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Sentence to Dr Shakeel Afridi - Reality VS Propaganda


A lot has been said and written in the media about the sentencing. When ignorant people write without knowledge of facts, they are liable to go wrong. I am enclosing a copy of verdict from the Court. It says that the Dr has been cooperating with terrorists, giving medical treatment and also funding them in millions, terrorist under his umbrella prospered well and have successfully killed Security forces and civilians besides destroying many schools.


Since his crimes were inside the Bara area, i.e. Khyber agency so he was tried under the FCR which is the law of the land so perfectly understandable.


Dr had been an absconder from his place of duty as his office was inside Khyber agency, some 200 miles from Abbottabad.


There is a mention of his involvement with foreign intelligence agencies but the court has said that the matter is beyond its jurisdiction.


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