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Who Controls Upheavals in Libya?

                           Dr. Abdul Ruff



Entire Islamic world in perpetual crises but none talks about true Islam and Islamic way of life in preference to western corrupt criminalized democracy,  ransacking the Islamic world  with exceeding brutalities- not even Saudi Arabia, the supposed leader of Islamic world playing faint second fiddle to western anti-Islamic enemies for some special private  favors. 



It is interesting to note that Col. Qaddafi faced brutal demonstrations  immediately after he appealed to the Palestinians to make use of Mideast crises and attain freedom from occupying Zionist fascists. Almost similar fate had met Egyptian leader Mubarak, destabilizing Egypt, when he warned the Israeli terror regime to stop aggression over Palestine.



In Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, the king of kings,  is forced by anti-Islamic forces and media to wage war against his own people. Anti Col. Qaddafi demonstrators have turned fighters with weapons encouraged by the par to military the country is heading towards a civil war and  Misurata, Libya’s third-largest city, was in the hands of anti-Ghaddafi forces, with fighting moving to cities such as Zawiya and al-Khums, that are closer to Libya’s capital, Tripoli. Qaddafi also broadcast another belligerent speech today, blaming the uprising on Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden (CIA) and claiming that protesters were on drugs.Western companies are prepared to work with Ghaddafi regime it so long as US oil companies are given free rein in Libya.



Pro-Western diplomats and ministers have also abandoned Gadhafi, who is believed to be firmly in control of the capital, Tripoli, some towns around it, the far desert south and parts of Libya's sparsely populated center. Part of the eastern half of Libya has already broken away from the rule of Moammar Gadhafi, who has led the country for 41 years. On 24th Feb, foreign mercenaries and Libyan militiamen loyal to Gadhafi tried to roll back the uprising, taking over two cities near Tripoli in battles that killed at least 17 people. But rebels seized a military air base. Gadhafi said that he blamed Osama bin Laden and teenagers hopped up on hallucinogenic pills for the upheaval.



USA and Europe are keenly watching the turmoil in Libya while the strategists and media are suggesting intervention by the west in Libya ot protect the interests of the member states. The British government is actively considering sending Special Forces troops to Libya, on the pretext of rescuing 170 workers trapped in isolated oil exploration encampments, as fighting continues there amid mass uprisings against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said that he did not rule out the possibility of sending Special Forces to Libya. Hague convened a meeting of the cabinet emergency group COBRA, along with Defense Secretary Liam Fox. UK terror PM  David Cameron is on a trade mission in the Middle East, centering on the sale of arms to Persian Gulf despots. The Ministry of Defense said it was “assisting FCO [Foreign and Commonwealth] officials in Tripoli and has pre-positioned a number of other assets and personnel in the area to assist.





The EU seems presently to be less ready than the UK to seize an “opportunity” for a military intervention in Libya, but planning is underway. At an EU Defense Ministers meeting in Budapest, French Defence Minister Alain Juppé publicly ruled out military intervention. France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy had earlier discussed establishing a no-fly zone. However, when a no-fly zone was imposed in parts of Iraq before the second Gulf War, it became the pretext for bombing both military facilities and civilian areas. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle insisted that there is a great deal of agreement with many partners in the European Union that this violence continues, everyone in Europe will know that this cannot go unanswered.






The US or European powers would hesitate to intervene in Libya without backing from the Arab League, and perhaps direct military support from one or more Arab states, for fear that the imperialist character of the intervention would be too evident. Some western as well as Arab media suggest that a rapid military government in Egypt might intervene to protect its citizens in Libya. They claim Egypt considered the remarks of Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, accusing Egyptians of conspiring in the uprising in Libya—an explicit incitement against Egypt.It would have to be endorsed by the Arab League and such events are highly dangerous and unpredictable. "The alternative, however, may be worse.”



A military intervention in Libya would depend heavily on the UK and France, which have the most significant military forces and extensive experience of interventions in Africa. The skills of the British SAS and SBS have proved useful to Washington in Afghanistan, where they have been employed in assassinating Taliban leaders. Should SAS forces be deployed in Libya they will be familiar with the ground, as the SAS was involved in training Libyan Special Forces that are now slaughtering protesters. Unnamed sources within the military have let it be known that the Special Boat Service (SBS) has deployed a forward team to a Mediterranean location. Special Forces are on alert and will be backed up by paratroopers from the Special Forces Support Group. SAS personnel might already be on the ground in plain clothes.



The Obama administration is said to be seeking a common position with Europe and the Arab states. President Obama himself spoke to Cameron, Sarkozy, and Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi about Libya .NATO Terror syndicate Secretary Anders F. Rasmussen denied that the organization had any plans to intervene in Libya. But he worded his statement carefully, so that it did not rule out actions by some member states.





