostitute and writ of current Government are almost identical, it rushes to close FM radio with the help of one division army under command of one dozen generals, it raided on Jamia Hafsa with the help of Corpse Commander, General of SSG, General of Punjab Constabulary, General of FC, and IG Police. List did not finish here Army Chief, DG Military operations GHQ, ISI, IB, MI, FIA and dozens of defense advisors were also included in massacre of girls of Jamia Hafsa.

Prostitution gangs and brothel owners are so strong and resourceful that Aunty Shamim Naqvi is still running her brothel at Islamabad openly in broad day light. Some journalists who have a fame of reporting breaking news are reluctant to put finger in dirty hole. Starting from old story of Cat house please read further a few reported incidences.

53 arrested in raid on Islamabad dance club, March 10, 2008
Islamabad: The Islamabad Police took into custody 53 people "” 19 women and 34 men "” including an MNA-elect of Pakistan People's Party (PPP)"¦ A police team conducted a raid on a dance club in Sector F-10/3, and arrested 53 people. Illegal weapons and a huge quantity of liquor were also recovered on the occasion"¦"¦.Later, police freed PPP leader Abdul Qayyum Jatoi, elected from Muzaffargarh (NA-180), and his friends on the alleged pressure of a powerful political figure. "¦the police spokesman said that as many as 53 people, including 19 women, who were dancing and drinking liquor, were shifted to the Shalimar Police Station. Police took three people "” Abdul Qayyum Jatoi (MNA-elect of PPP), son of Nazar Muhammad and his friends, Muhammad Sarfaraz, son of Abdul Qadir, and Muhammad bin Saleh, son of Muhammad bin Umar "” to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for their medical check-up at about 3.15 a.m. Later, all three were released.
SSP said that the people arrested from outside the 'Cat House' were freed after questioning. He said that the MNA-elect was arrested when he was standing outside the house. When asked that nobody, except for the MNA-elect, was released and all of them have been sent to jail, he said, "Let me check."He said that police arrested six foreign women "” three Chinese and three Russians "” among total of 20 belonging to different cities of the country. He said that Zafar Shahid, an influential person, had been running the 'brothel' with the help of powerful people. The police spokesman said that the raiding team recovered 66 bottles of liquor, 88 tins of beer as well as one 7-mm gun, one 12-bore gun, three 222 and one 44-bore guns with bullets. As many as 19 women and 31 men (excluding MNA and his friends) have been shifted to jail and they would be freed after producing bail bonds before the court of law.

Many bigwigs among regular visitors of "˜Cat House', March 11, 2008
Islamabad : A former woman minister of state had inaugurated the "˜Cat House' in August 2007 on the directives of a key political leader of then ruling party"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦.Ministers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, top businessmen and bigwigs of the last government were regular visitors of the rakish. A top diplomat of a friendly country was among the top guns who were captured by the police during the raid at "˜Cat House' but quietly let off the hook"¦"¦..The bosses of Islamabad Police were frightened when they came to know that they had captured a top diplomat. "The frightened police officer spotted him and dropped him at his residence with full protocol. The owner of the "˜Cat House' had an easy access to power corridors and was enjoying friendly relations with top political figures of the then ruling party, the insiders claimed, adding that the "˜Cat House' was launched as beauty parlor and boutique but converted into dancing club, night club and brothel house soon after its opening.A known liquor dealing group used to provide liquors to the "˜Cat House' while prostitutes were called through a sex-trading racket based in Lahore"¦"¦"Complete protection was provided to prostitute-dealers"¦"¦"¦ every Saturday night was celebrated in a special way and "˜groups of young girls' were there two days before the celebration day with heavy quantity of branded liquor"¦"¦..newly elected MNA from Muzaffargarh was taken to hospital in odd condition at 2.20 a.m. on Sunday and freed after few hours. "¦"¦"¦most of the women arrested during the raid were released on bail under Women Protection Act (WPA) while the male accused would be produced before the court

When I wrote "Pakistan: Scotchistan, Alcoholistan or Zardaristan" (Please click the link below) to chalk out alcoholic mafia, some none face state actors threatened me for dire consequences.

Alcoholism and sex trade both are real sisters; those are usually found under same roof. To protect our culture, values and living style, it is necessary to mention some media reports that what is going on, and subsequently vulgar culture and immorality will lead us to which point. I have tried to delete provocative words however you can read complete reports on given link. 

A group of Pakistani sex workers have visited the red light district in the Indian city of Calcutta to discuss safe sex practices and combating Aids.

