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Moscow cannot give up authoritarianism!




Authoritarianism and doctorial policies make former super power Russia a common friend of western terrocracies under NATO terror syndicate led by the USA-UK twins and this is the main reason as to why the Kremlin promotes US imperialism on secret understandings. 


The Kremlin still lives in Czarism and serfdom era and dictatorial Putin, a former KGB spy turned  the favorite of post-Soviet new Russia's ruler Boris Yeltsin,  promotes that trend just saying Russian presidency should be further strengthened to face the "challenges" emanating form enemy nations, especially the USA. .   


President Putin has won a disrupted presidential poll for third term, enabling himself to stay on for anther 8 years, if not more. Just a month after he began a new six-year term, Russian President Vladimir Putin continues a crackdown on dissent. 

As a regular practice of the Kremlin, Russian police raided the apartments of top opposition leaders in Moscow on Monday, the day before a mass rally is to take place against President Putin. Armed with assault rifles, investigative police raided 10 homes and offices.  They said they were looking for evidence surrounding the last big anti-Putin rally. Staged the day before Putin's May 7 presidential inauguration, that rally ended in violence with 20 policemen injured and 436 protesters detained. 


Putin signed a law Friday that dramatically raised penalties for unauthorized rallies.  Under the new law, someone caught participating in an unauthorized political rally will face a fine of up to $9,000, the equivalent of the average one-year salary in Russia. Tuesday's rally is authorized and Moscow city officials have granted a permit for a march and rally for up to 50,000 participants. 

Democratic Russia Committee Director Natalia Pelevine says the raids were designed to intimidate opposition leaders and their supporters. "They are trying to confiscate electronic equipment, probably computers and DVDs and any device that can hold information pretty much.  We know they are confiscating that at this moment," Pelevine said.  In the raids, police beat down the doors of two of the best known leaders of the younger generation of democracy protesters, internet blogger Alexei Navalny and television hostess Ksenia Sobchak.

Later, a police source told Interfax that police confiscated nearly $1,900,000 from Sobchak's apartment. Sobchak tweeted of the raid: "People burst in at 8 o'clock in the morning; they were stopping me from putting my clothes on.  They robbed the apartment.  They humiliated me." Liberal political figures condemned the raids, which took part on a Russian holiday.  


That is indeed the terrocractic norms of Russia!

Former finance minister Alexei Kudrin said the raid showed that "radicals" are gaining strength in the Kremlin.  A group of liberal Duma members issued a statement comparing them to secret police raids that routinely took place before opposition actions in the times of Russia's last czar, Nicholas II.

Mark Feygin, a former Duma member who is forming an opposition party, says President Putin is very fearful of Moscow street protests growing out of control.  In the March presidential election, Putin did not win Moscow. Feygin says the raids were designed to keep main opposition leaders from speaking at Tuesday's rally.  Police have asked about six of the top leaders to report for questioning one hour before the rally is to start. Pelevine also says the timing is purely political. "Basically, they are trying to get the opposition out of the way, and to make sure the protest Tuesday does not happen," Pelevine said.

The moot question worrying the humanity is how long can Russians tolerate authoritarian leaders who play with the "great Russia" psychology of Russians? 



A Word 



The Western commentators feel the world now witnesses as illegitimate “President” Putin who has launched unprecedented campaign of intimidating leaders and all Russia fighting for the restoration of basic human rights, Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen stipulated in articles 17.1,22.1,27, 29.1,29.5,31, 56.1 of Russian Constitution. The US State Department expressed concern about searches in the apartments of Russian opposition. Concerns expressed by many leaders like Victoria Nuland are not enough. Comrade Putin spat at her from a high mountain. 


Both USA and Russia exploiting their mutual weaknesses and they continue to enjoy and cooperate on WW-III illegally waged by USA, targeting Islamic world.  USA criticizes Moscow only to gain political mileage and its assistance in NATO wars. 

American strategists insist USA must recognize the illegitimacy of the regime of Russia, with all of the ensuing economic and political consequences. Europe should begin to carry out the same policy towards Russia which it holds in relation to the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko. Magnitsky Act should be expanded to include all of Russia's leadership, headed by Putin, with the condition of the arrest of all bank accounts outside of Russia.


Russian regime simply cannot give up authoritarianism cultivated for centuries of its existence under many systems.  Only Russians should get themselves free of Putin & his cronies!


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