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Need for a new social contract  among Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir
By Dj Mathal

Gilgit Baltistan has been the epicenter of international conspiracies ever since because of its unique geography. When the pages of history are turned it will become clear that the region has always suffered political, social, religious, historical and geographical changes due to international conspiracies but these changes took place without efforts or will of the local population.
 The region at times has functioned as a whole state and at times different small states disintegrated from it. The region has come on the world map as Brooshal and Dardistan and at times it has become one grand state known as Bolor while the neighboring states have always had an eye on the region and waited for a proper time to attack.

After 1860 the region went under consecutive slaveries and sieges and this process continued for last 140 years. The current era of slavery started after death of the great warrior Gohar Aman and is elongating ever since. Soon after demise of Raja Gohar Aman, political deterioration and disintegration of state started in the region. Maharaja of Kashmir was waiting for a proper time to conquer the region even in the life of Raja Gohar Aman and his demise provided the Maharaja with a golden opportunity to make a distant dream come true and he succeeded in splitting the region into two main ministries.

It was during this era that political changes started to take place in Russia and China which created a panic among the imperialists. After 1935 when the west started conspiracies to stop socialism and in order to implement its policies, its eyes rested on Gilgit Baltistan. In the notorious lease pact the people of Gilgit agency too were sold or given at lease along with the land of the region which became known as the 'great game' and this conspiracy was referred to by John Key in his book written in 1890. In the early forties when the Second World War when Britain faced tragic defeat and the English finally decided to leave subcontinent. They cloned from the state they ruled a fake and unnatural land in order to create suitable environment for fulfillment of there notorious agendas against socialism but still they saw there efforts failing due to Gilgit agency.
 The mid 40s was the decade of independence of nations and the people of Gilgit Baltistan too fought for their independence freeing there land from the Maharaja of Kashmir. Understanding nature of the issue English sabotaged their fresh gained independence.

 The newly born country created from a province was demolished within 16 days by English major and a Pakistani 'C' class magistrate. The morning of 16th November brought with it long era of slavery. Today after a lapse of 61 years the slavery is coming to a no end but elongating with the passage of time. Two generations have spent there lives dreaming of independence.

 After seize fire of 1948 the regions fate was attached with that of Kashmir. United Nations passed a number of resolutions on Kashmir dispute while the governments of Pakistan and India too settled on secret agreements through back door diplomacy but nothing proved fruitful. 15 million people are suffering due to this rivalry of India and Pakistan while both the countries are accusing each other as the route cause of the issue.

 No one is ready to settle on minus one just for there own ego. If any one looses in this hide and seek game that is population of Kashmir, they are deprived of there basic rights and the people have nothing but to wait for the decision of their fate. After resolution of the United Nations the people of the region were penning hopes with it but the irresponsible attitude of the institution for 61 years has faded away the hopes that people of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan had penned with.

 After 2001 the composite dialogues between India and Pakistan had some how reprieved the hope in these people but sad events after 6 years once again drowned the hopes and dreams of these people.

 Due to attachment of the region with Kashmir dispute nationalists of the region are forced to struggle with Kashmir's. the progress from local to international level after 2002 has strengthened the hopes of the people at one hand while on the other hand they are expressing there reservations as they fear that after gaining independence they might go into the slavery of Kashmir this time and like wise they might  fall to the slavery of Sirinagar. Nationalists have no option but to remain attached with Kashmir according to the resolutions of the United Nations. we are of the view that the right time has came for now that the nationalist movements of Gilgit Baltistan should sign a 'sociological agreement' with the Kashmir nationalist movements that can guarantee and safeguard rights of Gilgit Baltistan.

It should be made so that after gaining independence the people of the region may get the right to decide there fate as to function as independent state or continue as a confederation with Kashmir state. If the people of Gilgit Baltistan do not feel comfortable in confederation they may have the right to vote in a referendum and get there need. After sociological agreement Kashmir should accept Gilgit Baltistan as an independent state if they vote for an independent state in referendum. Such agreements have remained part of all the independence movements around the globe and it has succeeded always, an example of which is USSR confederation.

When the people of Central Asia did not want to go along with USSR they spelt away without any blood shed. So this agreement is necessity of the time so that the people of the region may get answer to the innumerable questions that rise in the minds of the people regarding there future.
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