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American Imperialism and International Law 

Dr. Abdul Ruff



All anti-Islamic nations led by imperialist America without any concern for any law except  jungle rules are together pursuing terror wars and provocative operations to kill Muslims and terrorizethe entire world. America with a new label of US president innocent looking Obama is moving fast towards a unipolar world where only USA, its subordinates and puppets could control the world and it resources. USA has got  discredited on Mideast and snubbed by junior partner terrorist Israel as Netanyahu has kicked America and CIA in their face. Obama having burnt his long fingers and his credibility in failed mediation role in Mideast crisis and Palestine state making is eager to make up in North African uprisings.



USA considers international law as a powerful weapon to advance only colonialist, imperialist and  anti-Islamic agendas. Top Americans, like the Indo-Zionist terror criminals, are fond of cutting jokes even while they kill defenseless humanity and drink the Islamic blood profusely.


All GST rogue states, including USA, India, UK and Israel have a common hidden agenda against humanity and have committed dirtiest crimes against humanity by murdering innocent people in Islamic world and are working through the notorious UNSC to further go on rampage in Islamic world with assistance from some of pro-West, puppet regimes in Islamic world itself. Now uprisings are successfully ignited in African Mideast by the CIA of the Obama regime in concurrence with with similar terror organizations from GST world.  They are now deadly ill-focused on Libya and Iran. These terror scoundrels have already got many innocent Muslims killed in Libya like elsewhere in Mideast. Now the Obama regime is mooting a usual draft UNSC resolution prepared by USA-UK and France for their pet economic terrorism on Libya.



Western media, used to churn-out anti-Islamic terror gimmicks to make the NATO terror syndicate to kill more and  more Muslims in occupied Islamic countries, have now come out with new false reports of Gaddafi government massacres in order only to make him vulnerable to Western pressure tactics. Col. Qaddafi has enjoyed the warmest of relations with the imperialist US and European powers in recent years, having junked barriers previously erected against the operations of foreign oil companies in Libya and NATO even asked him to declare his full support for the so-called war on terror.



Col. Qaddafi should seek to have foen for an Islamic dialogue with the CIA propelled rebels and still he could do that to end the crisis. Failure of Col  Gaddafi’s forces to quickly regain control and use constitutional means to regulate the demonstrations is being used by anti-Islamic imperialism-colonialism to make full misuse of the situation trying to ignite a civil war. Upon causing enough problems in Libya, they now argue the consequences for their economic and strategic interests of a power vacuum or protracted civil war in Libya.



West is interested only in their economic interests in Mideast- and they care a damn to democracy even in Iraq and Afghanistan- and they would like to put in place terror  troops in Libya. But any military intervention would be centrally directed toward securing the economically and strategically crucial Libyan oilfields. American, British, Italian, French and German oil conglomerates all have lucrative stakes in Libya’s high-quality oil reserves. The operation would be colonialist in character, marking the further extension of Washington’s efforts to use military force to maintain control over energy resources in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Enemy of Islam is always awake. Islamic world, behaving like drug addict, is least bother about Islam, either! This suits the anti-Islamic enemy. Libya had been a intractable thorn in colonialist-imperialist flesh for years now and now they all are together to teach it a fascist lesson. The essentially anti-Islamic roguish European powers have also mobilized their forces to target Libya. An emergency meeting of NATO terror syndicate was held in Brussels on 25th Feb. Under supervision of US Secretary of Terror State Madam H. Clinton the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland is also negotiating a resolution on Libya, following the defection of west sponsored Libyan diplomats on the body. So, the conspiracy against Libya  has been well hatched in Washington and innocent Libyans have lost their lives as it is happening in other Muslim nations under occupation of NATO terror syndicate.



A US military operation in Libya is for securing energy deposits and would have nothing to do with defending the population against counter-violence or establishing “democracy” in the country. Democracy is just a bull task for Westerners. The situation in Libya is threatening a major world oil price shock and a sharp downturn in the US economy. Behind the various diplomatic manoeuvrings, the major imperialist powers led by the unilateral USA are accelerating their contingency plans for military intervention in Libya after asking the Indian patriots enjoying life in Libya to be evacuated by ships and planes free of cost. The innocent looking black Obama continues to stress that “all options are on the table” - the pet US phrase as the Washington regime shamelessly and always tells weak nations and those that refuse to surrender their sovereignty to CIA like Iran, Palestinians, Taliban, North Korea Al-Qaeda.





