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Obama Thrashes Osama! End of State Terrorism?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff




Latest breaking news in the global anti-Islamic media, including in India, revolves around the murders of children in Tripoli where the Obama terror forces targeted the Col. Qaddafi compound as well as the slaughter of the world’s strongest man and a key CIA operative Osama Bin Laden who reportedly was hiding in Pakistan, presumably inside Zardari compound- both murders were committed by a noted international criminal Obama- the supremo of NATO terror syndicate currently busy killing Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. . …

The TV footage being replayed since early hours of May 01 where one old man, resembling the  media images of Osama, was seen walking in forests along with his “companion”, resembling the similar  voyage,  from Bethlehem to possibly Kashmir,  undertaken by Jesus Christ after he was persecuted by criminal Jews for his pro-humanity views…..



Possibly, the CIA-Pentagon-Neocons- realists- Madam Clinton-Obama combine is now busy preparing and putting together a script about how Osama escaped over a decade the state terror networks of entire world, including India….Of course they must be working in consultation with Hollywood script writer and video footage producers….  Hopefully, the media would come out with new interesting stories of Osama’s life and work before and after the Sept-11 terror gimmicks. …


I have one simple question for Obama:  when American remote system could detect even minutest particles inside the earth and sea, could say who does what and w where, how could it managed to skip Osama-where-about for 10 plus long years?  Is it because  USA wanted to first complete its invasions and resource hunt in Islamic world and make ready the energy routes for Western powers and  their terror allies like India and Israel before targeting Osama, like the ICC cricket bowlers do for extra cash?



Or, is it not the truth that there was no Osama at all and it all about media image gimmicks?


Arms productions will not end.  But it seems in the post Osama world terrorism would end sooner than later.  If terrorism is ended, how could the arms manufactures survive and how could leaders of countries make extra billions as commissions in arms trade?

The crazy public wants to watch wars live and seek news about terrorism.


Washington seems to insist that Sept-11 was real and Osama is the culprit, is it not so?


Like a superman Obama has killed Osama, who had been alive for years.  West will always find some more fake threat perceptions to pursue arms and oil trade, to invade Islamic nations!

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