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Osama's Long Journey to Pakistan!

CIA's Osama Gimmick: CIA strategy behind Assassination of "Osama"-5



Jesus Christ had along journey from Bethlehem possibly to Kashmir after prolonged persecution at his home town by Criminal Jews! Osama also seemed to have had a long journey possibly from New York to Pakistan!

The making of a video is not a big thing for the strongest and wealthiest nation on earth, America. CIA and its Indo-global media have come out with new images of Osama after the assassination story: Osama's earlier long beard is shortened greatly to give a look of USAma. Technology allows the specialists to generate images of their liking, looking like living ones. They can do anything  and whatever they want because they have the latest technology and stolen resources. They can make impossible things seem possible, make truth a lie and the opposite as well. . What America says and what its terrorist media report is the only truth and the international law!


So finally the CIA has given up its key operator from Mideast to help USA-UK terror twins advance their hidden agendas - in favor of a long struggling Obama to improve his fading credentials. The disturbing, rather interesting fact is that the Al-Qaeda chief Osama managed to evade the long and powerful arms of the US led Western empires for 11 long years and finally was living a comfortable life protected by USA-Pak services ably assisted by India which, as the most powerful secret state, also helped  the CIA  plans to maintain secrecy until USA eventually decides to crush. The fact that this Osama  had several layers of protection ensured by US-Pak intelligences clearly reveals  the  false premises of Sept-11 and wrong  advertisement about Osama living somewhere   in Af-Pak forests and the  both USA and Pakistani forces kept on massacring innocent Muslims in the region pretending to be hunting for WMD held by Osama - has Obama found the WMD? 



Sept-11 has been extra over-used by the CIA-Pentagon to promote the NATO led imperialist aggressions and resources hunt operations. Millions of Muslims have died as a direct consequence of CIA- Al-Qaeda attacks, or by those that were inspired by CIA-Neocons murderous ideology while the Westerners, Indians, Christians and Jews have over enjoyed the plight of global Muslims. Unchallenged by anyone, the NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins, has slaughtered like cattle millions of innocent Muslims since Sept-11 gimmick, which have been even endorsed by the Arab League oil suppliers led by Saudi Arabia.


Now entire anti-Islamic world is targeting Islam and resources of Muslim nations. A noble religion of 1.6 billion believers has come to be condemned as a death cult, with all Muslims being targeted as terrorists.  CIA plans and then executes its plan some cricket teams perform on fixed matches.  Immediately after murdering a son of Libyan leader Col. Qaddafi at his compound in Tripoli, the American commandos killed bin Laden and up to four other people, including one of his sons, at the compound. Now families of America’s nightmares are targeted by the Pentagon.


It is somehow enthralling to read and watch CIA prepared “latest news”, updated and revised constantly with Hollywood stuff,  about the "end of Osama", the strongest man on earth, stronger than mighty composite terror powers (CTP) of the world operating under the notorious NATO-UNSC combine controlled by USA-UK terror twins. According to the make-believe stories churned out by the global anti-Islamic media on behalf of CIA, after "accomplishing" the triple terror feat exactly as per the CIA road map, Osama had taken another plane from USA for Af-Pak border kept ready by Musharraf-Taliban  regime.


 Now it is official and hence final: Osama bin Laden, a known CIA operative but identified by the CIA as alleged culprit has left the world in peace and He is no more. This great USAma, hiding, according to CIA, lethal weapons, including nukes, in some unidentifiable location, cannot haunt any of the NATO terrorists or their allies in the West/South Asia hereafter.

One thing is certain, in view of the fact that he has been assassinated on unproven fake charges in an inhuman manner like that of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein by CIA agents, Osama’s grave even inside the Arabian Sea would become a rallying point for global Muslims.


USA has betrayed its most loyal Arab in the cruel assassination of unarmed familyman Osama. The known CIA operative Osama seemed to have taken special care not to hit White House even for fancy or any other important strategic objects, but, again as per the CIA instructions, only attacked the WTC some old structures, etc. Or, probably Osama did not know the "energy route" to White House!


Now, one wonders the CIA approach to hunting the global energy resources:  much of world's oil-gas resources are under NATO control. May God Bless this mischievous fascist America that invades alien nations on fake pretexts and loot their resources by killing the innocent people in each nation?


Anyone with minimum common sense would understand  that had Osama, the man who supposedly defended Islam would have come-out boldly asking the USA to either produce him before a court or just kill him, if he had "done" the Sept-11 terror magic or known that there has been a deadly blood bath over the Sept-11 dispute.


Obama must now prove Osama who hit 3 targets in USA on Sept-11 and the Osama whom he got assassinated at home in Pakistan is one and same. The point is this Osama, if killed, is innocent. Another point is no other Osama had "done" that in USA on Sept-11. Osama should look inwards and track the CIAmas. Russia and Israel could also extent their "shared values" to USA.


Obama  must also prove that Osama "did" the Sept-11 crime! Obama is also answerable to the world  for the  murder of an unarmed Osama after protecting him for  over a decade!


Of course, the matter does not end there - it only begins there!

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