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Egypt & Palestine Unity-2


Time has Run-out for Fascist Israel in Mideast (Part -81)


Dr. Abdul Ruff



2. West-Israeli Game Plan against Palestine/Mideast





Had the notorious UNSC led by the USA-UK terror twins controlling entire world really sought an independent Palestine would have come into existence long back, contributing to the stability and prosperity of the region. Like Israeli Zionism, western imperialism also plays dirty politics and hence Palestinians continued to be brutally attacked by the occupying deadly armed Israel!


With anti-Palestine ulterior motives Israel and its western sponsors always maintained that the popularly elected Hamas government is illegitimate and wanted to remove it from power, but failed, just as they failed in Iran and Libya. The split between Fatah and Hamas occurred when violence erupted a year after Hamas won Palestinian elections in 2006. Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007 after the bloody war launched by the Fatah opposition party aided by the Israeli-western regimes.



Armed with nukes and conventional weapon systems, including cluster bombs and drones, Israel wants to decide who should rule in Palestine and in Mideast at large, while its sponsors USA and European terrocracies dictate terms to all global nations.


Israel is well connected to all western regimes, intelligences and lobbyists to pursue its and western collective interests in MIdeast. Having obtained the necessary concurrence from Washington, Israel effectively controls Mideastern region with tacit recognition and support from USA, UK and their western states. And infighting and separation took place in Palestine because of a strong CIA-Mossad conspiracy intended to divide West Bank and Gaza Strip permanently and make them destroy each other, killing all Palestinians while the media keep harping on "terrorists" gimmicks.  So everything thus far went on in Palestine as per CIA-Mossad prescriptions.


West just enjoys the Zionist crimes in Palestine for years. In order to force the western powers to share their technology and weaponry arsenals and gain support for Israeli  terror attacks and genocides in Palestine, Israeli fascist spreads the rumors that Hamas aspires to destroy Israel, but can Hamas do that? Hamas does not recognize a fascist regime in Tel Aviv- who can recognize a fascist state?


And rightly so - no civilized society in the world can support or promote fascism, imperialism or colonialism howsoever they pretend to be democratic!


The Zionist Olmert regime, on the poll eve, unleashed a terrible holocaust in Gaza Strip in 2008-09 killing thousands of defenseless Palestinians, including children, women and old people. Till date, neither the notorious UNSC nor the ICC nor ICJ nor any other international agency has initiated any punitive measures for the Israeli targeted crimes against humanity.


Now a days, in the era of joint state terrorism, the deadly terrorized world is pushed to the walls by the conspiracies of western terrocracies and their eastern allies like Israel and India. These powers with an anti-Islamic bend of mindset and with energy-hunt-hidden agendas have launched joint terror operations to destabilize Muslim nations and make the world extra-terrorized and insecure. The ongoing terror wars and post-uprising invasions demonstrate the point beyond doubts. And the eminent USA-UK terror twins continue to play their imperialist role of the destroyer in chief, progressively joined by other strategic partners.


USA seems to love to play its usual foul game. Unfortunately, the US reaction to the Hamas-Fatah agreement makes any such change less likely. In fact, the administration's demand that Hamas recognize Israel in advance of any negotiations with Israel could well ensure that there won't be any. Instead of slowly addressing all issues in negotiations, simply demanding that Hamas accept them in advance – a position devised by the Israeli government and then pushed on the United States and the European Union – is an act of diplomatic sabotage.


Emboldened by western terror goods and unconditional support, Israel is exceedingly creating troubles for the unfortunate Palestinians. Whole trouble for the Hamas government started when in January 2006 Hamas won Palestinian Authority legislative election and began demanding freedom as the legitimate entry. In March 2006 Hamas government sworn in but Israel opposed the new government calling them all terrorists and US and EU - the Zionism promoters in Mideast and elsewhere suspend ties with Palestine, refusing to recognize Palestine government. These rogue states engineered infighting in Palestine by using their agent network, as it is being done in Libya. However, in February-March 2007, Fatah and Hamas agreed to form coalition to end growing factional warfare, but the move was opposed by the same USA-UK-Israel gang and incited violence between Has and Fatah supporters. In June 2007 - Hamas seizes control of Gaza from Fatah after continued fighting. The West-Israel gang forced to dissolve the Unity government, Israel tightened blockade of Gaza Strip, killing the innocent Palestinians intermittently by terror attacks.


West talks bull about so-called democracy without understanding it and they actually undermine the essence of it, while opposing the Hamas government. The Hamas led elected Palestinian government rules in as much a democratic manner as all the so-called democracies do, but Israel and USA and their puppet Mahmoud Abbas rejected the government calling it a terrorist regime.  Ignoring international law out and out and without recognizing the right of Palestinians to exist, the US-Euro  dictators require that any Palestinian government has to accept certain "principles" announced by international negotiators known as the Quartet: the UN, the European Union, the USA and Russia. They include renouncing violence, abiding by past agreements with the Israelis and recognizing Israel's right to exist. USA also insists that the Hamas government accepts all previous agreements negotiated by the Fatah Palestinian Authority.   Perceiving double speak by USA and EU on Palestine state hood, many months back, the PLO, or now PA, and Fatah led by Mahmoud Abbas decided to take their own route, away from this peace process, away from US mediation and try to really go it alone.


Obviously, Israel and USA (Mossad-CIA) have consistently opposed any unity move and hence Egyptian president Mubarak back-tracked from his proactive role. Unity move will pave way for an intentionality legitimate government by the Palestinians by polling their political differences. This in turn will give a unified voice for the Palestine movement and obtain their state quicker than otherwise. USA  does not let the Jews, occupying Palestinian lands illegally and expanding their illegal territories by killing Palestinians,  think independently and take a pro-peace decision sooner enough.


The way the rebel terrorists in sovereign Libya are armed and supported by the NATO terror syndicate led by the USA-UK terror twins do suggest that western terrocracies fight terrorism or they seek for world peace.


Not at all!

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