The Western/pro-west media have thrown their weight behind the Western democracy gimmicks of humanitarian posturing, reviving the pretexts that were employed as a cover for US-led interventions in the Balkans in the1990s and later  in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan by using the Sept11 drama by the notorious CIA-Mossad etc as a perfect pretext. 



USA wants to control Suez Canal by using the power vacuum in Egypt. The Iranian vessels have a right to pass through the canal and have crossed the Suez Canal for the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution wit permission of Egyptian regime, when relations between Tehran and Cairo nosedived. ships have alarmed nearby Israel, the close terror ally of the USA and joint arch-foe of Iran's Islamic regime. Col. Lapan from terror Pentagon said are watching the situation.


Israel and USA are behind the turmoil in Egypt and Mideast. The Americans strategists are not happy Iran still stays away from the US clutches and still dying hard to find some  cause for an self-destructive attack of the US military on Tehran. Lapan fellow said the Americans have said generally that Iran's actions are not helpful to US interests in the region, but they would expect that these Iranian ships would adhere to international law no matter where they operate. Lapan said that the ships heading to Syria, Iran's main Arab ally, must be adhering to international law and not engaging in activities that are threatening of security. Is not USA or its NATO terror syndicate a permanent threat to humanity?


But has Washington ever adhered to any international law at any point of time even when it terror attacked Japan in 1945 later Vietnam or very recently Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan on fictitious pretexts only to swindle and squander the resources and showcase its terror power?



The US terror military knows that the Iranian ships  have transited the Suez Canal, but they claim and pretend they don't know why or what it is they're planning to do. Israel has put its navy on alert too to share the booty if "occasion arises", not knowing that Zionist has lot the right to exist. Israeli fascist President Shi. Peres said on a visit to Spain which had removed Islam and all Muslims to become a Christian state that the warships' crossing was a political provocation. He refused to dwell n the subject.



The unilateral USA that has killed millions of Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and got thousands and thousands of defenseless Muslims by Israel and India to collectively reduce Islamic population, is joking about “adhering to international Law. The US terror organization the Pentagon called last week for two Iranian ships in the Mediterranean Sea to adhere to international law and said it was keeping a careful eye on their activities.



It is a hard joke on Obama part to make such foolish statement through bad joke on international law which the American regime, like that of Zionist and Indian regimes, hates and despises. While talking about law the GST rogue states must not cut  crude jokes and try to offer free lessons to others.


Global war tribunals must take up the NATO terrorism and genocides of Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and punish the puppet regimes for supporting western terrorist operations in their countries.


The US imperialists do not want to slip the golden chance of bringing about "regime change" in Libya - one of the targets of the CIA inspired uprisings in Mideast. It is moving the notorious UNSC to undertake the usual pro-imperialist measures were announced ahead of an anticipated imposition of multilateral sanctions through the UN and pushing all nations to support only USA-UK-India-Israel agendas. 


The Obama regime plays the the usual American tricks on Palestine issue and Obama himself does not possibly appreciate Libya trying to help the defenseless Palestinians by supporting its cause in UN, announced a series of usual unilateral sanctions against Col Muammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya which is under threat form outside and within, including suspension of US military cooperation and cancellation of military component sales. Washington also closed the US embassy in Tripoli and asked international financial institutions to monitor any money transfers made by senior Libyan officials.




After having silenced arch foe Moscow  and coopted  it in the GST operations in Afghanistan, US arrogance has strengthened and fueled the Israeli and Indian arrogance too and hence they all are now strategic terror partners. American terrocracy has misused the terror  gimmicks to the maximum extent and controlled the common folk. There have been hardly nay protests against US imperialist operations around the world in the USA or Europe in recent times. However, in USA, tens of thousands of workers have joined this broader struggle through demonstrations, centered in Wisconsin, against a ferocious attack on their living standards and rights by state governments. The Obama regime is taking all measures to suppress the peoples uprising and CIA keeps a terror eye on the activities of people almost 24 hours.



Meanwhile, Americans must stop bluffing about democracy, regime change, freedom and international law. After USA is not international law; nor does it stand for law or peace  in any manner. It is simply ridiculous that like terror India and fascist Israel, America also think whatever it says and does is international law. And as the top most imperialist power taking unilateral actions only  advance its illegal goals, it cannot be expected to be one either!

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