Why the USA and Europe are interested in Mideast and establishment of corrupt democratic regimes? Obviously, the energy resources and the need of puppet regimes to control the resources offer the clue. The western imperialist-colonialist world is increasingly energy hungry as much as they are essentially corrupt and Mideast crises could increase the  oil rates. The price correction, should the situation in the Middle East ease somewhat or in the event of OPEC production increases, is likely to be quite sharp. Oil has jumped from $84 last week amid investor concern the recent wave of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa could affect other oil-rich countries in the region. 



Many Western oil companies have large holdings in Libya, which holds the largest proven petroleum reserves in Africa and exports most of the 1.2 million barrels it produces daily to Europe. These include Italy’s ENI, Britain’s BP, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Germany’s Wintershall, and a series of US firms—Marathon Oil, Halliburton, Occidental Petroleum and Hess Corp. But using evacuations as a pretext to plan or carry out a military intervention in Libya, however, would be utterly reactionary. The task of defeating Gaddafi belongs to the Libyan  oppressed masses, not to foreign imperialism or its local proxies.



Oil prices hovered on Feb 25 above $98 a barrel in Asia, backing away from a spike to $103 the day before amid signs the crisis in Libya may have cut crude supplies less that previously estimated. Benchmark crude for April delivery was up $1.10 at $98.38 a barrel at late afternoon Singapore time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It fell as low as $96.39 earlier in the day. The contract dropped 82 cents to settle at $97.28 after massive swings. Oil rates climbed as high as $103 before the International Energy Agency said that the violent uprising in Libya has forced oil companies to idle between 500,000 and 750,000 barrels per day of production, or less than 1 percent of global daily oil consumption.



Saudi Arabia, the biggest crude producer of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, said that it would increase production to make up for any shortfalls due to unrest in Libya, if necessary. The fear factor in the market remains high, as the extent of contagion remains unknown. In London, Brent crude for April delivery was up $1.28 to $112.61 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange. The heating oil rose 2.3 cents to $2.90 a gallon and gasoline gained 2.6 cents to $2.74 a gallon. Natural gas futures were down 1.5 cents at $3.86 per 1,000 cubic feet. The Paris-based IEA also said it can make up for any lost shipments from Libya by tapping into large surpluses held by member countries, which include the U.S., the United Kingdom, France and Germany.





USA and EU are  keen to control  global oil resources. The main aims driving a Western intervention would be to protect the major oil firms’ holdings in Libya, create a compliant regime to replace Gaddafi, and try to break the wave of revolutionary struggles in North Africa—most notably in Libya’s neighbors, Egypt and Tunisia. Any such deployment must be opposed by workers around the world.All of sudden the western media have discovered " the corrupt and brutal nature of the Qaddafi regime" and want  to replace it by pro-west mafia regime. the strategy had been used against President Saddam Hussein before he was assassinated by the prepaid US gangsters.





Interventions are being actively discussed by major European media outlets. Western media want the USA and EU intervene  to control the resources by placing an alternative puppet regime in Libya that could be manipulated by CIA and allies to suit the Western energy needs. A Libya that breaks apart and erupts in civil war could destabilize the entire region. Since the Balkan wars, the value of early intervention has been clear to Europe Global state terrorist media plead that Europe should not miss its opportunity now in North Africa. Europe must issue a credible threat. The best thing would be a coalition with the Arab League, Egypt and the African Union—a coalition which, outfitted with a UN mandate, could militarily re-establish peace in Libya.” They say “what is happening on the far shore of the Mediterranean is the opportunity of a century.” Some media readily recommend a form of military coup against Gadhafi projecting the Qaddafi regime as corrupt and to be crumbling and want whoever takes over to help the exploitative capitalists and transnationals to increase their profits and to quickly restore business as usual as soon as possible.



In modern times, as in the past, the arrogant and mostly corrupt Muslim rulers (anti- Islamic scoundrels) have failed  yet again to serve the people with honesty and sincerity but only amassed extraordinary wealth by illegal means. The bogus talk of democracy and freedom by the USA-UK terror twins  that have killed millions of Muslims in Islamic nations  on fake pretexts have mislead the ordinary innocent people who want a better life.  Muslim leader have failed the nations they rule and made the people vulnerable to enemies of Islam



So, the global capitalists have high stake in Libya and Col. Qaddafi must rein in these rogues when stability returns. He must rule the nation as the true representative for people and stop swindle their resources. Exploitative capitalism and anti-Islamic imperialism are alien to Islam. Keep the enemy at a distance.   


World is full of anti-Islamic agents now of all denominations - both Muslims and non-Muslims, trying to terrorize the world and murder Muslims. The trend had started with an eminent CIA agent Osama, used  by USA and its terror allies to advance their collective interests world wide, including military terror bases n Islamic world.  However, the Israeli agents of Mossad play very delicate subversive terror operations. They are very much active in Mideast and in Egypt and Libya, too.. 


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