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Look of foggy faces out of mist - Hustle bustle of bomb blasts lifts curtain

Only a few months back no one even had an idea that landscape will change so rapidly that iron curtain will also lift and real faces of criminals will be exposed on global scene, it is miracle and blessing of Almighty that whenever any adversary tried to sabotage this country received severe punishment and his name was written in history as admonition for next generation.

It is blessing that before transfer of power to new elected government, almost all major puzzles have been solved, faces and policies of conspirators have been exposed and today major hypocrites are bare naked. Their masters have taken u-turn and asking for accountability of their stolen monies, submission of fake bills is under scrutiny and requires justification, concealed agreements which mortgaged nation are no more secret. There is a long queue of conspiracies and conspirators which are sowing seeds to fail democratic process, lands mines are at every place, it now depends on politicians how they can manage to escape from hidden targets.

Peoples were told that Mudersah reforms will change society, idea of revival of Sufism was floated, and writers were hired to brain wash against our culture and values. Benefits of eunuch and single mother society were taught, Agha Khan was asked to teach education in our schools, private TV channels started to teach enlighten moderation. In last eight years new generation learned porn culture, u-turn from existing civilization and values. This was a gift of Mush rule, an era when prostitution gangs, alcoholics, dancers, stripers and pornographers had direct links with presidency; it is worst then Shah Rangeela of Delhi and Nawab of Oudh. Number of blunders and tyrannies require books to explain, a examples are quoted below.

Before starting to write further details, it is right time to remind victorious politicians that their victory did not simply based on voting; peoples have voted you against barbaric army rule set a siding ideologies and caste system. Remember murder of BB, killing of Akbar Bugti, massacre of students of Jamia Hafsa, missing persons and sacrifies of judges, don't forget genocide of Pushtoons and Baloch citizens, luxurious life style of F.A pass generals, barbaric killings by predators, gunship helicopters and jets.

Understand your responsibilities and faith of voters, who want change, reversal of Mush policies, removal of all bureaucrats and diplomats from present assignments, finally removal of fake and fraudulent president and his appointed judges.    

Some peoples when pointed out that Mush and Pak army is converting Islamabad in red light area, heaven for alcoholics, druggies, strip clubs dancers at that time many influential's turned on them, propagandists started to blame such peoples by using word "Taliban", "Mullahs", enemies of "enlighten moderation", now one day before emergence of new parliament status of Islamabad is as under according to police report published in media:

Total number of brothels at Islamabad is 230 (as on 16-03 -08)

77 are located in Kohsar police station's jurisdiction,

60 in the limits of Shalimar police station,

40 in Margalla police station areas,

30 in Industrial Area police station localities and

24 in Aabpara police station's jurisdiction

The existence of brothels in the city had come to light last year when Lal Masjid students raided a "˜brothel' in G-6 and tortured its owner, a woman. Last week, the police again raided a "˜dance club' in F-10/3 and arrested around 50 people including three MPs-elect, whom the police freed shortly after the raid.\03\16\story_16-3-2008_pg11_1

Secret prostitution facilities, home operators and enlighten moderation gangs working at Rawalpindi, Wah, Taxila, Murree, Gujar Khan Areas are not included in above list. It is significant to point out that Islamabad has emerged as international fame red light city where foreigners are working without any fear, Chinese, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Irani and Afghans are not only in Waziristan, but those are very well available at prostitution centers, at Islamabad. In Waziristan those are called Taliban but at Islamabad those are called enlighten moderate and champion of women rights. When students of Jamia Hafsa lodged protest, a large number of foreign funded NGO's, ISI sponsored gangs and contractors of prostitution came out of their homes, including two ex MNA's on PPP ticket, who are sitting at home now. In media all articles, columns and editorials are still on record, who was financing those writers is no more secret.

Alcohol and drugs:  

Murree Brewery Company is only one kilometer from presidency, almost same distance from GHQ, Joint chief and Chief army house, moreover for foreign brands two three dozen sale houses are legally operating at Islamabad, lower employees of foreign embassy are selling through local employees of respective embassies, influential persons are continuously getting clearance  through airport staff, since Afghanistan has been emerged as honorable member (of EU and American union) after adopting true and real democracy, a large quantities of alcohol and drugs are crossing borders with the help of custodians of democracy at Afghanistan. Lahore and Interior Sind border area is self sufficient for receiving supply across Indian borders under barter exchange program (in exchange of wheat, cotton etc). Expensive restaurants and hotels are openly selling alcohols on menus.


Dr. Atta ur Rahman employed an expert on sexology (Indian woman) at International Islamic University Islamabad to teach girls curse of Talibanism and introduction of modern methods and techniques, later Dr. Atta denied that he had hired her, it was presumed that she was hired directly by presidency.


