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Obama, the Chief Obstructionist for Palestine state?


I - Toward UN


The author of drone  terrorism, President Obama pretends to show that the forces surrounding him do not simply let him work honestly for peace  in Mideast or world peace  in general, although he is willing to help the humanity end their sufferings endured under the terror weight of NATO terror syndicate. That suits his pretentious but innocent look. Not only he escalated the illegal wars initiated by Bushdom rogues in democracy suits and uniforms, Obama has also invented fake uprisings to invade sovereign Libya by misusing the notorious UNSC it controls with similar insane rulers, destabilized and looted it by promoting and arming the terrorists there and killing thousands of innocent Muslims with their help.

Relaunched and imposed on the defenseless Palestinians on Sept 2, the talks are foundering over Israel's refusal to extend a 10-month settlement construction freeze that expired Sept 26. The United States has been making intensive efforts to keep alive direct peace talks between the sides. Israel issued the building tenders on 14 October in a little-noticed move that may further complicate U.S.-backed efforts to rescue direct peace talks with the Palestinians. Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat accused Israel on Friday of choosing "settlements over peace" in a protest over publication of a plan to build 238 housing units in East Jerusalem. In Washington, US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the USA was disappointed by the announcement of new tenders in East Jerusalem. Backed by the Arab world, ‘Abbas rejected the American contention that the issue of Israeli building on land it captured in the 1967 illegal war which the Palestinians see as the land upon which its state will be built is properly a matter for direct negotiations after UN clearance.

Even as Israel denies peace any chance to win in favor Palestine, the besieged Palestinians continue struggling to obtain an independent Palestine once again to live free from Zionist attacks and massacres and all the “talks” between them and the illegal Israeli occupiers have failed so far owing to the lack of sincerity on the part of the Zionist leadership as well as the western sponsors led by the unilateral USA. The USA and Israel have objected the Palestinian’s diplomatic offensive, calling instead for a resumption of direct peace negotiations without expecting any results.

US ledaers and media nuts promote Zionism in Mideast. Since Obama is not promoting peace any where in the world, the Palesitnians  have no reason to turst him. Obama also plays the usual US colonial gimmicks to keep the Palestinians besieged and terrorized by an illegal Zionist regime.For the first time Obama said in his address on May 19 that any future Israel/Palestine peace agreement should be generally based on the 1967 borders. But he has refused to further purse the issue, thereby letting his opponents to make fun of him. If Israeli fascism cannot be contained effectively, Israel should be shifted to USA or Europe that have got the capacity to withstand Israeli terror operations. USA and European nations must withdraw from all Muslim lands, drop their support for all western installed and backed dictators and let Muslims choose their own leaders. Also Europe and the West have plenty of land, enough and more to spare for Europeans who have stolen land in Palestine and forced its own people out and to this day continue to bomb, invade and occupy their lands.

The application for membership will be submitted on or about September 19th to the UNSC and General Assembly. Even should the UN vote to recognize Israel, which is quite likely now, Abbas will continue to seek a negotiated settlement with Israel. He has insisted that the move is not in place of negotiations, but rather in addition to them.  But Israeli hawkish premier B. Netanyahu who has no intention of negotiating a deal with the PA rejected these conciliatory statements, saying that a Palestinian bid for statehood would “set back peace, and might set it back years.” Abbas sought to secure a deal with the ruling Islamist movement Hamas, which controls Gaza, to establish a national unity government to provide some credibility to his bid for a Palestinian state, but it has still not been formed because there is no signal from White House on the issue.

The present position of both Fatah and Hamas parties is that even if Israel now presents a new package of ideas to resume talks prior to September 20th, Palestinians would still go to UN and as such Palestinian plans to petition the UN for recognition and membership as an independent Palestinian state are going forward despite intense diplomatic pressure to back down. PLO Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Fatah movement controls the West Bank in collusion with Israel and the USA, announced last year that he would go to the UN to seek membership for a state of Palestine. Abbas said that the US and Israel are too late, and that if such a package is presented, the Palestinians would proceed first to the UN and only then consider returning to negotiations.  Obviously by playing terror gimmicks, Israeli leaders have wasted all the time even from the beginning of the year.

