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India's Incurable Fanaticism: Rotate the skipper post among all cricketers!

Indian Leadership Crisis: P. Chidambaram to become premier or president?






Incumbent Indian premier Manmohan Singh maybe a nice guy but he is tired and ineffective, unable to control the government, leaving the regime/nation’s fate to every minister and ministry to play the way they like and loot. As a non-performer, Manmohan cannot continue in office for ever just because he has an innocent look and is lucky to survive for 8 long years. Likewise, Madam Pratibha Patil and her family have enjoyed unlimited presidential privileges non-stop for 5 years, being the costliest president India has seen since 1947 with criminal record, spending huge sums on her tours alone.   


Cricketly speaking, Indian senior minister P. Chidambaram, hailing from Chennai and a top serious MP, deserves to be the next Indian premier or president as per his preference.  The Chennai team of IPL has won the title for two consecutive times and, thanks to help from dummy teams like Deccan, Rajasthan, Pune, etc,  is nearing to clinch it for the third term now. Leaving apart the merits or otherwise of IPL joint gimmicks, the results have been quite encouraging for Chidambaram to replace Manmohan Singh as premier. Manmohan has been standing in between him and the high seat. 


Now the post of president is vacant and an artificial race has begun, deliberately leaving out his name. But in opening up state economy, Chidambaram as finance minister had released the state money for the private capitalists and hence is a favorite of corporate class as well. 


Even if Chennai is defeated this time, which is quite likely because both Delhi and Kolkata are  strong teams and neither sponsors nor promoters of Chennai/Mumbai team, Chidambaram can claim his high sea, apart from his own performances in different ministries, on the performances of Chennai team in previous editions. Chidambaram himself is not a fan of either cricket or IPL but Chennai's victory is his own. 



Obviously, P.Chidambaram is one of top persons competent to replace either of these "overspent" leaders of India. However,  with fair knowledge of how the regime functions  in India he is perhaps the most suited minister for the job of premier and president. 




Why did IPL/BCCI/Media lords hate Deccan Chargers Team? 



Cricket, like reality shows, is just an entertainment planned and rehearsed to enact and present to the public as cooked, readymade meal. But for average Indians cricket is everything, cricket is politics, cricket is life. Politics and policy is, unfortunately, decided by cricket outcomes. The IPL is a state show, brainchild of military-sports intelligence to fool the world through joint exercises by employing international frauds. 


The way Hyderabad team was targeted first as if that form Pakistan to lose points and chance to reach the top 4 teams and then it was used by BCCI to attack other empty teams to promote Chennai and Mumbai teams, shows cricket is not pure entertainment but played as a core Indian policy. 



There is no smoke without fire, they say so. India has sponsored, apart from terrorism, the IPL joint cricket exercises too. And it has done so only to make Indian team look bigger than size and Sachuin Tendulekar, one of most state-pampered cricketers ever,  simply the “greatest” wax boy.


India and BCCI promote some individuals as well as select IPL teams in line with state policy of select promotions. Among the teams most hated is Deccan Chargers.  


Deccan Chargers is Hyderabad team and Hyderabad is Muslim dominated town. Maybe, in a surprise turn of events, the Deccan team won the second IPL annoying the BCCI and even IPL bosses. Indian treats the win by Hyderabad team as equivalent to a win by Muslims or even Pakistan in India - that is funny and strange though!


After this, BCCI/IPL took care not to let Hyderabad team repeat the "shameful" win in India and they promoted the Indian captain Doni’s team name as Chennai team in South India. Done belongs to Chhattisgarh state in North India  but Chhattisgarh billionaires do not waste their money on bogus cricketism exercises and BCCI decided to attach him to Chennai team, rather Madrasi team. 


Last two IPL series were decided in favor of Doni's team because that is BCCI decision and media promoted that mischief.  


But Deccan Chargers could not make any impact since most of the players were playing against the team and owners themselves are the Congress party media members.


So, other teams had no difficulty in thrashing the Deccan, controlled by frauds and hence  not even one Muslim in the squad. . But when Deccan is needed to win or to bring down the teams other than Chennai or Mumbai (one of the greatest frauds Sachuin team), the Deccan chargers are provided with intelligence tips by BCCI as to  how to proceed to win the match.  These tips are otherwise available only for Chennai and Mumbai teams. 


This strategy is working well in this edition of ipl dramas as well. Deccan charges with lowest pints on the table were encouraged by BCCI to defeat Rajasthan team which had won the first ipl title. 


But why do these guys hate Bangalore team as well? Is it because communal BJP party is ruling that state? But then why hate Rajasthan or Pune as wanted by IPL/BCCI. The shameless Deccan team works for the BCCI mafias.  Did they get extra money for the services? 



Kolkata or Delhi favorite for IPL? 


Several mafias, including those of sports ministry, military ministry, BCCI and even ICC frauds might be engaged in fierce lobbying for getting either Chennai or Mumbai snatch the win. Cricket, like politics, can use all possible means to get what they want- immoral and illegal. They would try to get a few members, both Indians and foreigners, of the two teams to play for India and pro-India teams like Mumbai and Chennai. 

