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Indian Regime Shields State Crimes and Promotes Frauds





Global state terrorism has come stay in one form or  the other on one or another pretext.  The GST rogues led by unilateral USA and its other half of the terror twins, the UK are still on their way to destory the world by illegal wars that pose serious threats

cimatic change and human survival. 



India is among the safest sanctuaries in the wrold for the GST leaders and cricket frauds from UK led commonwealth nations. The cricketers keep coming to Indian to play for India's and  BCCI's favorite teams like Chennai or Mumbai for extra black money. The owners have no role in controlling their won teams because the Indian government would use their tax an d other agencies to target the "trouble shooters".  


In fact the IPL-BCCI can directly announce Chennai or Mumbai as the winner right  away instead of creating a big  drama of last over thrills.   


The IPL jokes have once again shown that bowlers decide the fate of every batboy and  give good scores to important batboy only by rotation. If bowlers offer space for expansive shots, batboys enjoy 6s and 4s as much as the  fanatic commentators and funny cricket public.  They all know the batboys and  bowlers are trying fix chemistry and batboys, if already assured of 50 or 100, just go on hitting the balls because they know bowlers would not target the stumps. 


It is most awkward to see the bowlers after  performing tight bowling throughout suddenly start offering 6s and 4s towards the end to raise the totals to competitive level even around 200 in 20 overs. 


Is that a sport? 



IPL has exposed the crude truth that there are no standard bowler and every big batboy is an ordinary boy like all the street cricket boys. That means, the bowlers are properly trained so that they continue to  entertain the batboys and fanatic crowds. Since the regime takes undue pride in promoting and pampering select cricketers for favors, some cricketers are made beneficiaries of sport entertainment gimmicks.. Tendulekar is one those boys standing at the crease for decades now and now he would asked to sit down in the parliament and ask the MPs to bowl; easy balls. 





Some of the recent actions by India regime clearly vindicate the global notion that a fanatic state can only perform fanatic actions. Impending insanity could destroy the fabrics of nation's decency if fakes are presented as genuine. The regime every where enjoys all privileges and exclusive rights that are denied to others, but even in doing so the ruler classes as the supreme bosses are bound to honor the Constitution and the laws of the land.


Nominations by the Indian regime to parliament are, therefore, the regime's exclusive prerogative and so it can freely nominate even jungle monkeys and cricket fielders to parliament.



The ruling dispensation in India can, by law, nominate a few "eminent persons" to the upper house of parliament who obviously have "honestly" worked for the nation. There is no election process in this category of persons but selected for nomination. The nomination is for one of the seats “reserved” in the Rajya Sabha that are reserved for those persons "having special knowledge or practical experience in respect of such matters as literature, science, art and social service."


The Congress led UPA government has nominated fake personalities without any real credibility as personalities but are being pampered and promoted for state favors and honors by mafias led by the rich BCCI to the Rajyasabha. These fake persons, without doubt, are a shame to the nation as well as the regime that plays foul game in nominations for mere political reasons.


But cricket is farce. Indian regime has nominated to Parliament, among others, cricketer player Sachuin Tendulakar along with his dubious records set from state fixed matches. Obviously, by flouting all norms and rules, Sonia-Manmohan-Pratibha and cabinet combine have succumbed to the pressure of cricketism mafias and corporate sponsors, infiltrated into all layers of the regime.

A cricketer is not even a sportsperson but a worse variety of entertainer. By nominating a mafia lord Tendulakar, worshiped by a major Hindu lord by many MPs themselves and MLAs, India has only recognized the bogus "services" cricketism boy.

Even little boys know that cricketers are fake since cricketism allows select batboys to amass runs as freely as NATO massacres in Islamic nations. Tendulakar is among those pampered cricketers whom the Indian regime shamelessly kept standing at the crease for decades now, thereby denying fair chances to other new cricketers. When the bowlers refuse to offer runs, Indian sport ministry and BCCI keep him in rest conditions and ask him to resume when issue is "settled" in his favor by influencing other teams and bowlers obviously on extra payment.


After he enjoyed 99 bogus tons Sachuin was made to toil at the crease for a long year and days, bowlers refused to offer him his one last 100. And, obviously under pressure from a strong neighbor India Bangladesh its pro-India corrupt premier Hasina offered Tendulakar his much delayed one last ton and saved its farce image in cricketism. That is to say, this only fake "jewel" of India took over one full year to get a 100 while many others got several such 100s in the meantime.