Over 120 nations support the Palestinian cause in UN. But the western terrocries under NATO like the USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic  have vowed to vote against it but USA has threaten to use its veto power at the notorious UNSC to stop the PA’s bid for statehood going ahead, leaving Abbas no option but to go straight to the General Assembly, where there is no veto. With only observer status, the PA is reliant on other nations to push through the statehood resolution, but is expected to win the required two-thirds majority, or 128 votes which is quite possible.

Obama and the Russian ambassador to the UN have each weighed in on the Palestinian UN gambit which is now only one week away. In an interview, Obama called the move a “distraction” from the US-led peace process and said it would not change facts on the ground, but also cautioned Israel not to take any steps of its own such as reprisals for the Palestinian decision to take its bid for statehood to the UN. Obama has previously vowed to veto any resolution on the matter that comes before the UNSC. Obama said regarding the Palestinian UN gambit the Turtle Bay option that, “we don’t think it will actually lead to the outcome that we want, which is a two-state solution.” Also Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip made clear that Hamas is not part of the UN process even though Abbas said that in New York he will be representing “all the Palestinian people.” Meanwhile, at the UN, the Russian ambassador said his country will support the Palestinians in “whatever they decide to do.”  However, Russia is known for mischeif agisnt Muslim antions by suing them to gain some favors from USA. Russians say one thing do exctly  the opposoite by standing by the newly found American bosses.

Saudi leader Prince Turki Al-Faisal, a former head of Saudi intelligence and ambassador to the USA, with strong ties to the West has warned America that failure to support the Palestinian plans to declare statehood and seek UN membership with cost it “the little credibility it has” in the Arab world. if the US fails to support the Palestinian bid for statehood, “the ‘special relationship’ between Saudi Arabia and the USA would increasingly be seen as toxic by the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims…” Al-Faisal detailed the threat to American foreign policy, offering examples of repercussions that include Saudi opposition to the US-supported Iraqi government; Saudi refusal to open an embassy there and part ways on Afghanistan and Yemen as well. In a pointed suggestion rather than overt threat, Al-Faisal raised the possibility of a new Intifada (unleashed violence) in Israel “if the deadlock is not broken shortly.” Al-Faisal also offered a positive incentive for the US to back the UN bid, suggesting that the only losers in this scenario would be Syria and Iran, pariah states that have worked tirelessly — through their support of Hamas and Hezbollah — to undermine the peace process.”

Using its military trump card when both USA and Israel secretly collaborated for years major terror operations around the world, Israeli terror premier B Netanyahu has repeatedly asked B Obama to veto any Security Council condemnation of Israel but the US president refused. However, America's all but unconditional defense of Israel could not remain hidden for long. At the Security Council, the US did block demands for an international inquiry into the raid, similar to Richard Goldstone's inquiry into the Gaza War, and the criticism of Israel for violating international law.

II- US-Israel Multi-pronged Approach

America threatens to use the aid to UN members as Tool to Promote Zionist Crimes against Humanity!The Obama regime has repeatedly threatened to halt its annual financial grant of $470 million to the PA if it proceeds with its plans to ask the UN for recognition. Republican party is seeking to block funds to any UN member that supports the vote for a Palestinian state, as well to withhold a portion of Washington’s UN dues and stop altogether its contributions to the UN Human Rights Council.. Earlier in 1998, when a similar threat to the UN member states that supported the PLO’s push in 1989 for a Palestinian state, the UN was eventually forced to choose between isolating Israel and receiving US contributions. US foreign aid has become crucial to the PA because of its dependability in large part because of the continued failure of Arab nations to make good on their pledges of funding. In 2006, when the American Congress tried to boycott and put sanctions on the Hamas-led government,  the Fatah led PLO got the most money from the world.. World hopes Obama will not take the more draconian step of cutting off aid and risk being accused of propelling the PA and the Palestinian people into deeper fiscal distress.

USA-Israel duo still counts on the fact that PLO is divided. So far, the split between Hamas and Fatah is being exploited and fuelled by USA and Israel. USA and Israel just do not care for well being of the besieged Palestinians. Hoping the US bully can work for Israeli scheme for “talks” the fanatic Jewish leadership put extra pressure on PLO to give up the UN route. The Israelis seemingly also agree that time has been wasted but they make a deliberate attempt to fool Palestinians.  Abbas has been thoroughly discredited by Netanyahu’s refusal to engage in negotiations or comply with UN resolutions or Obama demand for settlement freeze.  Abbas was even ready to agree to mass transfers of Palestinian Israelis to a future Palestinian state, a form of ethnic cleansing designed to meet Israel’s goal of a demographically secure “Jewish state.”

