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Pakistan Can Win Sports
-Dr. Abdul Ruff


My article pleading the Islamic nations and OIC for organizing sport events annually to promote constructive sports may not have been noticed by Muslim nations or the concerned  strategist agencies, but it seems all anti-Islamic nations and their networks have have not only taken notice of it but also initiated steps to further monopolize sport fields, and to disturb any such positive actions from Muslim world to  make their presence felt in sport. A Muslim with without unity cannot achieve anything.

Pakistan thrashed New Zealand on Jan 09 in New Zealand more convincingly than Bangladesh did it in Bangladesh or India did the same in India last year. On both occasions, NZ seemed to underplay. Affected team is New Zealand and all extra gimmicks like color code and beard could help the home team in any manner.


For Pakistan it is a memorable win in the so-called New Year and they have begun in great style. In fat, it appeared Pakistan would win the match with an innings, but somehow New Zealanders did not offer that privilege to the guests.


Pakistan began its NZ tour by losing first tow T20 but won the third comfortably. After having suffered a series defeat in the opening T20 series, they have heroically roared back into form with a fantastic 10 wicket victory in Hamilton. The Pakistani openers reached the target without much fuss. It has been an amazing victory for a team that has gone through hell. With all the spot-fixing controversies, from threat of bookies, with all the negative results, this victory has come as a light that disperses the dark clouds surrounding Pakistani cricket.


Pakistan was bowled out for 367 in the first innings as they seemed to be in some hurry to bowl. NZ began its second innings with a bang, but quickly collapsed. At one point, it seemed that the 92 run lead was going to be minimal and the hosts would make a big score that was not to be. McCullum threatened to go past the lead with a blazing start. However, the duo of Riaz and Rehman turned the match completely in Pakistan's favor. Riaz was devastating with the old ball and he managed to generate a lot of reverse swing. Rehman built up the pressure and NZ lost wickets in a heap. Umar Gul came back and wrapped things up quickly as he went through the tail to skittle out NZ for 110.


Pakistan is he favorite for the test series win, the first after several years. This would enhance the prestige of Pakistan in sport. And Islamabad can outsmart many other nations in sports as well in due course.


And this test match does not appear to be prefixed one and may be luck favored Pakistan apart from a presentation of a unified well-knit cricket team from Pakistan to perform both at the crease and  on the field did the hattrick for the an almost limping team for months now. Abdul Rahman, the man of Match, put it candidly that they did not expect this change of luck and favors this way. That is really the best part of team. Generally the winning team boasts of their preparedness and though plans for the match etc.


Since the match caught my attention as display of a renewed Pakistani spirit, I thought of writing this note by digging out an earlier email draft on match-fixing which I had abandoned for obvious reasons. A son of my neighborhood did not come out of his home signaling that in the defeat of NZ, India has accepted their own defeat at the hands of Pakistan. Generally, this boy gets the message from the Indian mafias to come out with a bat when Pakistan loses anywhere or India or its cricketism ally wins anywhere. Tat is India and Indian Mindset of Indian Muslims controlled by Hindu masters through remote means. That is also fate of Indian Muslims. In fact, if I write a draft on cricket and comes out of my home, he would make his presence felt, indicating, probably, that cricket is real and no match fixing takes place. Conversely, if India loses he would come out for days until India wins or Pakistan loses. Since, that little boy did not come out, I am sure India is out too. 


As NATO terror syndicate led by US-UK terror twins destabilize Pakistan and kill Muslims  with drones, it appears, India and England are making efforts jointly to make Pakistani cricket and other sports fail. Their joint operation to cripple Pakistani cricket, by implicating the best Pak cricketers in bribery witch hunt, have failed now. UK helped India in securing more medals in Commnwealth Games in Delhi and elsewhere. Both used the occasion to garner support for Indian deadly drive towards the notorious UNSC. UK is a veto rogue of UNSC. But the Indo-UK manoeuvrings have not- at least as yet. Hence this caution. It is not breaking news that India is deadly ill-focused on Pakistan and other neighbors and India is responsible for Pakistan's drone fat. . .


[I am unable to use the said draft as it has been denied to me by Gmail   possibly because it exposes all sport fraudulence of India. How much India controls media, emails and literally everything only to protect itself  form any untoward exposes.].

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