Obviously, Sachuin cried within himself for over a year for his pathetic existence at the crease restlessly waiting for his one last “promised” ton but India did it loud. Indian regime saw crisis of Sachuin as mother India’s painful crash.

It seems India faces serious crisis of paucity of really eminent persons for national awards and rewards like MP nominations. It is most unfortunate that Indian regime and its intelligence could not locate nay honest persons from arts, etc for parliamentary nomination.

In order to "achieve" the Sachuin tons by hook or crook by money and other serives, India has deliberately made cricket a farce and bogus sport by “fixes” where bowlers and fielders just promoted Sachuin and similar batboys for special recognition by the respective states.


And India as part of projecting its false image, takes enormous pride in celebrating fakes and falsehood as reality.

But when a regime goes ashtray by displaying its fanatic intent openly by nominating fake sportsmen the cricketers to parliament, indeed a mockery of democracy is executed in ugly perfection. 

Does India starve from really competent eminent persons in the fields the constitution specifies? 

Does it mean that if the government violates law that is not a violation at all?





In fact, bowlers and fielders entertain the batboys by big score without targeting the stumps, without seriously attempting at run-out, while commentators say batboys entertain the fanatic fans.



In the first place cricket is played and tuned to promote batboys with assistance from fellow batboys and bowlers-fielders- all playing jointly to get what the sports-military ministries, cricket mafia and sponsors in every country want. The result is creation of "fantastic" crop of fake cricket boys pampered by the state and its media.


First of all, the cricket field is not properly fenced with quality fielders. Currently there are only 11 fielders, including bowlers and keeper but there should be more than 20 fielders to properly guard the field so that batboys do not take undue advantage of the weak or mischievously bogus bowlers and useless fielders who get paid extra for such mischief. As a result, the ground is full of vacant spaces and routes for the batboys to just hit the ball along those lines for 4 or 6.


And, bowlers who county each ball-run equations know that one 4 or 6 makes the run rate swell enormously! Experienced for years with links with bowlers the batboys can just make merry ad money. In IPL drama, the BCCI dictates to every team the outcome of every match except when a team is really strong.


In this context, consider the fence position of a house or military establishment. Can anyone keep their house closed from the front door and keep many other doors open all the time so that thieves and criminals could come and go, taking or blasting whatever they want? Only insane people can even think of such situations. The thieves have to only see if the security is sleeping even if there is one...


Is India parliament, which was also a "soft" target of "terrorists" possibly for driving Delhi the point that the building is not sufficiently protected, still remains unprotected?

Are the residences of Sonia, Pratibha and Manmohan also let unguarded like the cricket field?


If that is the position with a house or parliament building, office security, or similar sites, one can safely conclude that cricket ground is deliberately left unguarded so that select bat-boys could enjoy their over-stay at the crease by hitting the special balls served by funny bowlers for huge 6s and 4s. How can a cricket ground be left largely unguarded when no one allows their premises like that? More experienced cricketers, like Sachuin standing at the crease for decades, know when and how to hit a ball. Batboys just enjoy their stay when the bowlers and fielders offer to many quick runs as part of promoting his career and special state interest on priority basis.


As the notorious ICC promotes only batboys by using the bowlers for their favorable gestures with as many 4s and 6s, bowlers by and large have become mere pawns in the hands of mafias. It atrocious to watch how some bowlers use even 100 balls to get a wicket, pretending to be "at work" but in fact offering too many runs. They take care not to attack the stumps of select batboys or trouble them in any way, but only let them have space for expansive shots to hit the ball for 6s and 4s. And thus a few batboys are allowed enjoy their stay at the crease - Sachuin is obviously among the privileged lot. At times they do fall because of bad luck or their own fault- and not because of the bowlers.





India continues to suffer peculiar image crisis, it shields state crimes and frauds and hence promotes all bogus persons an as eminent persons.


In the last world cup cricket exercises series, it was the feat of two Muslims Yusuf Pathan and Zahir Khan who, as the team was collapsing, bated as real heroes and won the cup for India, thereby saving India's false prestige, but India regime, military made the skipper Dhoni and “the only Indian" Tendulkar the heroes and military even appointed both as deputy Generals perhaps wanting them to take over the military terror operations in occupied Jammu Kashmir. Yousuf and Zahir got no credit for their fight and they are nowhere.


Today, they are being used for promoting Whiskey brands for IPL black-money holders. They sweat for Indian win at the crease but they are used as the mere donkeys to help carry luggage of others.