Content of above article contains adult material; please click the following links for further information.

http://news. 2/hi/south_ asia/4119982. stm

More women stepping out of wedlock in Islamabad

Around 15 women apply for divorce everyday

ISLAMABAD: Despite the social stigma attached to broken marriages, more and more women are approaching lawyers in Islamabad to fight their cases for divorce. And the trend, according to a lawyer, is an offshoot of the passage of the Women's Protection Bill by the Parliament last year. Lawyer told that divorce rates had increased in Islamabad and were getting higher day by day. He said the enforcement of the Women's Protection Bill at the end of last year had triggered the rise as it had made women more aware of their rights, especially after marriage"¦"¦"¦"¦a lawyer at the Islamabad district courts used to receive around three women applying for divorce every day, but the number had now shot up to at least 15. He said divorces were limited to rich families and that too in cities, as women of the middle class considered it a disgrace to themselves, their in-laws and even parents. But now, he said women from all segments of the society were filing cases for separation"¦. mostly workingwomen. Lawyer, Farah Rehan added that as women of today considered themselves socio-economically more independent and strong compared with those of the past"¦"¦..She said the fee varied from case to case, family to family and lawyer to lawyer. "It can be as low as Rs 5,000 and as high as Rs 100,000," she said.\10\27\story_27-10-2007_pg11_10

10 men sent to jail, six women asked to submit surety bonds

July 03, 2008, Islamabad : Senior Civil Judge sent 10 people to Adiala Jail on judicial remand and ordered six women to submit surety bonds of Rs30,000 each to get bail. All of them were arrested on Tuesday night from Islamabad. The Shalimar Police arrested six women "” Kiran, Tania, Mahwish, Farwa, Shaista and Samia "” and 10 men "” Nasir Khan, Nauman, Waqas, Waqar, Shahzad, Aziz, Aslam, Karam Dad, Mukhtar Hussain and Sher Zaman "” during a raid on a house in Sector G-11/2. Police also recovered 5 bottles of liquor.

Government fails to block pornography: Obscene websites accessible to Internet café visitors

ISLAMABAD: The government has lost its battle against Internet pornography, as obscene website are accessible in Internet cafés of the twin cities. The government took measures in 2003 to block Internet access from Pakistan to the websites containing blasphemous and pornographic material.
The government directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to install "˜content filters' at all notes of Pakistan Internet Exchanges (PIEs) to block access to the sites that carry "pornographic material" or "blasphemous information". Around 80,000 pornographic website were initially blocked by installing content filters at the PIEs.
During visits of various Internet cafés in the twin cities, it was revealed that obscene websites were viewed on almost every computer. Internet Explorer cache of computers suggested that almost every computer had the record for surfing of pornographic websites.
"Unhealthy use of Internet has promoted cybersex addiction."
The obscene websites are blocked not only in many Muslim countries but also in secular countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore and Canada, for the exposure of children to pornographic material is harmful for them.
However, there is a need to protect children from its harmful affects. Similarly, when it comes to the issue of morality, there is no room for compromise in our religion." Some Internet service providers and education institutions are trying to block access to pornographic material on Internet on their own.\10\30\story_30-10-2008_pg11_3

26 arrested in raid on two brothels, April 14, 2008

RAWALPINDI: Airport police Saturday night raided two brothels in Gulzar-e-Quaid and arrested 26 people, including 10 women, police said. The police were tipped off about presence of two secret brothels in the area. Following the tip, City Police Officer (CPO) Saud Aziz directed ASP Ashfaq Anwar to constitute a special team and raid the brothels. The team conducted the raid and arrested 26 people including 10 women. Cases have been registered against Irfan, Asif, Naveed and others. Women were shifted to women police station.\04\14\story_14-4-2008_pg7_20

10 held from alleged brothel, Jan 05, 2008

ISLAMABAD: The capital police arrested 10 persons, including eight men and two women, on Friday during a raid on a flat in the limits of the Shalimar Police Station. According to a press statement, police received a tip-off that a woman had allegedly rented flat No 1 of block No 57 in Sector G-11/4 to run a brothel.\01\05\story_5-1-2008_pg11_7

13 arrested from brothel in Rawalpindi, April 21, 2008

RAWALPINDI: Airport Police said that on complaint of a resident, a police team raided a guesthouse at Shah Khalid Colony and arrested 13 accused, including six women. The accused were later produced before Civil Judge and Duty Magistrate Ghulam Mehdi Khan, who sent them to Adiala Jail on judicial remand.\04\21\story_21-4-2008_pg11_4

6 women, 2 men arrested in raid on "˜brothel' in G-11

January 06, 2008, Islamabad: The Capital Police arrested eight persons "” six women and two men "” allegedly involved in sex trade during a raid on PHA's apartment in G-11/4 on Friday "¦"¦brothel was being run in PHA's apartment in G-11/4, team conducted a raid on the apartment and arrested six women including Alisha daughter of Imtiaz and Sana daughter of Tariq belonging to Karachi and Sehrish daughter of Shahmid, Sobia Manzoor, Nida daughters of Yaqub and Seema daughter of Rabbani belonging to Afghanistan, with two men identified as Arif Malik (Gujrat) and Irfan (Risalpur). "¦.Alisha and Arif were jointly running the brothel and used to call call-girls from different cities of the country.

