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Cricketism: ICC also Declares Sachin OUT, finally!



So, notwithstanding media pressure cum terror tactics from India, the English players have played cricket  for UK and against India's fake prestige.  This looks like a positive trend.

One can comprehend the amount of frustration, disappointment and shame Indians who promoted  select cricketers  for special awards of the  regime msut be undergoing now  but they still refuse to understand and change their  fickle mindset geaared so far to get wins at any cost by hook or crooke- by fxing give and take  records, 100 plus, 50 plus etc plus the wickets. .

Indian cricketism has reached  saturation point now and has begun  to explode in a natural manner. Indian reigme,  corporate media and mafia are  guilty for this.

First, the boys, especially those school dropouts, who pay cricket on the streets want to enter the zonal cricket/hockey team somehow and  move on to the national level to play international cricket. Second, these cricketers who deadly enjoy cocktails throughout the night want to play and get promoted by the regime agents corporate  lords networks and mafias only to make good cash by all sorts of means. Third, they slowly target medals and awards while fully enjoying extensive foreign trips on state cost. The regime agents pamper and promote select cricketers for wards and military, police and intelligence teams actively are engaged in getting award for their favorite "candidates".

The result is rampant  corruption, extra favoritism and nepotism in Indian award offerings. Under these India great  circumstances, Sachins are pampered by the  regime agents and corporate masters by fixing matches  officially with other nations- directly for give and take records.  Result is bogus records and rankings.

Recent cricket matches are tuned exclusively to ICC awards. Each team was target particular award for their  nominees and  Indian cricketer Dhoni  likewise payed gimmick to obtain an award for  the "spirit" of cricketism.  Indian captain Dhoni won the Spirit of Cricket Award 2011 at the International Cricket Council (ICC) Awards here for allowing England batsman Ian Bell to continue batting after he was run out in controversial circumstances during the Trent Bridge Test in July. The award is voted by the members of the Elite Panels of ICC Match Referees and Umpires. Dhoni's gesture was voted as the winner ahead of that of South Africa's Jacques Kallis, who twice demonstrated such spirit during the 2011 World Cup by walking once he had clarified with opposition fielders directly that they had caught the ball cleanly rather than waiting for the umpires to decide.

It has been a regular scene that Dhoni and others raise their  hands and make loud cry for OUT even when they know the  batboys is not out and there is not "edge" in favor. How can such people be the "spirit" of cricket or sport? Many times their catches are proper, but they claim wickets scrupulously.

On what was the last ball before tea on the third day, Bell hit the ball towards the boundary. He mistakenly thought it had gone for four, left his crease and headed towards the pavilion assuming the session was over and the ball was dead. Meanwhile the ball, which had not reached the rope and, therefore, was still in play, was returned to the middle, the bails removed and Bell was correctly given run out. Upon reflection during the tea interval and following a request from the England team, Dhoni eventually withdrew the appeal and recalled Bell, thus turning boos into cheers from the crazy Nottingham crowd.

To see players and officials uphold the Great Spirit of cricket, which has underpinned the game for more than a century, is another mischief, very special mischief played on the  sport viewers that want their favorite team to win- no mater how!.

It is a different matter altogether that there is no honesty in America and Europe like everywhere else so Dhoni's drama aiming at the ICC award of claiming wicket first and then, when Bell resented asked the  umpire  to withdraw the "wicket".  Western and eastern universities offer honorary  D.Law degrees for money or jsut for fun on special request from important zones.

In the  World cup  held in India, Pakistani team underplayed against India, like like the the world champions Pakistani hockey team did recently in the Asian  Champions in China. Pakistani cricketers not simply pretend  they are worse than Indians, but even showed in practice by  playing mischief against Pakistan that they are weaker than India. . Zimbabwean cricketers  testify that the Pakistani players are a side who go well at the death, they swing it and their spinners are really hard to get away in the middle overs.

Indian hockey players bullied and even blackmailed India to offer big cash  to them because they somehow won against Pakistan just like cricket team which has now been exposed in London as one of the weakest teams around. The question  not how India wins, but it has managed a win.  Indian regime offered 25, 000 thousand rupees which is the usual amount paid to every person escalated in railway accident with  minor injuries, but hockey team pressed for more money something like 100,000 rupees per head  the amount paid to the  nears]est kind of the dead in rail or road accident. Later, an amount of 1.5 lakhs per head was announced by the sport minister who has been campaigning along with  police minister to appoint Sachin Tendulakar the Pharatratna post on special request from military, police and intelligence teams as well as corporate world.  In fact, ideally, every cricket or hockey player expects  about 6000,000 rupees ( 60 lakh) which is the amount the Air India pays to the kin of the dead in air crash.

One thing: if the teams wins every player want extra big cash from the  central and state governments but when the team  fails no penalty is collected from the  players and the  couches. This looks unfair to the nation which spends huge resources  on them and woudl like to  implement reward and  penalty on same scale. Now the cricket is returnng "home" without emplty hands having  lsot Inidna face in all formats. They must be fined!

Finally, upon kicks down from all bowlers who had all along boosted  his fake image for too long, the ICC, now run by India, has also given Sachin OUT by resisting all pressures from different directions to appoint him the cricket or the year! Enough is really enough and Sachin has played more than enough and  now it is time for him  to call it a day. Many cricketers have retired  before him and he should not feel shy  at least now. He should have done it  long ago instead of playing with the cricket fate of other young players. After all the team is trained and paid by the regime.

So, Indian payers  do not play for mother India  but for their own sake and for cash, for rewards and awards.  Mother India requires only such rotten people with bogus records to boost its fake image. What a shame!

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