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Hindu Fanaticism of Indian Political Agents  



Politicians in so-called secular India harm the communal peace in Muslim localities by using fanatic Hindus and fanatic parties. Police plays role assigned to them by the politicians and regime. 


Unfortunately, Hinduism is presented almost equal to arrogance, stupidity, insanity. 


No party, no regime  thus far since 1947 cared to protect the genuine concerns and interests of Muslims in spite the pledge given to Muslims by Indian state then led by Jawaharlal Nehru to do so because  sizable chunk of Hindus are extremely fanatic and  extra terror mined. Islamaphobia and terrorism gimmicks, skillfully employed by the central-state governments and media have further strengthened fanatic Hindus to misbehave and even terrorize Muslims.  And  Hindus with petrified mindset, howsoever  minority they might be in the society, ill-treat and insult Muslims where possible because they expect Muslims as a minority in the country to be  slave-minded and serve the Hindu/Hindutva cause.  


Today, Indian leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and even youthful Rahul Gandhi try not to protect Muslim interests and defend them from Hindu fanatics and covert terror elements. By taking necessary clues from New Delhi, the regional governements also pursue one and the same anti-Muslm policy. 


Indian media, duty-bound to protect Muslims form majority vultural  people,  have also done the most disastrous anti-Muslim role in Indiana society, keeping the divide in tact for political or some other reason. 


Irrespective of whether a Hindus live in Muslim locality or not, Hindus who have absolute control over the regime and state and non-state agencies, always try to contorl Muslim localities well. 


The Hindus are hard testing the patience and tolerance of Muslims when Hindus from  other localities come and attack them physically or mechanically.  The reign agents use remote machines to make surveillance operations as well as devil dreams in sleep 


I live in a Muslim locality. There is temple structure which is being used as a tool by some  Hindu fanatics from  nearby localities to create menace to locals. It appears there is a strong network creating menace for my stay in my room. This includes the residences of the locality and those involved in Padrakali temple in the street. 


Now, as before, the temple structure people are making loud noise through loud-speakers as part of their annual drama - for 7days- and have deliberately placed multi-stereos in front of my place of stay to relay non-stop nuisance affecting my routine life and I have to go far away to escape it. But how long? 


I approached them more than once requesting them to take away the terror noise from front side of my room but they flatly refused and asked me to keep cotton in my ears. Even cotton is helpless because they keep increasing the volume to a mad level. When I pleaded to reduce the volume of the menace they increased the volume to showcase their monkey power.


I told them that I would approach police for help but their reply was very cold as if local police is in their own custody. They are damn sure they have the support of "important" fanatics leaders. 


It is really sad that the Hindutva moorings have now reached such a level that the temple people can do anything even in Muslim streets.  


They seem to be enjoying too much sadistic pleasure at my and others’ cost and are guilty.  They deserve some punishment 

In fact, these guys do not live in this locality but come fro nearby localities  only to show their strength in menace to Muslim living here.  


I do not know how to contain these fanatic monkeys. 


I appeal to Police to kindly quickly intervene to end the street and community menace by the human monkeys and let me live in my room. 


People today have many other forms of entertainment and loud speakers are a serious menace especially in streets where people from other religions and those seek peace and communal harmony also live. 



The old practice of loud speaker culture has no relevance  today when every house has TV sets, computers, tape recorders, videos, etc and  loud speaker noise has no meaning at all. Already the police has not taken any step to contain the  loud speaker menace in spite of my repeated appeals.  This attitude from police is not good  at all. The anti-social elements are bold. And already I have suffered days this year.  And the problem creators think they can go like this for ever.  

Obviously, those anti-social elements who blast loudspeakers to create social tensions at street level do not have any real faith in god they claim.  They are not even aware of the fact that Hindu gods do not ask them to showcase their  loud speaker "power" to others or misbehave with Muslims by crating sound pollution. 

Is it the way to appease gods for favors? 

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