India might also claims that every cricketer is a fraud irrespective of  their religion and  region and they are heavy drunkards too. They do exactly the BCCI ask them to for extra cash and placement in team India. . . 


And India claims to be a secular democracy!


Does the BCCI now say that World cup was already “fixed” with both Pakistan and Sri Lanka in favor of India and India would have got it any way as theChennai team of Dhoni, the one of the weakest teams in the ongoing IPL joint gimmicks, got it from Rajasthan team towards the end on 09May in Rajasthan?


Of course, after continued thrash by Chennai and Mumbai, the BCCI must have asked other teams to be "considerate" to them and both teams are now performing like big teams. Fact, however, remains that both  these teams are ordinary like some other teams. No matter  whether  they bat or bowl first, other teams are promoting them to make them look like  "steady" teams. 

Maybe, the government decisions are supreme and none can question the state decisions in any of its operations whether in crimes or other kinds of fraudulence. That seems to be the essence of the Indian democracy where concerns of ordinary people are suppressed to be heard.


So, as per this logic, the regime can offer or award anything to anyone of its choice but it must have some consideration for the laws. Any monkey or donkey cannot be allowed to enter the parliament on fake records and fictitious pretexts. .


In what sense a state pampered cricketer who thrives on mafia promotion services be called "eminent"?

Are the law breakers eminent?


Sachuin perhaps thinks, rather is made to think, that he is the real India and Indian regime and Mumbai mayor must come down to him for signatures. Can Sachuin Tendulakar who violated law by occupying a new bungalow in Bandra Mumbai without caring to obtain the occupation certificate from the Mumbai government agencies an eminent person?


Can the cricketers and other entertainers who - or on whose behalf others - employ mafias to pursue many matters like cricked runs, awards and posts from state including the military as eminent Indians? Mumbai tops in slum dwellers living in most pathetic conditions and has he done anything for them while enjoying a stolen life at others' cost as a mere parasite?



Can frauds be the favorites of the regime, military and intelligence just like the nexus between local police and fraud-criminals?

Indian leaders and mafias consider Sachiun as Indian Ponting. Cricketers, even while enjoying the courtship of bowlers and fielders, are essentially the foolishly greedy run-outs, who prefer a run to their own wickets, are the most favorites of Indian leaders and wanted to outsmart Australia for making Ponting, who now struggles to get runs, the top Australian of the day. In promoting Sachuin, India has directly promoted all international frauds. The justification that Indian parliaments are infested by state protected frauds and criminals and so one more addition would not make it worse is crude and fanatic laughter on India as a nation. .


The way the Indian sport media - the print, electronic and TV channels- propagate and promote the favorite IPL teams of sports military, Establishment and BCCI is ridiculous. BCCI considers  worthy only the official teams led by Indian captain Dhoni (Chennai) and Sachuin (Mumbai), considered by MPs a major Hindu god, and the only "great Indian" while all other teams being anti-India and this clearly demonstrates how shallow Indian mindset is because all IPL teams are Indian teams but with hired cricketers from abroad and none is from Pakistan. Insisting on non-green color code for the teams, the fanatic BCCI has refused to assign green color to any team and all teams have blue and its shades to show they are in form. India views a win for a green team would be victory for Muslims in Hindutva India which is intolerable for India secularists.


 That is Indian secular democracy!


Indian corporates, billionaires, big business, mutinationals, and liquor bosses who amass unaccounted wealth also  finance cricketism exercises. 

While many India street payers are taken into the teams, from foreign a few "big" pro-India players are employed by IPL bosses and all of them play perfect joint cricket exercise, some of them trying to promote the BCCI interests in Chennai and Mumbai teams. TV channels and other media blast the news for hours together only maybe while 24 hours when Mumbai or Chennai wins and when they lose they pretend nothing cricket happening in India. What do you call such fanatic media lords?


It appears, thus, that those political scoundrels who failed to enter politics have entered the media to do their job quite fanatically.


India's corrupt parliamentarians who occupy the parliament and enjoy all privileges for years, must be overjoyed by the "presence" in the "forum of gods" of a fellow fraud who could fool the fanatic Indians and others in cricketism gimmicks for decades.


There could be obvious reasons why the law framers for the top most national awards and nominations to parliament, among other such important things, have kept the sports and entertainment from such prestigious awards. It is known fact that sportsmen and entertainers and drunkards, drug-addicts, "performing" according to the fixes and mutual understandings either on extra payment basis or for other reasons, in promoting individuals and even teams. It is a well known truth that Sachuin etc are pampered by the regime ministries of military and sports, among others, for too long as their own "self".


