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Pakistan Sticks to its Guns over US Drone Terrorism





Relations between puppet Pakistan and its boss the USA have been severely strained since a November 26 NATO air attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan shut down overland supply routes to NATO troops in land-locked Afghanistan and forced US personnel off an air base in southwest Pakistan that had been used to launch drone strikes on militants on the Pakistani side of the Afghan border.

And people of Pakistan are deadly against Americans and their terror forces occupying  their nation on any pretexts. That West treats Islamabad as their colony has angered even the elites who have close contacts with western embassies and keep vising USA and Europe. . 


Pakistani government has maintained that any resumption of cooperation on several issues, including the war on so-called “militancy”, would depend on the review.

Pakistani parliamentary committee recommending a new direction for ties with the USA said on 20th March that it wants a halt to NATO terror attacks in Pakistan by US drone aircraft. Raza Rabbani, the committee's chairman, outlining recommendations in parliament, also said Pakistan should demand an unconditional apology for a November 26 NATO air attack from within Afghanistan that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Rabbani said that if and when supplies to foreign forces in Afghanistan are resumed, the loads may be taxed.

However,  in spite of massacres of Pakistanis by NATO terrorists, Pakistani regime seems to be happy to be a puppet regime of USA and perform the CIA duties with dedication on payment basis, also is reluctant to ask  them to quite Pakistani soil. 

This is manly because of anti-Islamic services Pakistani regime rendered to USA for years now, including murdering of Muslims. Many individual Pakistani have thrived by collaboraating with USA and UK at the cost of  Pakistan nation and people. . .  

Since Pakistan provides justification for NATO terrorism and legitimacy for US illegal occupation of Pakistan, Pakistan's cooperation is seen by Pentagon-CIA nuts as critical to US efforts to control though they claim to “stabilize” Afghanistan as the Obama regime theoritically winds down combat operations.

It  is high time the Pakistani regime respected the ant-America sentiments of  Pakistanis and put an end to NATO occupation of Islamabad, Af-Pak and Silk Route, controlling the leaders, politics and policies not only of puppet Pakistan but also puppet Afghanistan! 


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