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Cricket:  Australia Struggles Against West Indies





After their outstaying Commonwealth bank Tri series in Australia, Aus team is on tour in West Indies and they are not as steady as they perhaps expected. .


This is happening even as another exciting contest in the Asia Cup among the 4 South Asian cricket teams where both India and Sri Lanka have been knocked out of the Cup series and now all that's left of this tournament is the all important final to be played on 22 March between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladesh has now emerged a strong contender for the Cup. .


 That when the bowlers take their profession w serious, the match could be really interesting has been vividly proven by Australia-Windies ODIs.  A crunch game in the series as it stands 1-1 going into the 3rd ODI of the 5-match series.  After winning one each of the first 2 ODI, both began a somewhat serious 3rd match at St. Vincent Kingstown, West Indies for an unexpected tie. .Winning the toss, Australia elected to bat and Windies began targeting every batboy.


Australia, one of good teams available now, finds itself under tremendous pressure from West Indies, known as average team, plays well only against weak teams.  What was witnessed on 20th March was a strong bowling unit of WI making all out and serious efforts to make Australian bating lineup collapse by restricting them right from the ball one.  The better known Aus batboys like Husseys had to struggle to get runs, let alone chances for expansive shots for 4s and 6s at will. As WI bowlers did not offer too many 4s or 6s, the Australian batters also failed make any impact being at the crease. Run flows stopped from 6th overs, resulting in wickets. The guests collapsed with a meager 220 runs, making the  match turn against them since the Australians bowlers generally  do  not attempt serious bowling unless they are pressured so.


But Australian bowlers, for a change in recent times, came alive to apply pressure on WI batboys as well. Sure enough, the Aussies came out hard, determined not to repeat their previous game's mistakes and had the Windies on the mat, at 78/5. When Pollard departed with the score reading 117/6, it seemed curtains for the Windies. But the lower order hung around and in the end, just fell at the last hurdle.



Since the WI did not let the Australian batboys shine beyond certain limit and without getting any 100 plus, the Australian bowlers and fielders took their profession a bit seriously and began bowling recklessly, restricting the WI batboys to same 220 runs, thereby obtaining a tie. . .



WI requiring 5 runs in the last 4 balls, Brett Lee bowled 49.3 over to Sammy for FOUR, that almost sealed win for the West Indies, length ball outside off, Sammy thwacks it to wide long on and the fielder dives to his right but he cannot stop it, scores were level now..


The next ball, however, produced an anti-climax! A low yorker from Brett Lee just outside off, and Sammy squeezes it out to backward point where Bailey collects it, Roach has already started off for a quick single while Sammy is unmoved, he goes past Sammy and Bailey fires the throw at the bowler's end, Lee whips the bails off and the match is tied, and the series is tied 1-1. What a match this has been, absolutely amazing!  WI needed just 1 off 3 balls but they were all out with the next ball itself.


WI skipper Darren Sammy said the result is pretty disappointing as they felt that they could easily beat them. Had they given 100 plus to one of Australian batboys, perhaps their bowlers would have been soft on WI batboys and even let them win.


WI has gone better with years now. Caribbean side is far different from the one that lost 0-5 in 2008 in the West Indies and then 0-4 in Australia.  Australians are now puzzled.


The 4th ODI will be played on Friday, 23rd March, 2012 before they finally clash for the last ODI.

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