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Foreign Policy of Turkey-11






As the only superpower controlling the world and its vast resources, US also hold on its monopoly over Europe by using NATO-UNSC-IMF structures. NATO is now being used by America to wage wars on Muslim countries around the world while supporting international terrorism in Israel.  America has been exposed as a double dealing back stabber and not to be trusted let alone with Turkey’s security. The problems will rise on how to leave America’s clutches that will be the biggest problem Turkey faces in the future if it wants to prosper and grow and they can do that they already proven with its policy that Turkey does not need America or Nato.




NATO was established by the US imperial power to keep the capitalist, terror inspired 'allies' in and “socialist” Russia out. If turkey thinks that it makes the rules and the agenda within NATO, it is deluded. But Turkish politician are not naive. They clearly know USA is the master and it also understand what's happening around the world din the name of fighting “Islamic fundamentalism”. And the US will force Turkey to become a front line country. Turkey should accept the problems from its geographic position just as it enjoys the benefits. This issue could be an up or out in terms of regional geopolitical power.


Turkey helps the NATO to showcase a pretentious  "humanitarian"image.  It is a fact that NATO would be lost without Turkey and reasons are known to the allies. Moreover, Turkey as part of NATO has 2,500 troops in Afghanistan supporting the Americans and British forces. How many troops has Greece sent to Afghanistan? Turkey is fighting the PKK how many NATO terror troops are helping Turkey fight the PKK? Answer none and yet the Americans keep asking Turkey for more and more troops to be sent. It’s the Americans who can’t do without Turkey and its largest army in NATO.




Like the USA, the EU also is engaged in double-speaks and double-standards. While Cyprus was readily incorporated into the EU, Turkey has been kept outside. It is very clear why EU members accepted Cyprus in to EU. Ahmet Davutoðlu, the foreign minister of Turkey made clear that considering the abnormality, it would not be correct to expect Turkey to approve Greek Cyprus’ involvement in NATO decision-making mechanisms. “Our attitude is based on principles and well understood by all parties concerned,” Davutoðlu said. It is very clear why EU members accepted Cyprus in to EU. Now EU has to find a way to clear the mess they created. Big, big mistake




Turkey objects to Greek Cyprus, an EU member state, sitting in on EU-NATO meetings because it is not a member of NATO’s partnership-for-peace program. Such issues were discussed in detail when NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited Ankara recently.



Washington was using the threat of a resolution acknowledging the alleged Armenian genocide as leverage against Ankara during negotiations on the NATO missile-defense plan. This does not bode well with an alliance understanding. “We have constructive dialogue with the USA.”


The quarrel between Ankara and NATO over the proposed missile-defense initiative suggests that Turkey is becoming the Alliance's "opt-out" member in operations in Muslim countries. The governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) has so far refused to host the missile shield because it is directed against potential threats from two fellow Muslim countries—Syria and Iran. The AKP considers itself the defender of a politically defined "Islamic civilization" and has recently moved closer to Damascus and Tehran.



Having already provoked a crisis with Washington when it voted against Iran sanctions at the United Nations Security Council in June, the AKP is now cautious about the real intentions of NATO behind the “shield” and will probably want to avoid fresh troubles with the USA. Public perception of American support for the AKP will also help the party at the US  elections. So there is a good chance that the AKP will eventually accept the missile-defense shield at NATO's summit in Lisbon this weekend. Expect Turkey's governing party though to drag its feet before implementing any agreement. Moreover, according to media reports, it might demand a high price for its approval.


Most importantly, Ankara might insist that the defense shield's radar information will not be shared with third countries—read: Israel.


The days have long gone since NATO could push a country like Turkey around, including the USA. Expect more serious differences with Turkey as the EU weakens under its austerity chains and the US realizes that it is overstretched. The West has probably never needed Turkish support more than now as problems grow with Iran .But instead they throw insults such as the one by France here and blackmailing Turkey over Cyprus and EU membership. Things will look very different in just a few years from now.


Rise of Turkey as a modern Islamic power would be phenomenal. 


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