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Budget 2012: Indian Parliament becomes a Rubber-stamp!



In modern times budget presentation by the ruling dispensations has evolved into a meagre routine formality readily approved by the parliament as their supremacy rights. 


Generally speaking, budget should provide broad insights into the welfare measures intended for the populations that give mandate to the rulers to govern the nation for the benefits of population. However, today, budget by an d large stands for the economic health of the nation to promote capitalist onwards match as part of colonialist and imperialist framework.This is because the  corporate  houses and mafias finance the polls, seeking to reap all major benefits from budgets for themselves. these big fellows guide the finance ministry in preparing budgets. 




In terrocracies like India where the corporatist regime and media joint exploit the masses by raking up all sorts of terror gimmicks, parliament just puts it won stamp before it is legally done by the president, the top most rubber stamp of the nation. 


The rich, corporates, multi-nationals generously fund the political parties, polls,  bureuocrats and politicians -  control them directly and through their leaders. They literally control the every thing in the regime and parliament. Today, even many corporate agents have become are members of parliaments and state assemblies . 


Budgets cannot be secret documents if they are meant for the comon people - the voters. The regime unearths the secret budget only inside parliament by presenting it to the parliamentarian taking full days, as if the budget contents are really heavily guarded secret in modern remote era when many embassies, among others, are fully equipped with remote gadgets to track all such "secrets". 


Budgets are in a way the open state assurance to multi-nationals and national corporates and mafias the continued support of the regime for their roaring existence. And hence the regime keeps the budget a secret document at least for the people - the voters. 


People are fooled by budget and its gimmicks. The parliamentarians and assembly members just enjoy their special privileges and presence in the houses, just like cricket batboys do at the crease, playing joint cricket exercises with the help of opposition bowlers. 


The day long lengthy and lethargic speech by the troubled finance minister makes the MPs/MLAs too tired too, while many of them just use the opportunity to sleep well without disturbing  their neighbours who are engaged in watching live cricket matches. . 

Today, the secret document is secretly made available to the corporates but people are  unaware and not  allowed to know of the contents.. In stead of keeping budget as the top secret matter, the Indna regime must declare the budget at least one week in advance for assessment and reactions of various sections of society before it s presented to the parliament. 

Once the budget is open to public  for debate, there is every possibility that some good suggestions would come form the nation at large and proper advice would be made by the concerned persons and agencies. 

It goes without saying that USA-UK terror twins and   colonialist  bosses play importnat role in Indan budget making, trying to ensure maximum benefit sfor the cpaist corporates,  particularly from  their  countries. The  strategists from USA-Uk terror twins hiidng inside their  embassies in New delhi extned capitlaist counselling.  The Pentagon-CIA nuts use the  MPs to obstruct budget if it does not cater for the corporatist needs.  Hence Indian regime run by Sonia-Manmohan seems to take instructions directly from  US-UK embassies. 

An Observation 


Indian parliamentarians pursuing their own private interests by exploiting the nation's resources, claim to be the supreme in the country. 

In the name of so-called national interests the regime keeps every thing a secret, allowing malpractices and rampant corruption  in the  governmental activities. People's resources are being swindled by the scrupless politicians.  

It is a pulbically known secret that the president of Indian and his/her deputy are the finest automatic rubber stamps who affix their signatures as soon as they receive "documents" and "notes" from cabinet or parliament.  but the crude fact is that Indian parliament is also another strongish rubber stamp of the regime that employs all possible gimmicks including terrorism, cricketism, Pakistan, China and Islam.  Like the  elections do for the regimes, budgets are used as legitimacy tool to promote US made capitalism and NATO led militarism and colonization of neighborhoods. 

Pulbic should have the key role to determine the expenditure on purchases of terror equipment and the nature of military  goods needed for India the nation, including nukes, especially when a puppet Pakistan is also fast becoming a pro-India state. MPs and MLAs should debate the military spending and nuclear arms needs so that more resources could be found for the welfare of the people.  

Make the budget an open document hereafter for people to observe its plus and minus points well in time.  In stead of coming out with lengthy speech  by way of budget presentation, the finance ministers could initiate the debate in the house by spelling out salient features of the budget.  Since the members should have through knowledge of the budget already, they participate  with constructive  suggestions on the basis of feedback from the public. 

Indian regime must be transparent as far as possible and take the people into confidence in all matters and there cannot absolute secrecy dividing  the regime and people.  The government in office is duty bound to first place the budget before the nation first and take  it to the parliament only after it gets the advance feed back from the public.

People must be placed above Parliament and no healthy democracy is possible without sufficient transparency. 

Yes, people cannot be fooled for ever, please!

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