That is indeed the crude aspect of psychofancy of India or insanity of nation's ego. The fact that Sachuin Tendulakar had to struggle and suffer, making all fanatic worshipers also do the same, for over a year to get his one last 100 demonstrates that no batboy can make a 100 without the support from the bowlers and fielders. The ongoing localized and non-stop IPL (blackmoney) drama clearly reveals how the bowlers boost the false image of a few individuals with 4s and5 6s, 2s and 3s, wides and no-balls, while they make others suffer and throw away the wickets.


ICC promotes batboys for the bogus man of match and does not promote good bowling. ICC does not insist on dot-ball strategy precisely because that would make them better and though bowlers but would derail the over ambitious batboys.


Look at the bogus IPL exercises in India that promotes 6s and "special 6" and "super catch" and declines to stress on dot balls by awarding the bowlers with maximum dot-balls. ICC and India does not want any serous bowlers to emerge to threaten the very existence of bogus batboys like Sachuin, et al. .


Indian regime threw a good ball for a big 6  exclusively by Sachuin and he blasted it right into the parliament. After a batboy, now it is the turn of bowler, fielder, keeper, etc for rewards and awards form the regime. skipper Doni is very much in the state  hit list. 

Will India remain a nation of international frauds, protected and promoted by the state, forever?






Cricket requires urgent reforms.


Generally, the pitch is prepared to help the batboys to "shine" at the crease by hitting friendly balls from bowlers to the boundary as often as it is possible. If bowlers do not offer good balls the batboys would collapse one by one. But the bowlers do not generally disappoint them and throw "nice" balls.


Pitch should be made according to some international standards in every country and ground and it should b not b e pro-batboy-friendly. Already, the bowlers are offering to many runs to batboys of their liking or as per the instruction from above, but with this extra batboy pitch, the situation could be disastrous. .


Generally, the team that bowlers first offers too many runs happily and the bowlers that perform next only try to play against the batboys and reduce run flows. This happens in a fixed match in favor of a team. .


As the very first step, ICC must ensure proper guard of the cricket field by sufficient number of cricketers. The job of bowler is to restrict the opponent’s run score to bare minimum and not necessarily to take all wickets and which leak so many runs pretending to be targeting the wickets. Batboys do not allow their bowlers to restrict the run flows because they also expect return favors form the opponent bowlers. Bowler action should, therefore, be monitored by a team of experts and if they are found playing mischief in favor some cricketers, some punitive measures should be taken. Similarly the fielder mischief should also be checked and punished.


One who uses maximum dot balls in match must be recognized by rewards like man of match. this will prompt healthy bowling and productive fielding.


ICC must decide what exactly the cricketers aim at - run chase or wickets? Are they told that their main job is to promote batboys by offering big scores?


The team after winning the toss must choose to bat first but they generally choose to bowl only to give maximum runs that their own batboys would find difficult to chase down. The bowlers and fielders enjoy giving too many runs while their batboys when they come to bat struggle to chase down, unless the bowlers show return favors in plenty of 4s and 6s.


The team that bowls first might get one or tow wickets, but the team that bowls second wants all 10 wickets - why? That suits the matchfix gambling and bowlers shielded by ICC rogues make illegal cash. The bowlers keep offering too many runs possibly not expecting the batboys to commit errors to lose their wickets, which generally do not happen. Batboys just enjoy their big”fabulous" shots, when the silly bowlers display their insanity of feeding runs, and why not? When they are to save the opponent team the bowlers extend them full support with quick 6s and 4s towards the end of the match. The blackmoney IPL dramas vindicate that. .

ICC must make its dirty minds up- whether they insist on wickets or runs form teams for a win? If wickets are the criterion, the team that bowls second and takes one more wicket than the previous team must be declared the winner. Supposing the first team could take one wicket, the second team should take 2 wickets to claim their victory or say, if the first team could take 9 wicket, the other team must take 100 wickets to win and if the first team takes all 10 wickets, the second team also should take 10 wickets and chase down the total runs as well.


ICC must soon decide that cricketers must chase down the runs to win and the bowlers should only reduce the runs and arrest run flows- and not to seek all wickets for nothing by offering too many runs in 4w and 6s. . 



