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US Tactics to Spoil China-Pakistani Ties


Muslims and their nations have been under attack from sworn enemies and Muslims are helping enemies to kill other Muslims. It is happening every where, including Pakistan, created to protect Muslims and their genuine interests. This insanity among Muslims is being exploited by the enemies to loot their resources.


Muslims of Xinjiang region in China have been fighting for sovereignty from the occupying mighty UNSC-5 member China for too long, but with very little success in terms of internal restrictions. Last year, Chinese  military killed hundreds of innocent protesters,creating international outcry, but China has managed to stay on. Now again they have  begun their struggle  but China has deliberately blamed Pakistan for the revolt in Xinjiang. 

The attacks allegedly orchestrated by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) were directed against the Han settlers from the Chinese mainland who enjoy all privileges in the region and treated by Beijing as true Chinese while the Muslims in the reigon are  not treated well. Xinjiang's capital Urumqi witnessed massive riots against Hans in 2009, that left almost 200 people dead. In two violent incidents last weekend, 14 civilians and six militants were killed in Kashgar, throwing the city into panic. Xinjiang resents the Chinese prejudges against Muslims and other people in the region. Chine quickly posted the terror blame on a failed Islamabad.

China is eager, like India also about Jammu Kashmir, to retain the occupied Xinjiang region for ever and is using its UNSC-5 veto status to advance this crucial interest. Clearly now China is using the occasion of freedom movement in in the northwestern Xinjiang region to bully Pakistan, maybe as part of the notorious UNSC-5 destabilization of Pakistan.

After success in destabilizing Pakistan for appeasing India, now USA wants to end China-Pak ties.

Although Russia and China take a common stand in UNSC on international matters and crucial issues, they also pursue their own colonial interests by supporting the USA-UK terror twins.

The finest example of Russo-China mischief against humanity and Muslim nations in particular would be the their support for illegal invasion of sovereign Libya by abstaining from voting which would mean indirectly supporting UNSC-NATO terrorism against Libya. If one of of them voted against the UNSC bogus resolution on sovereign Libya, that would have upset all hidden agendas of CIA against Libya and even Mideast.

But destabilization of another Muslim nation does not make either Moscow or Beijing unhappy- after all they are fighting the freedom movements from Muslim regions indoors.

So, all veto rogues of UNSC are cooperating with one another against Islam and Muslim nations and coordinating with western terrocracies.

India, another UNSC member without veto handle but is struggling hard to get it at any cost but China is the main obstacle to its illogical and illegal ambitions to control the world in alliance with big western rogue states.

Of late, New Delhi has, apart from effort to somehow - by hook or crook- enter the UNSC-5, embarked upon a big project of Making China also a pro-India entity in Asia so that India could advance its illegal interests without difficulty.

India has been attempting to bulldoze the China walls by diplomatic means- now that it cannot achieve anything in China by military or political means. Why?

Simple. India wants to destabilize Pak-China relations as it has successful done in US-Pak relations and now US drones are killing Pakistanis inside Pakistan while Pakistani leaders and core media lords glorify US terrorism for some return favors in kind from Washington.

USA has no difficulty in pushing China to fictitious blame game targeting Islamabad. Communist China also finances for the stability of US capitalist economy, can do such "small" things to appease global dictator called USA..

It has been customary for fanatic India to blame Pakistan, whenever organized terrorists strike Indian towns, without any evidence and just for fun to make Pakistanis go mad.

Now China has also begun follow the the Indian footsteps in blaming Pakistan which is unable even to protest against such nonsensical  theatrics from neighbors.

When terrorists, inspired by the CIA-Neocons nuts, attack USA, UK or other allies - USA just blames Al-Qaeda.

It is just the Chinese blame game. It is a US strategy to split Pak-China ties.


CIA has successfully utilized the  illogical services rendered by Islamabad for anti-Islamic operations by NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins against Afghanistan. Since Sept-11- a CIA conspiracy to enable the NATO to attack with ulterior motives Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and other Muslim nations and colonize them - USA has used Pakistan as a crane to attack Muslims in and around. 

Of late, there has been some misunderstanding between  NATO and Pak military over unilateral terror attacks, drone attacks and the assassination, inside Pakistan, of an unarmed Osama Bin Laden, a known key CIA operative to help USA kill Muslims and loot their resources. USA has launched a peculiar attack on Pakistan by arresting a Kashmir leader in USA accusing him of being a Pakistani spy. That did not have any impact and now USA is using China to do US job.

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