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Russia Remains Top Foe of USA



The dictatorial USA-UK terror twins, jointly deciding  global affairs including state terror operations, cannot just tolerate former super power Moscow's interferences against western interests.Russia seeks to to equals with USA-UK twins in world markets and allows them to enter the Central Asia energy market for controlling the profits. . .

Not even the Sept-11 hoax , to terrorize the humanity, perpetrated in USA obviously by the anti-Islamic strategic gangs led by the CIA-Pentagon, for obvious strategic and energy goals and tactfully reciprocated by Russia and other terrocracies by terror actions indoors and similar terror dramas across the globe, including in colonial India, have not helped Russia to earn a "good boy" if not "shared values" status in Washington.

That is because, there wasn't any real Sept-11 terror from outsiders and USA indeed does not require any "endorsement" or "solidarity"  from Russia or China or their allies, like India. However, Washington accepted all such pro-USA sympathetic gestures out of courtesy and primarily in order not to offend with rejection the Russians who would not buy CIA gimmicks as realty.  Russians would n have exposed the US terror gimmicks to go ahead with "shield".

American leaders still prefer to call Russia/Soviet Union as a rogue state, though they do not openly do so for fear of Moscow;s  what they call "nuisance value" on international forums. US President Ronald Reagan once described the Soviet Union as "the evil empire". In fact the US leaders use this image crush" as the bargain chip to  get the Moscow's support in US manipulations in Central Asia and other parts of world. 

Russia has somehow, after prolonged crawling,  managed get positive signals from USA and allies  for entering the WTO, though the WTC was destroyed on Sept-11 years ago. . 

One of the  US presidential candidates seeking to control  the world from White House, Mitt Romney has identified Russia as the top most rogue state and arch enemy of USA. Romney made the comments while criticizing President B. Obama for appearing to suggest a future deal with Russia on the issue of missile defense. Romney had called Obama's remarks "alarming" and "troubling". "If he's planning on doing more and suggests to Russia that he has things he's willing to do with them, he's not willing to tell the American people - this is to Russia, this is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe," Romney said.

Russian President D. Medvedev has rebuked US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for saying Russia is the "number one geopolitical foe" of the US. Medvedev said Romney's comments "smelled of Hollywood" and advised him to "use his head".

USA and Russia have been on the "warfront" even after the death of cold war  on disarmament and missile shield  Moscow has long opposed US plans for a missile defense system in Europe. In remarks caught by TV cameras  during a summit in Seoul, Obama had appeared to suggest to Medvedev that he would have more "flexibility" on difficult issues such as missile defense after November's US presidential election.


In response, Medvedev said  he would recommend that all US presidential candidates... do at least two things: that they use their head and consult their reason when they formulate their positions, and that they check the time - it is now 2012, not the mid-1970s.  The other half of Putin-Medvedev, the Kremlin boss twins, Medvedev said: "As for ideological cliches, I always get nervous when one side or the other starts using phrases such as 'enemy number one' and so on."  Russia knows it has the control lever as a veto member of on notorious UNSC to get what it wants from USA and Europe and others .


Moscow is used to being singled out as "the wicked witch of the east" by American politicians and got the support of  colonialist Europeans who deadly feared communism and socialism. .

Maybe the so-called cold war is over long ago, officially, but do the Americans really see their former foes like Russia or China  as their strategic partners or friends?

Your guess is as good as mine. 

However, what is amazing is the  crude fact that both former super powers readily collaborate for controlling and regulating  global resources and  against Islam and Muslim nations.

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