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2012  Nuclear Security Summit  in South Korea: Fake Concerns




South Korea, an ally of USA, is hosting the second Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Seoul on March 26 and 27.  This summit in Seoul on nuclear disarmament, being attended by representatives from some 50 countries, is expected to create a new momentum to secure world free of nuclear threats and tensions.


The summit agenda is to be expanded to include a wide variety of radiological materials which terrorists could use to make a dirty bomb - one that spreads radiological contamination rather than initiating a nuclear explosion. But experts say there is unlikely to be agreement on converting all nuclear power stations to use low-enriched fuel.


In April 2010, US President B. Obama convened a summit in Washington that set the ambitious goal of securing all “vulnerable nuclear materials” worldwide within four years.  USA claims to be non-vulnerable while they also claim to have been attacked by foreign terrorists. The Washington NSS summit  in April 2010 succeeded in heightening global awareness of the dangers of nuclear terrorism and motivating a number of states to improve nuclear security by ratifying international conventions and treaties on physical protection and nuclear terrorism and by updating their national nuclear security laws, regulations, and systems. Nevertheless, a recent report by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) concluded that many states have a long way to go in providing adequate security for their nuclear material and that many storage sites for HEU and plutonium around the world are not well secured.



Both USA and Russia, with largest nukes under their control have not decided on the nature of disarmament. US president B. Obama is expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in May to discuss further nuclear arms cuts. Obama would seek to follow on from the New Start (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) pact he struck in 2010 with outgoing Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev in 2010  However, all these ‘talks” have  not been genuine.  




Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, there have been fears generated by the CIA-Pentagon nuts about nuclear materials falling into the hands of so-called “terrorists and extremists”. Russia, the successor state of USSR, was asked by the USA/NATO to gather nukes form former Soviet republics and the Kremlin by using it military power and influence did that as far as possible, becoming the strongest nuclear power of the East. Ukraine has transferred fissile material to a Russian storage site.



In order to restrain Moscow from going for more sophisticated nukes, USA created the bogey of “terrorists and extremists” and the Sept-11 hoax fitted well the US agenda of dominating and controlling global nukes.


This strange phenomenon thwarted all attempts by non-nuclear powers to do away with nukes as part of total disarmament.  But, USA never let the world know its real nuclear dominance intention.  Washington, London and their key allies aptly spread false alarms about others that al-Qaeda is seeking to obtain material for a nuclear or radiological bomb, while speeding up with their own nuclear surges.



The USA and Russia, former super powers waging cold war, have failed the talks talking about missile defense in stead of disarmament.  Obama claims he heralded an earlier agreement with Russia to reduce nuclear arsenals under the New START Treaty, which Obama called "the most comprehensive arms control agreement in nearly two decades." "When we're done, we'll have cut American and Russian deployed nuclear warheads to their lowest levels since the 1950s," he said. Obama also prodded Russia in a new way, saying he would seek discussions with Moscow on an unprecedented front: reducing not only strategic nuclear warheads, but also tactical weapons and warheads in reserve. 



The New Start deal agreed between Washington and Moscow was intended to replace its lapsed predecessor, Start. It trims US and Russian nuclear arsenals to 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads - a cut of about 30% from a limit set previously. The treaty would also allow each side visually to inspect the other's nuclear capability, with the aim of verifying how many warheads each missile carries. In addition, there will be legally binding limits on the number of warheads and missiles that can be deployed on land, on submarines, and on bombers, at any one time.

USA that has helped Israel, a fascist regime in Mideast, with stockpile of illegal nukes without information to IAEA or transparency about its nukes position or any accountability, vaguely talks about non-nuclear world. . But American strategists claim that they have an interest in making sure that international norms surrounding non-proliferation, preventing destabilizing nuclear weapons, is very important. USA has warned North Korea that its planned long-range missile launch would only increase its isolation. Pyongyang says it is preparing to launch a long-range missile which it says will put a satellite in orbit.


Obama says he stood by his pledge for a globe without nuclear weapons, declaring flatly that the United States has more than it needs and can cut its arsenal without weakening its security or that of its allies. America has reiterated the commitment of the US as ''the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons'' to reducing its nuclear arms stockpile. Pledging to work with Russia and China on denuclearization of world, Obama says he is pushing for "a world without nuclear weapons", making direct appeals to North Korea and Iran. He emphasized the America’s “unique position” to seek change but said "serious sustained global effort" was needed.  



As the sole super power having endorsement of even Russia, Americans wanted to make others to freeze advanced nuclear research and nuke production. Some progress has been made by coercing those nations seeking to have nuclear facility for whatever reasons to be free from nuclear energy ambitions. Chile for example returned highly enriched uranium to the US; Kazakhstan has moved spent fuel to a secure depot.




USA has been pushing for ending NK nuclear efforts saying they would receive food aid in exchange for a partial freeze on nuclear activities and an end to ballistics tests. Obama and US ally South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said North Korea risked further sanctions and isolation if it did not cancel its launch plans. Obama said, as a father who did not want to see his daughters growing up in a world with nuclear threats.


The North has been openly pursuing a military dimension to the nuclear program for years, and is believed to possess enough weapons-grade plutonium for at least six bombs. In 2006 and again in 2009 the North Korea regime shocked the world by bragging that it had conducted successful nuclear weapons tests.


Backed by USA, South Korea has warned it will shoot down the rocket if it strays over its territory. The launch site is in north-western North Korea, not far from the Chinese border. The North said the launch - between 12 and 16 April - would mark the 100th birthday of former leader Kim Il-sung. Pyongyang also regularly proclaims that it is committed to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.




With a view to promoting Israeli fascism, USA is also ill-focused on Iran and Obama said there was still time to resolve the impasse over its nuclear program through diplomacy.





It is unfortunate that the most crucial issues confronting  the humanity, like the climate change and disarmament, are being hijacked by the global dictator USA which, in pursuit of its national/global interests,  seeks to impose it sown ideas on the world. 


It is a known fact that Americans, promoting state terror operations across the globe and shielding all top state criminals, including Bush, Blair and Obama himself, do not have the courage to pursue peace. For USA, nukes are the chief cause for fake pride. 


USA double-speaks are not nothing new.In delaying to find credible solution to problems, American self-interest and arrogance play the destructive  roles.  USA is eager to keep all nukes but wants to make other nations nuclear free.


Nothing on arms reduction or destruction by big nuclear powers is verifiable and nor the stated actions could be verified.



Also, America has no intention of making a legally binding commitment to forego the acquisition of enrichment and reprocessing capabilities. While the USA makes loud noise about nuclear threat emanating g from non-state agencies, there is still no common appreciation of the level of threat posed by nuclear terrorism. Global countries and humanity at large see this whole process as a futile exercise to fool the world about nuclear program by Iran and North Korea and therefore highly intrusive. Despite lofty announcements it may prove difficult to achieve significant progress at the summit. Nor will there be agreement on common standards for nuclear security.



Terrocratic America and its NATO allies are essentially anti-peace. The Seoul nuclear summit is officially aimed at reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism. But the Seoul summit is possibly meant to bully Iran and North Korea and threaten those nations that week nuclear energy. In the name of “civilian use”, South Korea is pursuing several nuclear-related national interests not related directly to the summit.

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