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Indian Nuclearism: Russian Interference in Kudankulam Nuclear Terror Project






India, like all other terrocracies pursuing  capitalist-imperialistic agendas, is being run by a minority puppet regime led by banker Manmohan Singh, providing stability for the well being of the rich exploitative, corrupt and billionaires elements. in the name of "progress" through nuclear terror projects, the leaders in the country are indeed gambling with the lives of people. 


Both USA and Russia arm-twist New Delhi to advance their -trade-terror agendas.


Russia, controlled by oligarchs and Putin-Medvedev twins pushed the India on the resumption of Kudankulam nuclear terror project, ignoring all protests of the people of India.


Ever since the Kudankulam nuclear terror project was shut down due the protests by the people, Russia intensified their diplomatic efforts to get the plant reopened at any cost. And the Bric meeting was deliberately convened in New Delhi to enable Russian leaders to push for the Kudankulam project as a bargain chip to concede certain concessions to India.


Ahead of Russian President D. Medvedev’s visit to India, Russian Ambassador Alexander M Kadakain who works for Russian merchants of terror goods said the agreements for the units III and IV of the Kudankulam nuclear plant were “almost ready”. Moscow, he underlined, was hoping that the nuclear liability law won’t apply to them.

Medvedev will touch down here on Wednesday on a two-day visit during which he will participate in the BRICS summit of the five emerging economies, including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The civil nuclear co-operation is expected to figure prominently in bilateral talks.

Fukushima Dai-ichi is a series of equipment failures, nuclear meltdowns, and releases of radioactive materials at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, following the Tôhoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. It is the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. But Indian politicians think nuclear terror plants in India are safe though the horror memories of Bhopal tragedy are still alive.  Indian regime is of a bunch of corrupt fellows promoting crimes. .  


When tsunami devastated the Fakushima nuclear plant in Japan last year, people of Kudankulam realized that Indian/Tamil governments are trapping them inside the radiation zones with the risky radiation attacks as well as possible nuclear blasts. And they fearlessly protested, sending the terror nuclear scientists and the entire corpus of nuclear gangs out of the pant as well as their village.  The nuclear plant was shut down but the Indian regime under severe pressure from Russia forced the Tamil state government headed by Jayalalitha who is facing serious corruption cases in disproportionate asset cases, to somehow help the reopening of the terror project- let the people get killed. After nearly six months, work at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) resumed with around 950 technical and non-technical personnel and 100 Russian technocrats after the Tamil Nadu cabinet resolution on early commissioning of the plant.


India’s atomic power plant operator, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL), is building two 1,000MW reactors at Kudankulam in Tirunelveli district, around 650km from Chennai.


Russian economy depends on the sale of terror goods, nuclear reactors, oil and gas etc.


India is wasting hugely the nation’s resources on terror goods and the related technological agendas. The Kremlin seeking to have nuclear terror satellite nations around the world, and India wants more and  more nuke arsenals to match Pakistan’s and China’s.  Knowing Indian nuclear mindset, Russia is eager to go all about selling nuclear reactors to willing terrocracies across the globe and installing as many nuclear terror plants in India which is keen to showcase its nuclear prowess to China. .


Russia was expecting India to formally propose another site to it after the proposal for locating a nuclear facility in Haripur in West Bengal was opposed by the Trinamool Congress. The new site for Russia is expected to be announced after Manmohan Singh’s talks with Medvedev who referred to the nuclear roadmap sealed by the two countries in 2010.  He said “We are in complete agreement with India to go ahead with “the serial production of nuclear plants” in India”. Russia wants that India’s civil nuclear liability will not apply to these new units as they were part of earlier agreements which predated the liability regime.


The Russian envoy was all upbeat a that finally the Manmohan regime achieved what Moscow wanted and Russia dismissed the dramatic bogus Bhagavatgita ban as a token of gratitude for letting Russia sell its nuclear assets to India and considered the resumption of work at the Russia-built Kudankulam nuclear plant as his own shot in arms as well as of Putin-Medvedev terror twins. But he also said the stalling of the work at the plant due to agitations spearheaded by NGOs in Tamil Nadu had cost around $1 million to India every day over the last six months.