Israel, a close ally of NATO, also kills defenseless Palestinians and uses the corpses as a bargain chip with the Palestinian leadership over their freedom struggle for an independent Palestine state to be a full member of UN. A recent announcement by Israeli military minister Ehud Barak, former terror PM of Israel, that he had placed a hold on plans to transfer the bodies of 84 Palestinian terrorists killed in attacks on Jews has sparked outrage among Israelis who knew nothing about the plan until Barak’s announcement.

The Israeli plan for Jerusalem calls for further construction in two predominantly Jewish "neighbourhoods," as Israel refers to them, in East Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank that Israel has annexed as part of its capital, in a move never recognized internationally. Pisgat Zeev and Ramot, founded roughly 25 to 35 years ago respectively by stealing from Palestine lands and now densely populated. Israeli law makers do not consider them settlements but part of its capital. Israeli Housing Minister Ariel Attias of the right-wing religious Shas party put out the 238 tenders as part of a blueprint for some 4,000 homes, most of which are planned to be built within Israel's recognized borders. Attias had plans for a further 1,700 homes in East Jerusalem.

Palestinians charge that Jewish settlement-building in the West Bank, land Israel captured in a US-UK sponsored 1967 war, undermines efforts to build a viable, contiguous Palestinian state. As per their conspiracy, Israel also captured East Jerusalem in the 1967 war.  By kicking the International law by its face, Israel still insists its own law over Palestine and says East Jerusalem was never part of any building freeze, although many building plans in the city were quietly put on hold after an embarrassment with Washington over tenders disclosed during a March visit by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.

CIA and Mossad agents reign in Palestinian territories too ro weaken freedom movement. Not only Jewish agents have settled  down in West bank, even Palestinians have been converted into Mossad agents. Israel has long permitted illegal Jewish settlers to carry weapons and has already stepped-up offensive against Gaza Strip and the Palestinians, as Israel prepares for a possible full-scale military intervention upon the UN passage for promulgation of a much delayed Palestine state on their own lands now under Zionist occupation. In order to signal its military readiness for an eventual attack on Palestine and holocaust, the Israel Defense Forces that are training settler “security squads” in the West Bank have killed a commander of the Popular Resistance Committees’ military wing, seeking to provoke a military confrontation.

In order to provoke the  USA and Palestine, the Jewish state of Israel has just approved plans to build some 300 new housing units in Ariel, one of the largest settlements in the West Bank, and 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as the capital of their future state. Zionist regime sends exclusive Mossad agents trained in sabotages, terror operations, subversive activities, and essentially anti-Islamic as its envoys to foreign capitals to advance Israeli illegal objectives- the primary one being the sustained anti-Palestine campaign.

On the terror front, Once again Israeli air strikes have killed five people in Gaza Five killed in Gaza despite truce. The attacks threaten an informal truce agreed by Israel and Hamas on 21 August after days of escalating violence. The informal ceasefire was called in an attempt to halt rising tensions, following a series of shooting attacks near Eilat. In the following days, Israeli air raids on Gaza killed 15 people, and more than 100 rockets and mortar shells were fired from Gaza at Israeli towns and cities, killing one man. Many more were seriously wounded including four women and five children. In retaliation, the residents in Ashkelon were sent running for cover from the incoming Palestinian rocket fire. Israeli troops shot and killed 23 unarmed protesters, including a woman and a 12-year-old boy, and wounded about 350 during the demonstrations last June, when protestors from refugee camps in Syria approached the border with the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on the anniversary of the start of the 1967 war. They followed larger, coordinated protests three weeks earlier on four fronts—Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank—and attempts on two others, in Egypt and Jordan, that were thwarted by those governments.

These provocative moves come despite the demands of Israel’s massive social protests for affordable housing in Israel itself. Israeli leadership does not seem to be worried about the “uprisings” in Mideast or Israel because it is confident that US would take care of all its illegal needs. The Palestinian Authority has repudiated any suggestion that it is planning or supporting any mass demonstrations.

