"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Booming canons start the day

My dear country men, led astray


Puffed up chest an faces gushed

Wine of youth to head had rushed


Drummers whack, and "that drill"

Haven't we really had our fill


Used to clap at the passing tanks

Take delight in the files and ranks


Ah! days of yon we stood for grabs

Soaked the pride of peaked caps


How we gleefully gushed the tales

Now the downer everything pales


Amid us plunked the Trojan's horse

Vermin chomp through our corpse.


We're made to suffer tetchy lines        

Our cities Seized in snaring twines


Block this road in supreme interest!

Extra feather on a bloated breast


See the colors that adorn thy chest

Master's gracious, he's all bequest


Arrogant flaunts an obscene display

what thou accomplished, may I pray


innocuous names for imperial intent

Slow advance with assured portent


Pincer moves to grab as much

flanking sure it remains as such


Hidden behind this slick facade

Vile pretense and lame charade


We got Damocles, we got troy

Walked us to Gobi for the ploy


Superb models made in the halls

Our history's rogues mire the walls


Thinnest lips and stubby jerks

Spent in hell with all their perks


Jackals some an the dogs of war

denting scalawags all at par


Woe to slogans, deceptive spins

that bring to fore, laconic grins


A shadow an eye eternally watched

scum of the earth at Krystal-nacht


cobble a merger snatch our votes

knock up a gaggle of new turncoats


Old man willed the dog on a leash

not running wacky, lapping quiche


A tour of Venice, Aloha in Hawaii,

enchanting flesh in the sullied sty


procuring toys without a glitch

only a snap to make the switch


alter the specs to tailor a cause

this or that, o' change the laws


Slowly hulking to a hunkering beast

Feral and intense its gorging feast


The poison-ivy grows and grows

Ominous blight within us flows


Conceited pygmies twirl their canes

Thugs and smugs cool to the banes


Phoenix an Germania south of the hills

Skimpy li'l slumdogs jostle at the fills


The hydra's head has over grown

a David's aim could have it blown


Huge Goliath wouldn't have known

A lowly sling could have it thrown





Feb 09

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