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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Who is next after Egypt?
Replied by(Jawwadkhan) Replied on (13/Feb/2011)

The chain reaction has been started and eventually will result in bigger changes in Muslim ummah. The current ruling elite of stooges is about to go.Muslim ummah already wasted a crucial time of cold war when America was busy with Soviet union. I believe this is a new beginning not an end. In fact the real struggle has started now when Egyptian army gained the sympathies of the people by remaining impartial and gained all the power of Mubarak's regime. Egyptian army remained under Anwar Sadat first and then under Hussni Mubarak's control for more than 40 years, definitely would have been given America and Israel enough time to make this army as a puppet army. American influence in third world Muslim armies is not a secret.Pakistan is a biggest example. Where high ranking army post were being recommended by America.Egypt is much needed strategical partner than Pakistan. Its presence provide security and stability for the Israel.I am sure that their arrangements would not be so fragile and whole set up can't be fell apart so easily. There must be some thing hidden in this picture. The silence of Egyptian army in this whole turmoil is meaningful and looks more as cover up rather its affiliation for country and people. Now its time to wait and watch.If Egyptian army agrees upon free and fair election then we can say that the struggle was fruitful otherwise. Egyptian people have to launch a new waves of protests.
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