Like India and other third world nations with hidden agendas do, Israel also makes strenuous efforts to influence all UNSC-5 rogue states and other big powers to defend their illegal occupations and crimes against humanity. Israel-China relations, which have focused on cooperation in high technology, have shown signs of widening over the last several months to encompass closer defense and security ties, and academic exchanges. Military terror minister Ehud Barak visited China in June, the first time in over a decade, which at one time sold over half a billion dollars of weapons to China annually before US squeezed Israel to halt those ties in the late 1990s.

Israel and USA have now projected as the terror zone the Gaza Strip besieged by Israeli military blockades and terror attacks killing innocent Palestinians. But Gaza is the world's fourth-most-ancient city, but Israel that indirectly occupies it by putting terror blockades and effectively controls it from outside does not permit any foreign tourists to visit the city. Blockaded by Israel and Egypt, impoverished and subject to Islamic strictures, the Gaza Strip isn’t on the itinerary of most of the world’s tourists, but that hasn’t deterred Gaza City from producing a map highlighting local "must sees" –a the brainchild of students and lecturers at the Geography Department of the city’s University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS). This was the project of their dream and aspiration.

 III- Post-Script

UNSC seems to have given blanket approval of Zionist crimes against humanity.  Washington which claims to be crusader for the cause of freedom and democracy does not open its dirty mouth on the issue. USA, claiming to be one of largest democracy like UK and India - all are terrocracies killing Muslims-  insists that Israel as a sovereign state has the right to defend its borders or attack its neighbors but as an occupied nation Palestine must tolerate Israeli fascism.

One immediate result of the American decision to veto the sensible resolution is Palestinians in the West Bank have called for a “day of rage” against US veto next Friday. Some fear the demonstration could trigger the sort of protests that have been spreading throughout the Arab world but had not yet reached the Palestinian territories.

The Obama regime's attempt to have it both ways left Palestinians outraged. An attempt by the administration assuage the Arab world through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s declaration that the Israeli communities in question are “illegitimate” failed to have any effect and angered Israelis at what they see as a blunt dismissal of its position.  Israelis are miffed at the American veto of a UNSC resolution condemning Israeli building on post-1967 lands. Under pressure form Israel, Obama tried until the last possible moment to convince Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud ‘Abbas to withdraw the resolution, but with no success. Palestinian leaders as accusing Obama of threatening Abbas, as before, warning of “repercussions” that could include a loss of aid, if the vote were to take place.

Israelis remained angry that their position regarding the "legal status" of post-1967 land and especially recognition of the difference between land lying within the borders of its capital, Jerusalem, and other land captured in 1967 by conspiracy , is so reflexively dismissed in what they see as a political rendering. Israel, indeed, is anxious about an impending diplomatic defeat framed by acceptance of the Palestinian effort by at least 140 nations but is keen to want USA to veto the resolution, if threat of aid cut does not work. Zionism wants a PLO confrontation with Americans, and USA with UN general assembly.

While Israel pushes Obama to exercise its veto in favor of Zionist crimes and Palestine, Palestinians rightly say that a US veto would raise the question of “how the Americans will be able to continue with their efforts as a fair broker after such an embarrassment.  Obviously, such veto will prove they cannot really continue as fair brokers because no one will take them seriously.

For the Palestinians, the resolution was a litmus test of the American president’s bona fides as honest broker in the peace process. For the Israelis, it was a test of whether the traditional alliance often typified by America’s protection of Israel at the UN remains unshakable in practice as well as in rhetoric. Hamas, which has been forced by USA and Israel to govern Gaza only after wining a landslide in the polls, accused Israel of undermining the truce it announced late on Sunday, having pressured smaller, more radical militant groups to join it. Hamas said such aggressive behavior confirms that Israel has no true intention of maintaining the truce and insists on escalating the situation.

But how to contain the US imperialist agenda of using aid as a tool to promote the dreadful Zionist regime and its crimes against humanity? And, if the dictatorial USA deliberately defeats the Palestinian cause, how will the Arabs deal with the emerging situation effectively - by falling at the feet of the CIA rogues?

Palestine is already a member of UN, but without voting power. UN vote is not everything that the Palestinians seek, but it is a great step toward that; they want their own state quickly enough so that they could live with human dignity without fear and without being terrorized  by its neighbors like Israel. But the vote is essential for any real progress in Mideast peace. Hopefully, Obama will show his human nature at least now by supporting the Palestine resolution and let peace win in Mideast!

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