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Dr. Shahid Masood Finds a Whipping Boy

By Fatima Tassaduq "¢ Jul 22nd, 2008 "¢  

There is a very famous statement of Punjabi which roughly translates in English like this "Those who were actually doing it , ran and those who were just taking a bath, got in trouble." That was what happened with Deputy Managing Director of Pakistan Television, Shahid Mehmood Nadeem.

Shahid Nadeem was sacked by the newly appointed Managing Director PTV Dr. Shahid Masood due to the premier's poor speech on the state television. Prime Minister of Pakistan fumbled and bungled throughout his speech, and at one point he clumsily shifted from teleprompter to the hard copy of the speech and the officials of the PTV tried their best to fill that awkward moment with the filler of Himalayan Mountains. But the damage was done, and the whole world smirked over the bloopers of Makhdoom Sahib.

After the embarrassing speech show, which was also failed to attract the public attention as it was nothing more than the diatribe of elusive promises and the self-praise, Prime Minister stormed out of the speech room and did the dressing down ceremony of all people from top to bottom, including the Dr. Shahid Masood who is still enjoying his first fat salary with perks.

After the PM's departure, the Dr. Shahid exuded oceans of flames from his nostrils and called upon a meeting which went on for hours and hours, and then they all did find the scapegoats. The Incharge of Information Technology was suspended along with some technical men, and the main brunt-receiver was the deputy MD.

Dr. Shahid Masood must accept the fault, and if he has got no gal to resign himself over this universal display of mismanagement, inexperience and lack of professionalism, then he at least should learn that arranging the premier speech is a concerted effort which is done and rehearsed well in advance with the coordination and collaboration of the information minister, information secretary, press secretary, principal information officer, and chiefs of the state-owned TV, Radio Pakistan and the APP.

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Wo Bewafa Hain To Kya, Mat Kaho Bura Us Ko Ke Jo Huwa So Huwa Khush Rakhe Khuda Us Ko
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