Adultery and common law marriages:

Adultery issue was hanging like sword on the head of some enlighten moderates, so nation was taught benefits of Kama Sutra on state and private TV channels, target was Moulvi and Muddersa that those were the real culprits who did not allow fun, entertainment and benefits of adultery, so suddenly nation was mesmerized and foreign funded NGO's and beautiful faces were used to teach lessons,  it was posed that if adultery will not be legalized then Pakistan will be counted as Taliban regime and all aid and funds will be stopped. Finally so called parliament of handpicked passed the law, huge burden on the heads of women of Pakistan was removed after passing bill. A few international newspapers appreciated the move and requested Bush to increase honorarium of Mush and NGO's. If you may rewind memories it was same time when suddenly few foreign funded NGO's and human rights women started marathons by keeping their trousers on their shoulders.  It is not relating to to subject but during research it was noticed that almost 80% women pleading sex free society were of age between 55-65 years, probably those born in Chinese year of bitch or during partition of India picked virus of sexology etc), they are well distinguished with their hair colors from white to red or brown, it is awkward to write ages by name otherwise researchers have complete data with date of births of such moderates (could be counted on finger tips) living in posh areas and expensive bungalows imported cars and every day visits to five star facilities.

Other fruits of Mush rule:

Presidency is full of experts, like No Rattan of Akbar, there are many brains who continuously plan tricks which kept nation fighting on non-issues, above women issue was an example how peoples were pushed to think it number one issue. More over Afghan, Kashmir, hiring Pak army and air force bases for war on terror, supply of stuff to crusaders and handing over of all strategic institutions to crusaders inside Pakistan etc are among a few fruits of Mush rule, which are stated to be "Samrat" (fruits).

Irrespective of above issues, main challenge was how to fool western countries to suck money and hide facts from Pakistani nation. Retired Fauji's played most crucial role to ruin country for their personal benefits. Hunger and appetite of all Col's and Gen's first time appeared from mist of sacredness with true face. Political orphans also played dirty role for personal gains. Most dangerous move was handing over of strategic and national security institutions to FBI agents, CIA operatives were playing games inside country. Peoples were told that you will face Tora Bora demise if you will protest, a large number of civilian intellectuals and scholars were killed to eliminate brains who could challenge at any stage, peoples were abducted and still thousand are missing. Data and registration was funneled through scrutiny of foreign agencies. There are some other dangerous details but impossible to prove at current stage, more over nobody want to put hand in the jaws of crusaders

From Mush to Havaldrs of presidency continuously fooled public that there is no FIB or CIA operative in Pakistan. ISPR at number of occasions stated that crusaders are killing Pushtoons without our consent; moreover crusaders have not hired Pakistan army as mercenaries.

Today all such claims of Government and Pak army are proved fake statements, it not only chalked out hypocrisy of army generals who acted against their oath, defense of Pakistan. Mush not only broke army oath, but constitution and later presidential oath. Generals working on civilians posts commit criminal acts to hide leasing of Pakistan to crusaders.

Recent two cases provided physical presence of crusaders:

  1. Media published photographs of crusaders investigating FIA building Lahore bomb blast.
  2. After bombing at Italian restaurant Islamabad, FBI deputy chief who was hiding her face with scarf in front of journalists and other operatives were confirmed.

Question is if presence of foreign operators may have good intentions and it was necessary to take such measures why it was kept hidden from parliament and public? Moreover what was the need to continuously telling lies that Pakistan army is most professional army in the world, it is trained and it can meet challenges of national security. Moreover ISI was posed with gigantic intelligence capacities institution equal to CIA, MI6 and MOSAD. Hearts of Pakistani nationals filled with pride when international media started to count ISI among top most organized institution capable of meeting challenges with a distinction of nuclear state.

Unfortunately pride and dignity is not fate of our poor nation.  Nuclear power was meant to defend our peoples and borders, but nuclear bombs are nothing except a buck in the bikini of stripper, after nuclear explosion nation is more unsafe and peoples are forced to live under fear of Tora Bora, stories of bravery of Pak army and professionalism of ISI was Fabian only. Before India was enemy and communist Afghanistan was against existence of Pakistan, now local Taliban are new enemy, propaganda tells and wondered every one that how big power Taliban is, their strength is more than Russian army, they live not only at Afghanistan but also at Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and even settled towns of country.

In last two three years Mush announced at many occasions that "Backbone of Taliban has broken", "Taliban have been eliminated", "we have arrested top leadership" type statements but since last October according to media at least 20,000 persons have been arrested on the name of Taliban, not a single person has been produced in courts, hundred killed fighting with Pak army are not included in above list, average of media reports is 5-10 persons per day.

Total number of Pushtoons living in Pakistan is less in population then total strength of army, police, agencies and Para military forces in Pakistan. Now Punjab and Karachi is next target of agencies to arrest and blame peoples as Taliban. It will create more unrest among families, more peoples will get training in prisons and a new generation of extremists will be ready for future.

Presence of foreign agencies was known previously but government was reluctant to admit facts, now when media has proved with evidence, nation is justified in asking question about professionalism and capabilities of Pak army and ISI, why Mush had been posing "Sab say phehley Pakistan" on one side and leasing Pakistan on other side.  Now once camel has entered in your tent it will never leave tent, it will break, torn or make pieces of your tent. Introduction of porn, alcohol and Sufism was based on diverting attention of peoples. New parliament is under severe threat from many sides, like presidency, fake judges, poodles of Mush in Pak army, orphan politicians, terrorists of MQM and Punjabi establishment. To achieve positive results departure of Mush, removal of fake judges, transfer of bureaucrats and diplomats, departure of Mush poodles from Pak army, immediate revision of foreign and interior policies, and most important matter is consensus among coalition partners.


International professor 


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