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Bangladesh Not to Ban Islam!




Against pure speculations in recent years, it seems Bangladesh is in no mood to ban Islam.  

Anti-Islamism sells like hot cakes in this era of Islamophobia and Osamaphobia and not every Muslim feels safe any where in the world.  State terrorism techniques have forced Muslims to escape enemy torture  and hide their Muslim identity. Even some Arab nations try to imbibe western corrupt and deformed culture in preference to Islamic values.  That is indeed modern Islam seeking to update Sharii’a and standing in queue in for not liquor shops.   


Bangladesh is one of the Muslim nations in South Asia with plenty of so-called progressive, self-centered individuals seeking to advance their interests at the cost of Islam. The political culture groomed by leaders and regimes are also corrupt. Media faithfully promotes what the hypocritical elites dictate.


Bangladesh is the world’s third-largest Muslim majority nation with a population of some 148 million. The secular notions of the country were first enshrined in 1972 constitution drafted under the leadership of S. Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Hasina’s father who was assassinated in August 1975, enabling his wife to lead the party and government. The country has a secular legal system but in matters related to inheritance and marriage Muslims follow Sharia`h.


Earlier known as East Bengal as part of India, Bangladesh became "free" in 1974 in a new Islamic mode. Also, East Bengal was later an equal part of Pakistan when Pakistan was born as an independent nation after the partition of India.


Eying on big role in the world, India plays joint cricket exercises with highly paid cricket frauds form all ex-colonies of UK, including Bangladesh, but excluding Pakistan, inside India- not exactly targeting Pakistan, but India also plays joint Tennis exercise with Pakistan, thereby confusing innocent Kashmiris and even Bangladesh.


"Faced" with the presence of two Muslim nations -twin enemies - on either side, India skillfully created a cultural rift within Pakistan and ignited a war between Pakistan and with East Bengal, predominantly Bengalis and got East Bengal separated from Pakistan in 1947 by placing a puppet regime in Dhaka.  Thus emerged a new nation known as Bangladesh, in place of East Bengal, with a top military leader Mujibur Rahman as its first president; Rahman began dutifully taking orders from New Delhi. Today, his wife and twice corrupt PM, Madam Hasina is following exactly that.



Madam Hasina was jailed for her rampant corruption. Ever since the Hasina's party captured power from military through polls for the third time, the speculations have been rife that she would like to keep India in good humors by abandoning Islam as the religion of the state. Like all other leaders around, Madam Hasina also projects those Islamic Muslims who oppose her as “terrorists”.


The corrupt Hasina regime in Dhaka, known for its open hypocrisy and corrupt mindset, has decided not to remove Islam and religion of Bangladesh, but would add new message in the constitution to promote other religions, especially Hinduism, relinquishing articles in 1972 constitution about the secular nature of the state. Subsequent military-ruled governments incorporated religious expressions, amending the constitution and issuing a series of rules between 1975 and 1990.  


The decision to promote other religions perhaps was not influenced  directly by Indian connections, but India would welcome it because it wants to proliferate Hindu structures every where even in Saudi Arabia.  Fond of spreading rumors successfully including that Taj Mahal was built by a Hindu king or  Emperor Shajahan had cut the hands of the architect who built Tajmahal, the  poem in Marbles, or there was a Hindu structure inside the Kaaba, etc, just to show  their  inferiority complex,  would like to see more and more Hindu structures mushrooming in every Muslim nation, including Bangladesh.  They are least bothered about real faith. Only fanaticism is aiding the self-promoters. .


The decision was issued as the ethos of the majority of the population could not be ignored. In two separate judgments, the court last year declared these entire changes void and asked that the constitution be restored to its original 1972 form. However, taking a new departure from the 1972 constitution, Hasina wants to add a new phrase saying that all other religions may be practiced in peace in the country.


It is known the political leaders keep politics above Islam. Bangladesh is heading towards goalless crossroads and expects India to make it wealthy and powerful nation in the region like India is. BD has a pro-India Hindu foreign minister to pursue policy objectives. It seems quit ea lot of Bengalis in the state are eager to merge BD back to India as East Bengal so as to showcase their power to West Bengal. In doing so, they would considerably laugh at Pakistan. However, India might not accept an already independent BD back into its terror fold; all that New Delhi wants from Dhaka is bold obedience and credible puppetry. 



An anti-Muslim India is no democracy, an anti-Islamic Pakistan is no Islamic nation either, but both are now the strange strategic partners via USA in killing Muslims in their vicinities. While India kills Muslims to appease Hindus for votes, Pakistan does so for gaining sympathy of the western aid givers and for collecting extra cash for the "special services" they offer to NATO rogues.  Bangladeshis are no better either! If India and US or UK asks them, they will also kill more Muslims with unexplainable vengeance!



Spouses and other close relatives  occupy the central zone of democracy now in most nations because leaders and intelligence teams  believe that without kin and kith democracy would go to street dogs. In Bangladesh relatives are  progressively promoted  for enjoying fruits of democracy.


Bulk of Bangla/Bangladeshi elites is so-called leftists, like Obama the lefty, without any proper guidance preferring their own brand communism to Islam. Modern Muslims, who look westward for guidance, hassle-free visas and other such favors, believe Islam has outlived and has become outdated.


It is a blessing from Almighty that incumbent regime has saved Islam in some way especially when there has been a deliberate attack on Islam and Muslims by all anti-Islamic nations led by USA-UK terror twins under the banner of NATO terror syndicate.



Muslim world seems to have come to the false conclusion that Islam is not at all profitable. Fake leftism has driven the Bangladeshis away from Islamic way of life. Therefore, Madam Hasina’s decision not to abandon Islam is a very thoughtful act, chiefly because there are, obviously, still plenty of people in Bangladesh who love Islam and are committed to Shariia.



If Hasina, who managed the her new term with blessings from her Mecca trip, after spending many years in jail for corrupt practices and criminalized politics,  had decided to remove Islam from the constitution altogether, the western terrocracies would have applauded Bangladesh for its "cultured policy"  just like the US Congressmen did standing while Israeli fascist leader Netanyahu spoke nonsense to them in the USA freeze of illegal colonies and got some aid as well.  After all, economic profits play the central role in international politics.

Muslims, however, must be indebted to Madam Hasina for not deciding to remove Islam as state religion especially when Islam is under attack from all sorts of anti-Islamic forces and terror syndicates. There is a strong anti-Islamic lobby within BD that wants to drop Islam altogether to impose foreign/western values, liquor and goods for getting closer to the Western terrocracies. Even Islamic Pakistan is unable to promote Islamic faith. By promoting other regions, obviously, Hasina is indeed sowing seeds for all sorts of anti-Islamic ailments and vestiges in the society that could be detrimental to Islamic faith!

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