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Rafah Gate- Symbol of Palestine Statehood




Gaza map


Rafah Gate- Symbol of Palestine Statehood




Everything with Israeli regime is illegal right from the beginning of its illegal infiltration into Palestine. Palestinians have been under virtual siege not only by the Zionist terror forces now for decades occupying the Palestine, but by illegal blockades around Palestine by both Israel. Engineered by CIA-Mossad gang, fascist Israel and Egypt under pro-West & pro-Zionist Mubarak closed borders with Gaza when Hamas party swept to power in 2007 against the wishes of Israel and western terrocracies harboring infighting in Palestinian factions- Fatah and Hamas.


It was a festive atmosphere on 28th May when the Rafah crossing point between the Gaza Strip and Egypt was re-opened by Egyptian authorities after being closed for 4 years. The blockade had been imposed by Israel. Egyptian cooperation under ousted President Hosni Mubarak was a sore point in relations with the Palestinians and with the Arab world, but American administrations argued, like the Israelis, that an open border was dangerous emboldening the  Jewish criminals to go on rampage  in Palestine. . Notwithstanding many human interest stories relating to individuals crossing into Egypt on Saturday, the Israelis fear that the new situation will make it impossible to stem the flow of sophisticated weapons to Hamas government wants the blockade terror intact.


Palestine is growing weaker and Israel tries all strategies to cripple Palestine economy and security. On the other hand, Israel wants Palestine a non-military nation incapable of defending their people from Israeli terror attacks.  In attempting to make people in Gaza indefensible from Zionist crimes, Israel projects the ruing Hamas government as a terrorist entity and USA promptly endorses Israeli crimes and fanaticism. Both USA and Israel have refused to recognize an elected Hamas government but they insist that Palestinians must recognize a fascist regime in Mideast for talks.


As a direct disastrous consequence of interference of Mossad-CIA agents in Palestine affairs, now Fatah forcefully runs the West Bank, while the elected Hamas governs only Gaza. Israel is deadly against Fatah-Hamas unity and the opening of Rafa crossing making people of Gaza breathe fresh air. The latest move comes a month after Egypt pushed through a unity deal between the two main Palestinian factions - Fatah and Hamas - something Israel also opposed.


Now, Egyptian Rafah crossing is now open for Palestinians begin to live like free citizens. The decision to ease the border controls is symbolically important. Almost permanently, Egypt has relaxed restrictions at its border with the Gaza Strip, allowing many Palestinians to cross freely for the first time in four years. Women, children and men over 40 are now allowed to pass freely. Men aged between 18 and 40 will still require a permit, and trade is still prohibited. Egypt says the crossing will now be open from 0900 to 2100 every day except Fridays and holidays. Up to 400 Palestinians were estimated to have gathered at the crossing as it opened on Saturday. By contrast, only about 300 Palestinians were previously allowed out of Gaza every day. People leaving Gaza will also need to be carrying Palestinian ID cards, which are issued by Israel.


Egyptian public is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. So, Egypt's co-operation in blockading Gaza was one of President Mubarak's most unpopular policies. The new leadership in Egypt is clearly shifting the dynamics of the Middle East, making the illegal Israeli regime feel the pinch unnecessarily.  Watching all developments in Mideast like a wild owl, like a monstrous, blood thirsty beast, Israel has quickly criticised the border move, saying it raised security concerns.


Although Mubarak in his last days in power had warned Israel against continued occupation and aggression of Palestine, in the post-Mubarak era Egyptian approach, if not a classified policy, towards Palestinians, especially the Gazans – the cruelly targeted people of USA-Israeli terror strategist and Zionist forces –  trying to ease the  burden of defenseless Palestinians. The military regime in Cairo, supported by major political parties, has intermittently opened he boarders with Palestine.


Palestinians have warmly welcomed the Egyptian gesture as the first step of the regime in the right direction for years. The opening of the Rafah crossing is expected to provide a major economic boost to Gaza. A resident of besieged Gaza said: "We feel that we live in a big jail in Gaza so now we feel a little bit more comfortable and life is easier now. My kids are willing to travel to see other places other than Gaza." With elections looming in Egypt the new policy is likely be popular with a public largely sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.


Tel-Aviv generates fake concerns about security of a heavily militarized and illegally nuclearized Israel disrupts import weapons into Gaza through the Egyptian frontier and coerces Egypt not to let Palestinians live with a semblance of human dignity and keep them locked inside Gaza so that Israeli military terrorists could easily corner and kill them. Denied the security of Palestinians by the occupying Israeli regime, Palestinians, like Medieval slaves, seem to have created tunnels under the Egyptian border with Gaza for bring the needy goods of the well being of Palestinians.  Israeli military keeps bombarding the tunnels as well killing people at will.


The blockade around Palestine is a clear violation of international humanitarian law but Israel rejects any law other than its own controlled by the Zionist regime. In opposition to Zionist crimes against humanity, Islamist groups are rapidly gaining in strength in both Egypt and Palestine. A larger question the re-opening begs is whether secret security cooperation between Israel and Egypt against Palestine will survive growing Egypt-Palestine cooperation and steeply deteriorating Turkey-Israeli ties. Since Mubarak’s ouster, there has been frequent talk of challenging the historic 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.


The Egyptian move - strongly opposed by Israel - comes some three months after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak lost power. Egypt is not bound by Israeli instructions about borders, but still Egypt thus far obliged Zionism and now insists it will conduct thorough searches of all those crossings. As Israel is planning to disrupt the both Fatah-Hamas unity and Rafah Open moves, Egypt must completely move away from the practices of Mubarak regime in relation to Palestine.


Rafah Crossing has become the powerful symbol of Palestine statehood and Mideast Peace.

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