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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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When Colours Fade

O, silent tears, can grief exceed
The pain that makes you flow?
O, shattered soul, why must you weep
When loved ones turn to go?
We met; we bloomed; You left; i lived;
O broken, broken heart!!
Is this the toll of sacrifice?
All dreams fall apart!!
Blind of eye and meek of heart,
I always leaned on you.
You gave me sight and left my world,
The darkness lingered, too.
You were the only sight I knew,
Your touch; your hands; your voice;
No lights or colors changed the truth... are my only choice!
Even in my darkness,
I had a soul to trust.
But, after you, my dreams,
All crumbled into dust.
You held my hand,remember?
You held it to your eyes.
You said we'll be together
When the mortal body dies.
Your words were not a promise,
Our love was never true!
You left-- the falsehood ended,
Yes! I died with you!
The world remains so empty,
What must I live to see?
Come to ease my sorrow!
Come and set me free!
I gift your eyes to someone,
Whose world craves for light.
My grave stands besides you,
O , let us reunite!!

 Reply:   superb poetry there
Replied by(saadat) Replied on (19/May/2012)

a lovely diction.... balanced and poetic, well conceived well written. abso fab loved it ...the sadness oozes and the pain shines like a burning sun God bless sat
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