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Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem 

Assalamo Alaikum. 

The Zionist puppets and puppies with Zionists chains around their fat necks are trying desperately to save Mush neck. However Insha Allah the Allah's rope is now tightening around his neck and no one in the world will be able to save him The Angels of punishment are eagerly waiting for Mush as his buddy Sharon is in coma apparently but receiving enormous punishments from the angels of punishment. Sharon's soul will not Insha Allah leave his body till Mush' soul leave his body as both are great friends as each of these two have innocent Muslim blood on their and filthy hands. 

First the Zionist puppies with chains around stiff necks started the issue of Jinnahpur, Brigd. Imtiaz etc. etc. to deviate the attention from Mush trial. Then the day contempt of court was filed against him in Supreme Court, Maulana Kazmi was attacked so that media can ignore the trial issue. Then we had Meera's marriage issue and then we had chand issue. 

But no matter how hard these Z puppies and puppets try to save Mush, no force on earth will be able to save him Inhsa Allah. Now we have myth of swine flu which the world's top virologist at University of California describes a hoax to milt and mint billions of dollars by selling idiotic vaccines (Please see you tube). As we are the nation of parrots and monkeys and have a suppressed brain that of earthworm, we will say what others will say and we will act like others (No doubt in being parrots and monkeys) and now it will be fashionable to talk about "Swine's flu" as we have lot of two leg swines in the world as well as in Islamabad. The disease is an ordinary flu with no real threat of epidemics. But like dramas of SARS and bird flu, lot os stupid vaccines will be bought and instead of supplying sugra, aata etc we will be injecting Swine vaccine! There had been drastic results of these vaccines (Pl. again see the USA military organization so called CDC who directors had been notorious to generate media hype in oder to sell the vaccines. Some people have been completely paralyzed as a result of Swine vaccines. 

But please for Allah sake do not forget one of the worst traitor and criminal Musharraf. Actually Pakistan military should have court marshaled him for breaking uncountable rules, oaths and regulations of Musharraf. If you are intelligent you will understand the games of Z puppies and puppies on TV screens. These sellers of pen are the lowest of the low as they are abusing and insulting Allah gifted intellect for just few pennies or rather a few bones thrown at them. 

Please read the following important 25 reason to try Mush. Keep demanding CHief Justice and Ashfaq Kiayni for trial of Musharraf as this will bring peace to the hearts of many whose beloved are brutally killed by this tyrant. 

Why Musharraf Must be Tried


25 Important Reasons




Dr. Anwar Ul Haque





Why Musharraf must be tried!

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

There are zillions of reasons for holding trial of Musharraf while there is not a single sensible reason for not to do otherwise. To say that �Best revenge is democracy� and that �We do not believe in revenge� does not hold water at all. Well if you do not believe in revenge then open the gates of all the jails and let all prisoners set free. Why people should be punished who have committed far less and petty crimes? Can anyone think of democracy without accountability? The people demand trial of Musharraf for the sake of future of Pakistan and its generations and not for personal vendetta. Allah Himself is ZunTiqam although He is most Merciful. There is a life in taking equal and just revenge and in this there is a lesson for the wise people, Quran says. If we do not punish our criminals nature will certainly punish us. Let us have a brief dossier of Musharraf�s heinous crimes:

1.       In the light of Supreme Court of Pakistan�s clear decision, Nawaz Sharif had no role in plane hijacking which automatically makes Musharraf the real criminal in planning of plane hijack which he used as an excuse to topple a democratically elected Government. Plane hijacking is an internationally accepted non bail able act of terrorism.

2.       When Nawaz Sharif�s lawyer Iqbal Ra�d said that he will prove in the court beyond any shred of doubt that plane hijacking was Musharraf drama, he was assassinated along with his aid in bright day light

3.       He first became so called Chief Executive and then President of Pakistan through abuse of Pakistan army�s force and discipline breaking and all army�s rules and regulations.  

4.       Extended illegally his term as chief of army many times.

5.       Killed many innocent people through active overt and covert support to the foreign invaders.

6.       Toppled President Rafiq Tarrar, an elected president of Pakistan.

7.       Sacked the elected Senate, National Assembly and all four provincial assemblies with no power to do so.

8.       Held a so-called fraudulent referendum to become "Elected". He spent over 580 million rupees on this fraud drama in which not even 4% people voted. This was another gross theft on poor Pakistanis' money

9.       Sacked the most upright Judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan. He illegally and without any authority had deployed army vehicles on the doors of the honorable judges such as Saeed Uz Zaman Siddiqui to not to come to Supreme Court. 

10.   Appointed known corrupt people on key positions of Pakistan thus rewarding utmost corruption and terrorism in this country. These people included Chaudharies, Tariq Aziz, Anis Bajwa, Faisal Saleh Hayat, etc. etc.  

11.   Forced judges to make decisions according to his whims. He forced the Judges to declare winners those terrorists who openly rigged the polls and killed innocent people at voting booths in Karachi

12.   Created lack of confidence against armed forces in public that only served the enemies of this country.

13.   Arrested Abdul Qadeer Khan and caused grave humiliation of this sincere Scientist who saved Pakistan and even armed forces of Pakistan from enemies.

14.   Given 300 acres of lands in Malir, Karachi, free and handed over a 400 billion worth Habib Bank almost free to Aga Khan

15.   Broken the promise to the nation of taking off your army uniform

16.   Held sham elections for fresh term from dying assemblies with no fresh mandate thus depriving all voters their mist fundamental right of electing their representatives and rules.

17.   Contested Presidential Elections while in Government service

18.   When expected unfavorable verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, committed the worst contempt of court arresting all the judges and then manipulating the entire justice system and even withdrawing the cases without the consent of petitioners

19.   Made an attempt of murder on the Chief Justice of Pakistan in F 8 Islamabad which resulted in killing of 20 PPP workers and causing serious injuries to others. There was no suicide bomber; it was implanted explosives

20.   Abducted many people causing enormous suffering to the family members of these people and handed over Dr. Aafia and her three children to get head money

21.   Killed Hamad Raza, assistant to Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary after firing illegally Chief Justice of Pakistan

22.   Carried out Karachi carnage on May 12th with the help of his allies resulting in killing of many innocent people

23.   Killed Akbar Bugti without any trial

24.   Carried out Kargil attack without consent of the elected prime minister and when faced with humiliating defeat requested the prime minister to save his neck and then blamed prime minister for all this.

25.   Killed many innocent young girls in Lal Masjid using phosphorus bombs while all these could have been arrested easily through using gases. 

These are just a few of his thousands of serious crimes. His physical corruption included approving Mac Donald for Bilal Musharraf in public park in F 9 Islamabad, stealing all gifts of the President House, acquiring Chak Shahzad property illegally etc. 

All thee crimes had been committed against the people of Pakistan. On which of the above crimes you would like to dictator get off the hook? If you do not punish him, the ocean of people will drown him and with him many others and 4000 American Marines will not be able to protect any one of them. As a matter of fact entire American army will not be able to do so. And by the way why Americans support such criminals and expect good will of Pakistani people toward them??? When the Supreme Court of Pakistan in unanimous decision has proved the crimes of Musharraf, no body should try to protect him as it will constitute an aiding the crime. The Federal Government should fulfill its duty. It is very much doable. Otherwise Allah will do it through other means and the Government will fail to get credit as it failed in case of restoration of Judges.

Anwar Ul Haque

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