In order to somehow bring Chennai and Mumbai teams to the last 4 teams, India even blasted rains to disrupt a few crucial matches. Many players cutting across the teams have been used to promote these two bogus teams. 


They are confident that some fellows from Delhi/Kolkata teams would help Chennai/Mumbai to claim bogus victory. 

But all that will fail. 


As it stands, Kolkata or Delhi is the favorite of this IPL, though their bowlers are not either thorough or strong enough.  But both came up on their own without being pushed up by other teams operating as dummy teams like dummy candidates in Indian polls. Kolkata can easily collapse if the signals radiating from the special guys direct them to do so.  The camera keeps focusing on him as if some thing is going happen.  

The Calcutta boys unnecessarily get panicked both at the crease and with the ball. Maybe they pretend to be so. Otherwise, they can defeat the strong Delhi and be the winner this year.  The bowlers on both sides are not very apt. One wonders as to who has asked Yousuf Pathan to wear the helmet right from the beginning of the match when Kolkata team bats, giving out an impression that he is ready to “blast" but this mischief only forces the batboys who bat before him throw away their bats, giving way for Yousuf, and when he comes to the crease expecting opportunity for expansive shots, fails time and again, does not perform well.  Is he paid extra by the team owner to work against the team or BCCI?  The teams play for their teams and do not play for India team here!. 


As it is evident, Doni and Sachuin just have managed to enter the last 4 teams and stay there as other teams played to lose, because many dummy teams pushed them up as if Sachuin has been all these years by fellow cricketers, opponent bowlers and mafias. Shame, shame!!


It is a fact that wicket keeper for his overwork behind the crease trying to stump the batboys, except of course of the special ones, has been the beneficiary of special runs by bowlers. When the bowlers want to offer some good runs to someone after they removed all "top" batboys without  much runs, they invariably choose the keeper for that special favor. Doni has had enough of those favors. But as skipper of both Chennai and Indian core team, Doni has been given too many urns  by bowlers  with special favor for expansive shots by the "captain" One hopes that Harbhajan Singh, the deputy captain of Mumbai original Indians team who led the team with Sachuin playing under him, might have "earned " a place in Indian team by his extraordinary help to Doni with a 50 plus, because he is at present out of the team... 


It looks the BCCI and cricket mafias are too concerned aobt Doni's fate and want  to keep him as the skipper of Indian team for more years.  Thatr is too bad promoting and pampering an individual for too long. Best method could be to keep  a skiper ofr one or two years. After all, decisonsa re taken by thwe BCCI and strategists and the whole team  before they land  on the field t play. Skipper's role is limited to officially representing India and regulating the bowlers but that can be done by any cricketers with some experience. 


Rotation of skipper would  benefit all cricketers  and boost their performance. Even bowlers can hope to lead the team in stead of remaining the official under dogs. Yusuf, Irfan and even others can lead the team one day  irrespective of  the mafias like that or not. .  


If the BCCI wants to promote only two teams as official why the hell do they require many foreign players?

Names, pampered by a terror or fanatic state, sell in cricketism gimmicks. Without Doni’s and Sachiun’s Chennai and Mumbai teams would have remained at the bottom.


When the so-called international matches are sufficiently fixed by the concerned  countries directly and through mafias, what is so sacred about these localized IPL joint  cricket gimmicks played  in India by India  and for India - by blackmoney for blackmoney and unlimited pleasures? 


Any comments? 






Since there is not a single comment, I presume my views are accepted by India.  That is a great change for Indians!




Manmohan should be relived now or he himself could seek retirement maybe for double-pension, not because simply he is a Punjabi and the Punjab team has already been knocked-out of IPL, it is precisely because he is a sitting non-performer-tourist, allowing the ministers and bureaucrats (not all) to loot the resources at will A. Raja is just the tip of iceberg. The menace and tragedy is deeper and wider. Chidambaram, in the same vein, could be replacement because he has been performer and quite active. 


Every cricketer, irrespective of the rule  each plays on the filed as per their joint agenda should  be entitled to captaincy so that their supporters and promoters could argue and lobby for Pharatratna post  for every one of their nominees. Former Mumbai CM and now central minister as leader of his own NCP, Sharat Pawar is forcing the weak Manmohan reign to appoint his own candidate Sachuin Tendulekhar to the hon. post of Pharatratna while some other important leaders  use the same tactic to get their own favorites appointed as Pharatratna, or at-least as MP to represent mother India on priority basis.  Indian regime promotes and pampers select Hindus as a key ploy for Hindu vote bank politics and use the lobbies to press for top positions. While doing so, the leaders and media nuts make sure no Muslim is promoted. Not only in sports, but even in judiciary at the high level this is formula India follows. 


That is level of Indian merits.


Hence,  in order to make each player look a strong candidate, it is of paramount importance to rotate the captaincy among the  team members for 2 years.  yes, not just in cricket but in fields of  sports the rotation system should come  into force at the earliest for ensuring social justice. 


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