Six men, 6 women arrested in F-11/2 raid, October 07, 2008
Islamabad: The Shalimar Police took into custody twelve people, including two foreign women, in a raid on a "˜brothel' in Sector F-11/2. The team raided the house and arrested six men and six women. The arrested foreign women were later identified as Alkeera from Russia and Sheerin from Iraq. The other ten were identified as Ruby, Ayesha Atta, Anila, Ayesha Younus, Bilal Ahmad, Zaigham, Syed Shafqat Kazmi, Muzaffar, Yaqoob and Sheikh Imran, the owner of the house. During search, police also recovered charas from the house. A case has been registered against the accused. The Nilore Police arrested Safarish Ali, a resident of Chirah, after recovery of 140 bottles of liquor and a pistol from him. A case has been registered against the accused and further investigation is in progress.

11 Chinese women among 18 arrested in capital, 06-02-08

ISLAMABAD: Police on Tuesday arrested 18 people, including 11 Chinese women, in separate raids here for being allegedly involved in immoral activities. The Shalimar police conducted a raid at a massage centre in Sector G-10 and arrested 10 people, including five Chinese women, and also recovered 100 bottles of wine. Meanwhile, the Margalla police raided a house in Sector G-9/4 and arrested six Chinese women and two local men.


3 women among 4 arrested for allegedly running brothel, November 02, 2008,

Islamabad: Bhara Kahu Police conducted a raid at a house on Kayani Road and arrested three women and a man, allegedly, involved in sex business, police said. The team raided the house and arrested three women identified as Hameeda, Rabia and Nadia and Allah Yar Khan.


Book on sexology launched, December 07, 2007
PESHAWAR: "˜Fundamentals of Sexology' was the title of the book launched at a thinly participated ceremony at
Iranian Consulate here. Spreading over 450 pages the book has ten chapters in it. Notable chapters in the book are sex and sexuality, sexual problems and lovemaking, sex organ and sexual response, psychosexual disorder, male sexual dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, sexual offence/crime and law etc.
Only three copies of the book were put outside Imam Khamnae Hall where the ceremony had been arranged.

Female condoms "“ women's "˜power to decide' By Jamila Achakzai

ISLAMABAD: Though much expensive and less common, female condoms can protect women from HIV, sexually transmittable infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies, said Cyma Ashraf, a population welfare expert, on Tuesday. "¦"¦..sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).He said 80,000 AIDS cases had been detected in Pakistan so far, though only 4,000 of them had been registered. For complete report the following link.\09\03\story_3-9-2008_pg11_11

Please note that when Mush was busy in vulgarization of Pakistan and lot of enlightened moderates were around him in implementation to his agenda, immorality and promotion of licentiousness was on its peak, Minister of Population planning was gifting boxes of condoms on govt. expenditures, Woman Ministers were cutting ribbons of prostitution dens, hundreds of foreign prostitutes moved to Islamabad to run their business. History tells that scholars, intellectuals and specialists exodus to those states which provide peaceful atmosphere and patronage for research work, so if you may study biography of successful rulers, top of the list would be names of scholars who migrated and settled under those wise rulers.

On other hand prostitutes, jokers, eunuch, and vagabonds moves under umbrella of dissolute rulers for seeking shelter and making money. Musharraf's entire era and now continuity in the shape of Zardari has made Pakistan a heaven for evils and rascals.

Now have a look at following report that when our own liberals and moderates are trying to teach us techniques and theories of sex, oppositely West has realized consequences of immorality, if you ever talk about red area, so everyone will talk about "Red Light Area" of Amsterdam, thousands of visitors witness that area, but now those have realized wrong is wrong.

Amsterdam to close brothels, December 07, 2008
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Amsterdam unveiled plans on Saturday to close brothels, sex shops and marijuana cafes in its ancient city centre as part of a major effort to drive organised crime out of the tourist haven.
The city is targeting businesses that "generate criminality," including gambling parlours, and the so-called "coffee shops" where marijuana is sold openly. Also targeted are peep shows, massage parlours and souvenir shops used by drug dealers for money-laundering. "I think that the new reality will be more in line with our image as a tolerant and crazy place, rather than a free zone for criminals" said Lodewijk Asscher, a city council member and one of the main proponents of the plan.

Above reports cover only Capital area of Pakistan, situation in other urban areas is not different. Bush was big Satan and Mush was smaller Satan, in personal character Mush was more harmful, nobody can imagine his evilness, he hired a notorious Indian sex teacher as a head of department at International Islamic University, Islamabad to teach homosexuality to girls, her expertise were so vulgar that our culture did not allow to quote them publicly.

Current PPP's government is continuity of old evil; to preserve our culture and values we need to resist powerful satanic forces for leaving behind healthy builders for the bright future of our family system and nation.

Earthman, International Professor

For further reading:

Pakistan: A Scotchistan, Alcoholistan or Zardaristan

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