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Pak Cricket: A Failing Afridi!



When Pakistan is exceedingly failing, it is no surprise that  its sports also are failing too. Just blaming  the  wrong policies  or preferences for the failures would  not make any difference to nation or its leaders in all walks of life. 

One is not sure if Afridi is also afraid of India or its ICC/BCCI, but since the WC he deliberately fails in both bating and bowling. Before the "clash" with India in Delhi for WC semifinals, Afridi was the key wicket taker and run contributor but since then he refuses to play cricket and plays only the ICC/BCCI mischief.

 In the ongoing Pak-West-Indies in WI, Afridi just makes fun of himself by refusing to both bating properly and targeting the stumps or LBW, but he pretends to be genuinely failing which is of course the usual bowler trick. After winning 3 matches out of 5 and ensuring an assailable control in the ODI series after the disastrous 20/20, Afridi boys might have left the hosts to win the inconsequential 4th match. That is OK. But Afridi is chiefly responsible for PK lose with his big gift of SIX offered to D. Bravo that cost the eventual Pak defeat under the D/L method. Defeat is not bad but he caused that!



Most probably, Afridi is trying to prove that did not promote Indian cricketism and did neither misbowl nor misbat in favor of strong India and that he was just unlucky. That argument possibly suits him. But India will not reward him with any award for his services to Indian cause just like other cricketers from Australia, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka have been doing as a major policy of their nations to promote Indian cricketism and state terrorism. 

Afridi could take a brief break and practice at home or play normal if he cannot leave the squad. He maybe now welcome in India for relaxation. He could make use of the good feelings he has generated in India by his WC "services"! 

By the way, former Pakistani player and today's unsuccessful politician Imran Khan who was lucky before and during the WC cricket season for his pro-India rhetoric, favoring exclusive Indian win at WC is no not seen in Indian TVs. Perhaps he knew about the WC outcome gong by his past experiences in ICC secret operations. . 

 Supposing he is really failing, Afridi must consider temporary retirement, instead of waiting in the field for the right moment to make hundreds and wickets as Indians, like Sachuin, do.

The point is, Afridi, you must make use of the opportunities when available. Today you may be a hero in India but tomorrow, rather next hour, you could be painted in India as traitor. .


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