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USA Might Cut Resources for Pentagon Operations



The Obama regime is trying to reduce the US budget allocation for military that essentially spend huge resources on all illegal terror operations. US politicians keep taking a good portion of amount spent on military purchases as immoral commissions. There seems to an agreement between the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties in Congress, announced by US President B.Obama, implies an increase of the national debt limit by $2.1 trillion from current $14.29 trillion. Also, in parallel, US government’s spending must be reduced by $2.5 trillion in two phases during 10 years. The U.S. Congress is expected to approve the increase in the debt limit to avoid defaulting on 2 August. On 23 November it is planned to approve the first stage of the budgetary saving by $1 trillion and on 23 December the second phase by $1.5 trillion. The basis of expenditure reduction is cutting of defense spending by $350 million.

Of course for those who depend often on US dollars as charges to serve US interests might not appreciate this humanity approach. But it is the right path.

Will Obama wind down all terror wars in Islamic wars unleashed on Muslims and targeting Islam and save Americans and world?

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