Scrap the MAN OF MATCH as it is being practiced now only to promote batboys by getting the bowlers and fielders to offer good score of 100s through repeated 4s and 6s. Running fanatic commentators just close their dirty eyes on the bowler behavior in extending balls for expansive shots by the favorite batboys - to the left and right- but only laud the "fantastic" shots by the batboys.  If the ICC guys still insist on the "show" then better to reward those bowlers who allow lest runs with minimum balls. The wickets they manage should be an extra advantage for deciding the winner, but not the sole criterion since bowlers deliberately offer to many runs in order to get a bogus wicket. At time s they do not at all target for a wicket, just keep adding to the score of select batboys as per the "order" they have received. Giving reward for overall performers is not a bad idea but that should be stage managed by the teams to promote an individual. In many cases it is impossible to spot out one s individual for the award but a batboy with more runs is selected, even if that team has lost the match. What a mischief?



4s and 6s must be done away with and bat-boys should try to get runs only by running between the wickets. If the ball goes into the crowd, either that should be out or no run. 6s and 4s make the bowlers to entertain the poor batboys at the crease. This measure would give some amount of credibility to cricket.


And, without credibility there cannot be any possible reliability. 


Since the hopeless ICC deliberately ignored the dot-ball aspect and bowlers not getting proper recognition for their sincere efforts to bowl dot-balls and restrict the runs to the batboys, they also lose interest and offer too many runs for a wicket. That has created alarming number of bogus cricket batboys, hitting so-called "fabulous" 6s and 4s at will, exploiting the field options and bowler gimmicks, aided by the mafias.


At least 20 fielders, including bowlers and keeper, should be able to properly guard the field. Out these, only 5 or 6 cricketers only can bat while those who bowl cannot bat so that misuse of bowlers could be checked.


Currently very one can bat making a complete mockery of bowling. Until at least these are done, freeze all bogus records and rankings.


Restart the "ranking and records" only when some credibility is ensured on the cricket field and a bowler certification agency is established to certify the quality of the bowlers. As of now, there is hardly any standard or serious bowler which is result of ICC-batboys' mischief. Meanwhile, no cricketer or other sportsman should be offered any kind of awards.






Sachuin has been a chief beneficiary of this ICC manipulated international mischief and Congress-BJP political outfits that promote  falsified cricketism argue he is also very eminent Indian thereby implying that without Tendulekar there is no India. Sachuin mafia is stronger than any other in the country, armtwistng the weak regime to appoint him as Pharatratna or president of India. If the Mumbai mafias consider Sachuin the greatest of mankind, why can’t they appoint him as Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University or chief of Indian atomic commission? Of course, they wont do that, because Sachuin is a school drop out making merry at the crease with support from the state and mafias. Any responsible work he is incapable of doing and hence he has been nominated to parliament by Congress party, duly supported all cricketism mafia politicians.


That is the height of Indian fanaticism.


Thus Indian state has also offered Sachuin a free 6 by throwing bat-boy-friendly ball for his expansive shot into Parliament where most his worshiping MPs are busy sleeping. When the bowlers offer 6s and 4s to Sachuin to make him eligible for bogus awards, the Indian terrocracy has nominated him to Parliament floating law, which is illogical and illegal.


No doubt, the nomination of Sachuin to parliament has been successfully executed, as 100 pluses, by a strong mafia from Mumbai, led now by president Madam Patil, former Mumbai chief minister and ICC boss and now a central minister Sarat Pawar and military top brass from the state. Mafias from other states also have a vested interest in promoting bogus records and awards so that their own cricketers also would enjoy future awards and rewards and extra cash. So, there have been joint operations to promote one individual as the great Mother India's greatest son - international fraud.


Sports and other variety entertainments like movies are meant only for relaxation and leisure. But Indian leaders have unfortunately been forced to treating cricket as the top most, and even above politics of India. The military, sports ministry and intelligence jointly promote some individuals in sports and entertainment with their own awards and post and want the regime to honor them with top most honors. That is indeed the India tragedy.



Coexistence of international frauds and criminals in parliament from all walks of life, including cricketism gimmicks maybe a good idea for the regime and leaders but a very shameful legacy for the nation.


Indian regime is therefore advised not to misuse power to honor their favorites who have used the national agencies to promote their own selves and made wealth by immoral or illegal means to withdraw the domination to parliament of those not encouraged by the law.


If, however, Indian regime, like the USA does as global dictator, sticks to its ugly guns saying its decision in Parliament nominations is final and irreversible, then, the people should consider that as their crude fate.



Do Indian regime and political leaders have a plan for Indian MPs also to start playing international cricket under the sports or military minister for 11 months for huge extra cash and come to New Delhi once in a while to pass all pending “bills” and collect their own bills?

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