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‘False Degrees’ a moral crime or a sinful act

BY Amjad Malik


I am at loss when claimants of public representation insist that submitting ‘false’ degrees is not a crime, but at best a moral sin. They miss the point that the whole society is built on moral propriety and stays on political correctness. Despite the fact that law of the land, Peoples Representation Act 1976 (s.78) makes it a corrupt practice and an offence if someone submits false evidence or statement whilst filing for candidature but both leading parties of the day failed to understand this analogy. Jamshed Dasti has become a symbol of shameless denial of guilt, and other parties are not behind who offered candidacy to those proven in false submission of fake degrees. Their insistence on their might may backfire, as only withdrawal from those incorrect actions is a way forward because ultimate strength is that of public not the parties.

It is a criminal offence in Pakistan and the wider world that if someone forges  documents, presents and produces those fake credentials in order to seek employment and or gainful advantage, let alone public representation, commits a crime and may be tried and sentenced. It is understandable, that If someone can use fake degrees to seek public representation surely he can lie and or involve in criminal practices to gain or equal the expenses incurred to gain that position, or may be blackmailed by those who connived with him to gain his access to those corridors. Half of our public offices are full of this curse or shall I say disease and we are devoid of visionary leadership who would pick up diagnosis at the earliest stages, and attempt to treat it by surgical bold actions.

Alas, Pakistan currently do not have the befit of its Qauaid the founding father Mr. Jinnah, and his actions and statements have been binned to this effect and leaders have chosen to remain astray from the Prophet of Islam whose conduct is a guidance for the mankind. If the level of understanding corrupt practices remain going that low, then we must be ready for the onslaught as one of the American friend in his testimony has already declared that ‘Pakistani men would sell their mothers for money’ and in 2005, in a cartoon Pakistan was shown as a dog to bring a terrorist when it caught Abu Faraj which stirred a public outcry at this insult. If we remain confined to claiming submission of fake degrees a moral crime and not the criminal one, our credibility, and moral standard on which Quaid e Azam built this country will go down the drain, and we will be tarnished as incredible corrupt internationally, which means no trust, no business, and no development. If someone aspires to represent the public, he or she must be above board and whiter than white. If he submits any false credentials especially in a judicial office, it is directly ‘perverting the course of justice’. Meaning by that he knew its false nature, but insisted upon seeking an office or advantage by unfair means and or corrupt practice. Same law is frequently used in Britain if you give false evidence, to police, court, and or any legal proceedings knowingly that its false and 6 months punishment is awarded readily in motor offences and or in minor court proceedings. Whoever commits this offence and or those assists conspire or jointly cooperate in this commission of a sinful criminal act must be brought to books straightaway in Pakistan? But, Alas, in Pakistan, those involved in fake degree business are rewarded with an election candidacy for a public office to represent 2-3 hundred thousand voters all across Pakistan. There can be no other shameless and low moral gravity measure than Pak leaders offering them a place in heaven, a candidacy to those who are outcasts everywhere in the world.

Britain sacks its Ministers if they buy a train ticket for their children’s nanny or do not declare an interest whilst seeking a ministerial position or claim additional expenses. Having said that the idea of conflict of interest management is extinct in Pakistan and those who are in sugar business are sugar ministers, and those who run flour mills are ministers in charge for flour distribution. Bank defaulters, people facing criminal offences are either trying or are already in public office and they are in dozens.

Whilst General Musharraf setting up his plans to return Pakistan, he must have before him the graph of the vision and production of our today’s leaders. He must be encouraged that let alone his trial for the offences he committed against state such as extra judicial killings of people and constitution, he was seen off with guard of honour. The man who multitalented our sacred social scripture is made a symbol of honour and respect and by no others but the same pathetic leaders who acquired that office by a decade long struggle by sacrificing their beloved leader. Moral perpitude is the essence, on which wars are fought and won, and societies are built and developed, but our moral standard is touching to the feet even if NRO is not there.

By submitting fake degrees candidates have committed a crime and they should all be banned from standing public office for their lives whosoever it may be, that would have been the case if Mohammad Ali Jinnah had been alive today. By offering them offices and candidacy, is in itself a crime by no means forgivable and leaders of today must repent and make concrete efforts to make amends of the impression they have given to the nation that submitting fake credentials in necessity is a forgivable crime/action. Former premier Nawaz Sharif though have shown posthumous repentance after the event, and Mr. Gillani, and Mr. Zardari are all answerable to public and all have committed a blunder by offering seats to corrupt and outlawed declared by the court of law. If they try to insist on forgiving calling it a mistake not a crime, then that will open a gate of retribution by revenge of the nation which is sitting on a pylon waiting it to be ignited and burst any day. My plea to them, would be that make all those who used fake degrees, false documents and hide criminal credentials to acquire public office an example befitting to the fury of the nation, that is the only compensation for public leaders otherwise history will remember them as accomplice of a crime in the name of law of necessity.  General Musharraf was wrong to introduce degrees when he brought all the old timers and corrupt back to his fold, and middle classes remain absent from his public offices, but two wrongs do not make one right, so make it right or be ready for public vengeance as Pakistan is always ready to welcome someone to come and clean the dirt, not an ideal solution though so politicians must start dry cleaning their parties themselves and start it now.  

Barrister Amjad Malik, is a Chair of the Association of Pakistani lawyers (UK)


21 June 2010



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