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Request to Pakistani media and newspaper

As a citizen of Pakistan , may request to all Pakistani media and newspaper and news channels. Kindly stop publicity of Political peoples in news channels & media.

v     News channel and media subscribe amounts received from Peoples of Pakistan through cables.

v     News channel and media running for peoples of Pakistan for update news daily.

v     News channel and media work for Pakistan .

v     News channel and media employees are belong from peoples of Pakistan . 

v     Our police 99% are corrupted now, 1 % police is working honesty with transfer many times. Our police only work to protect government peoples from peoples of Pakistan .

v     90% peoples are watching only headline then channel change to Indian channels.

v     Majority peoples are watching Indian & English drama, news, sports.

Why media publicity of political, corrupted, thief’s interview are coming in news channels, government all are thief of Pakistan never publicity them stop their dialogue, capital talk and everything, their work is only “Corruption”. All political parties are corrupted. 

10 years of media what going on reports running behind political peoples like dog for only news and after news nothing happen? 

Reports are dead in many events like only for reporting what happen after their death nothing?

Problems are still their no nothing happen.

Pakistan still 60 years backs no development till date?

Government takes much time action on news channels on truth coverage.

Peoples of Pakistan death daily in many accident and events but no one care if any government people kill 3 days strike in city why?

Peoples problem are not solve. Traffic problem, electricity problem house problem and others.

Corruption scandals are hidden from record rooms from Pakistani media.


v     Reporting on Pakistan peoples problems, road condition, education, electricity, industries, factories, economy of Pakistan, stock exchange, banks, colleges, university, polices, villages, KESC, KMC, KDLB.

v     Survey every school, colleges, university & guideline for students, education fee for all but in private school children fees Rs. 5000/- per month only for rich peoples children and no important for poor family children how they pay this fees, take action on it

v     Reported the nude checking in Europe air port only Pakistani peoples why?

v     No one Fight for overseas Pakistani in foreign countries

v     Karachi peoples not know Karachi city complete, they not know about bus routes, parks, hospital, Karachi places, roads etc

v     Young talent established

v     Locate Plan for build road of Pakistan though Pakistani peoples idea.

Awaiting your reply


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