Sri Lanka has rightly objected to Indian nuclear terror project in Kudankulam, on the Bay of Bengal that links Sri Lanka with India, placing that nation also under the radiation zones and has complained to the IAEA to stop its operations.  


However,  Tamil State  or nearby Kerala state where its capital town Trivandrum is also under the radiation belt, threatening the very existence of that town and nearby areas, have kept silent because Congress party is also ruling Kerala state and is eager only to share the electricity if generated but not thinking about danger now or for the future generations.  They are ordinary selfish politicians seeking favor from New Delhi. Interestingly, Kerala ex-chief-minister and communist leader Achu had first announced his resolve to visit the Kudankulam m to express solidarity with the people fighting to shut down the nuclear terror operations.  But the Kerala Communist party CPM on special request from Tamil communist outfit and congress party, denied permission to him to support the people and he abandoned his plan for the time being. When news broke out about his change of plan, the CPM leadership asked him to deny the reports that leadership objected to Achu's proposed visit and he did it obediently. Now being outside the powerful politburo, Achu says he is yet to decide on the matter. 


This is how Indian politicians and parties  cheat the people and o work against their  safety and security. 


One can thus see the insanity of Indian regime; the central regime is under tremendous terror pressure directly from Moscow, coercing the corrupt politicians to support the Russian terror  cause against Indian people and the Russian ambassador has been pestering the ministers form Tamil State though bribes to go ahead with nuclear terror operations, come what may. And India, which makes false aloud cry when an Indian beggar is attacked abroad, is shamelessly dong it. 


An Observation


Indian soil, not just of Tamil, must be left nuclear free s that people can breathe freshair. In order to forcifully reopen the Kudankulam terror station and to make electricity crisis look real, Indian regime has imposed  artificial electricity shortage  gimmicks in Tamilnadu. Congress, BJP and other political outfits  cunningly blamed the people of Kudankulam for the elctrity shortage in the state. How come an eocnmically developed nation could not ensure electricity security and human safety so far? 


It is atrocious that in competing with  nuclear powers, India is eager to blast more nukes than any other country and all politicians and leaders have converged on the fake idea of keeping the humanity under perpetual risks.  Russia is also in talks with Pakistani puppet regime to sell them nuclear terror project. The middle men, including politicians, make also huge profits too.  But the national governments are purchasing deaths from greedy Russia and others at a big price because they also get sumptuous commissions in their foreign accounts.  Baring a few individuals, like Mamta Banergee and Vaiko, all politicians cheat the people, shield Indian crimes and nuclear deals. 


This is provocative utterance by a guest from Moscow in India and unnecessary interference in internal affairs of another country in order for making huge profits at the cost of existence of people in Kudankulam village. And this misbehavior by a foreign dignitary in India goes against diplomatic immunity.


Russian envoys Kadakain deserves punishment but now he must be recalled back to Russia and India must ask him to leave New Delhi for his anti-people operations, including misusing the media and the bribing of agents in Delhi and Tamil state.  


There are many other sources for electricity generation and India has got all options open.  But seeking to gain some selfish benefits, India continues to work for other big powers, making the lives of people insecure with more and more nuclear terror projects. 


India must forthwith shut down the Kudankulam nuclear terror project and let people live in peace, if even if poor.  Indian regime must ask their ministers form Tamil State to behave and look after the people in Kudankulam. 


Obviously, the Congress party and BJP, among others,  must have got  plenty of cash form Russian and India regime  as commissions to promote nuclear terror deals and these  crimes should be probed. The sources of funding for all major national parties must be urgently probed


If Manmohan, the former Reserve bank boss, has also made extra profits for himself or for his relatives or associates through illegal means that also should also be thoroughly investigated. 

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